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The 6 Best Chromebook apps for elementary music class

Best Chromebook apps for elementary music class

If you want your youngster to find their latent musical potential, then you must start your youngster out correctly with some digital programs on your Chromebook 

The Google Play Store integration has given Chrome OS access to the vast selection of Android apps. The greatest Android apps, as well as some top-notch software for your child’s music lessons, are now easily downloadable and installable on your Chromebook.

The best 6 Chromebook applications to download and use for basic music lessons are covered in this article. We’ll make sure to provide the number of downloads and the percentage of favourable comments each program has gotten so you can use them with confidence.


6 Best apps for elementary music classes on Chromebook

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that to download the next applications, you will need the Google Play Store’s capability. It can be helpful for you to check if it’s compatible with your Chromebook if you haven’t used it yet.

Now that you are fully aware of the need of installing the top applications for Chromebooks used in basic music lessons, let’s go right into the apps themselves.

Perfect Ear

A top-notch software named Perfect Ear: Music and Rhythm is at the top of the list. You can study chords, scales, and intervals for free by using this, which essentially provides a whole music school at your leisure. 

Also, Perfect Ear’s user interface is very user-friendly. Even the most inexperienced users can quickly get comfortable with the app’s working environment thanks to it.

This program is described by its creators as a full-fledged “music school,” yet it is available for free. Perfect Ear’s ear training, practice interval, and rhythm training activities are perfect for elementary school pupils who are just beginning their music studies. 

Little ones can learn to read and distinguish rhythm durations in perfect harmony with the latter.

In addition, It enables you to create your scales and chords, as well as ear training and rhythm training tasks. 

You can start step-by-step using Perfect Ear’s full-featured scale vocabulary, and eventually advance in skill over time. This is in addition to the app’s 5 million downloads.

Music Tutor

Another top-notch music education software for primary school students is Music Tutor (Sight Reading). It’s designed to help eager students get used to sheet music and improve their sight-reading abilities. 

Your young child can improve their speed and accuracy in reading sheet music by identifying the notes by practising regularly and playing through the Music Tutor program repeatedly.

Also, a reference chart that you can use to comprehend the names of the notes for the treble, bass, and alto clefs is included. Students often need to improve from the start of their music lessons to hone their hearing for improved on-the-spot note recognition and comprehension. 

You must be at the height of your focus to improve since the phenomenon of music is a constant process.

On the Google Play Store, the app counts more than 500,000 downloads, adding another shred of credibility. You should be aware that Music Tutor does not support full-screen optimization, although in this instance that is OK. 

Even without occupying all of the displays, the program performs well for training and sight-reading purposes on Chrome OS. Try it out and let us know if it helped your music courses in any way.


Simply Piano

You should have guessed that from the application’s title. You must give the software a try if you aren’t attending music courses focusing on a particular instrument other than a piano and are just trying to become familiar with basic musical instruments. 

The creators of Simply Piano by JoyTunes claim it is a quick and enjoyable method of learning the piano. On the Google Play Store, it has more than a staggering 50 million downloads.

Whatever fits you best, you’ll find the program operating with the keyboard on your Chromebook or even a USB piano keyboard. Also, it enables users to start studying at a basic level, and learning piano doesn’t even need previous experience. 

As a result, the application is seen as appropriate for all ages, which precisely matches the audience we’re attempting to reach with this essay. Try it out and see the effects on your ability to learn music.


The next item on the list is Yousician: Learn Guitar. Since the piano was covered in the last chapter, let’s concentrate on another fantastic musical instrument for our next primary music class app. 

This app is completely customized for Chrome OS and has a tally of more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a multitude of favourable reviews supporting Yousician’s brand.

It’s also far more sophisticated than applications that are often used in music classes since it includes carefully selected step-by-step videos that walk you through each featured lesson. 

Yousician’s user-friendly design makes it possible for you to use it even if you are unfamiliar with certain essential musical terminology since everything is presented to you in an easy-to-understand manner.


Sing Sharp

Instead of taking up an instrument this time around, Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp encourages participants to concentrate on their singing and voice. 

The Sing Sharp app includes a vocal range test that allows you to examine and practice your lowest and highest pitches if you’re interested in pursuing a career as a singer. Also, a “Warm Up” option offers a variety of voice workouts from beginner to expert levels.

With the Sing Sharp application, you are welcome to sing songs, practice your heart out, record, playback, store your progress, share with other like-minded learners, and alter how you sing. 

Although the program at hand lacks a full-screen mode, the remainder of the app’s operation is well-streamlined and runs quickly.


StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Songs is the last software on my hand-picked selection of the best Chromebook applications for basic music lessons. 

The Sing Sharp app stated above works best when used with this highly updated program. The former is primarily for honing your singing abilities, whilst StarMaker can be used for both enjoyment and study.

More than 100 million people have downloaded the app from Google Play, and it has a thriving community with more than 50 million users. Whether you love the country, folk, or hip-hop music, StarMaker caters to users of all sorts and offers them a variety of varied activities to get lost in. 

Even though this is a feature mainly geared toward mobile devices, the software offers a wide range of capabilities in terms of offering users several ringtones.


The bottom line

The information in this post will be helpful if you gave your kid a high-quality Chromebook for school and the chