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10 Best camera apps for Chromebook (Top Choices)

Best camera apps for Chromebook

Aside from being feature-rich from top to bottom, Chromebooks have the working ability of a lightning-fast operating system that understands how to get work done without breaking a sweat. 

Regarding the hardware, Chromebooks are now available from top-rated manufacturers across the board in a wide range of configurations and designs.

For instance, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 tablet is versatile and comes with not one, but two strategically positioned cameras, while the Google Pixelbook Go, while being a slightly outdated model, has a high-quality webcam. 

However, if you’ve been looking for a nice camera app for your smartphone that provides a variety of extra features beyond the fundamental Chrome OS camera, you’ve come to the correct spot.

As a result, this article will highlight the best 10 camera applications for Chromebooks that are available for immediate download.


Best camera apps for your Chromebook

Here is our list of the best photography applications for Chromebooks available online. The Google Play Store’s functionality is needed for the next entrants.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that Chrome OS camera applications have a mobile layout, so don’t be concerned if they can’t switch to fullscreen mode.

1. Adobe Lightroom

The ever-fantastic Adobe Lightroom for Chrome OS, which redefines what it means to have professional-grade photography software, starts off our list. 

Although the software doesn’t officially allow you to take screenshots of its functioning interface, it excels at serving as a camera app. The majority of the time, you have to add all the effects, filters, touch-ups, and other changes after you capture a picture with the camera.

Lightroom eliminates the first phase of this two-part procedure, allowing users to start working on the actual project straight immediately. This is one of the most capable programs we’ve found for improving your camera-using abilities. 

And we’re not alone in this situation; according to this estimate of all Adobe Lightroom downloads, more than 100 million individuals share our opinions on the program.

Once the app is installed on your Chromebook, be sure you log in using your preferred account. This will simplify things for you and provide you access to a personal account that you can personalize any way you want to work. 

Fundamentally, the program is free to use. Nevertheless, Adobe provides a premium Lightroom membership that grants access to a plethora of additional capabilities, including next-level presets, geometry-focused tools, a healing brush, and more focused editing.

2. Cymera (Photo Editor Collage)

The next software on the list is Cymera – Photo Editor Collage, which offers a ton of fascinating features for a camera app that is compatible with Chromebooks. 

Although the program has a mobile style, mostly because of the way it was designed, you’ll still find that it’s easy to use for both basic and complex functionality. For example, to add depth to your selfie pictures, use Cymera’s DSLR-grade blur effect.

Also, you can test out the software’s light effects, fireworks, face editor, and an extensive collection of filters, which vary from vintage and retro to ultramodern and contemporary. There are too many delights in the program for Chrome OS users to enjoy and appreciate. 

Real-time selfie filters, a skin glow tool, a hilarious meme generator, text tools for picture cards, and even a collage builder are some of the more sophisticated Cymera features.


3. B612 Camera (Photo and Video Editor)

The B612 Camera, another powerhouse, gets added to the list. Since this program has been around for quite some time, we can be sure that it is feature-rich and has a solid operating structure. 

The software gives you the option to manually choose the resolution for high-quality images and then offers you a variety of tools and effects to capture a one-of-a-kind moment like never before.

All of that, however, isn’t even one of the nicest features that the B612 Camera so elegantly flaunts. It turns out that this camera software allows you to design your filter, which is unusual compared to other camera applications available on the market. 

You can make a distinctive filter and share it with your friends so they can use it. Even more amazing is how easily a filter was created as opposed to anything that would have made the affair difficult.

We assume that B612 Camera – Photo and Video Editor is a top-notch camera program that interested people can get on their Chromebooks and is perfect for what it is meant to be. 

The fact that it has been downloaded more than 500 million times attests to its reliability. For a unique experience while taking pictures on the site, don’t forget to register a new account.

4. Foodie (Camera for life)

Foodie is another excellent camera software for Chromebook users on our list, and it has the advantage of being targeted specifically towards food items in everyday life. 

However, when you use the program more, you’ll discover that its capability effortlessly goes beyond that area. Use the advantages of more than 30 top-notch live filters, such as Sweet, BBQ, Fresh, Picnic, Romantic, and Chewy.

You have the freedom to turn ordinary images into works of beauty thanks to it. Foodie’s many filters and comprehensive editing tools are used for this, which results in picture-perfect camera warmth. 

For Chrome OS users that lead a busy lifestyle like contemporary food bloggers, it comes highly recommended. If you want to experience fantastic sharing options and the extra crispness of high-quality photographs, don’t miss out on this program.

5. SODA (Natural Beauty Camera) 

Another deserving Chromebook camera app making this list is SODA – Natural Beauty Camera. It’s helpful for female users who want to use their smartphone to shoot a selfie and apply real-time filters to improve the appearance of the pictures.

The software offers a wide variety of colour filters that are designed particularly for selfies but can also be used for other sorts of images. Even a high-resolution mode is available to advance your images to the next level.

6. YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor

One of the most feature-rich camera apps for Chrome OS on our list is YouCam Perfect, which offers a vast selection of picturesque backdrops and even an object removal feature to help you concentrate on the key aspects of your photograph. 

Even a high-end backdrop remover exists that can replace your current background with a new one and chop out images for you.

Users of YouCam can also experiment with an HSL and blurring tool, which is more suited to portrait-style images. The program is packed to the gills with all kinds of capabilities, including layers, premium effects, magic brush, layers, and picture modification tools like hue and saturation.


7. Line Camera (Photo editor) 

Another excellent camera app for Chrome OS, LINE Camera has received more than 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store. It distinguishes itself from the rest of its rivals by enabling users to make their movie posters by adding humorous phrases to their stored photographs.

Also, you get a huge selection of brushes to explore, each of which has a unique depth, colour, and size. If English isn’t your first language, LINE Camera supports a wide range of additional languages, including French, German, Italian, Russian, and many more.

8. Picsart Photo and Video Editor

One of the most downloaded camera apps on the Google Play Store, Picsart Photo and Video Editor has over 500 million downloads and 11 million reviews. 

Simple features like trendy filters, a backdrop remover, and even retouching capabilities are enough to keep casual users hooked to Picsart. These features let you remain one step ahead of the competition and have fun while using Picsart.

When compared to other Chrome OS camera apps, Picsart stands out due to its enormous library of free, well-chosen photos for editing practice. Try it out and let us know how you like it. It’s a great software to have on your Chromebook.

9. VISCO (Photo and Video Editor)

With the help of the free camera app VISCO: Photo and Video Editor, you can interact with a vibrant community and discover a world filled with creative works of inspiration. 

This camera app lets you use its editing tools, but it also gives you the chance to meet new people, form friendships, and establish your reputation in a buzzing environment.

VISCO’s shareability characteristics are excellent. Then there is the editing tools, filter application, and “Recipes” function, which allows you to recreate your favourite alterations. 

You can benefit from a premium membership on the site as well. Before making the purchase, you can also use a free trial to become acquainted with the features.

10. Snapchat

This is another top-tier camera app for the Chrome OS webcam that enables you to explore the complexity of the contemporary social environment. 

One of the most well-known social media platforms in the history of the world, Snapchat, now offers all the greatest filters, features, and other photo-enhancing tools. If you haven’t been using the services of this program, you definitely should start doing so.

On the renowned Android platform, Snapchat has had more than 1 billion downloads, demonstrating its immense reach over the broad expanses of the globe. 

It has a wide range of adaptability, like grippy lenses and eye-catching filters, in addition to the well-known bitmojis you can use in your images and exclusively interact with others. Despite the popular program’s mobile form, Chrome OS still supports it very well.

Even more, Snapchat enables extensive social interaction with strangers, acquaintances, and family. You can share your location with other users so they can find you and perhaps arrange a meet-up, or you can watch their tales to see what they’re up to. 

In case you decide to check your photos later, there is also a memory remembrance tool that gathers all of your snapshots in one location. It is among the top photography applications available for Chromebook users right now.



The built-in camera program on Chromebooks, albeit reliable in its operation, is still somewhat simple and restricted to the most basic functions. It’s hardly strange that consumers would want to customize the camera on their Chromebook to do more tasks for them.

Because of this, customized camera programs exist to improve Chrome OS’s default camera capabilities and provide interested users with a change of pace. All of the applications included in this guide are of a high calibre and provide a distinctive experience. For the finest outcomes, we strongly advise you to try each one.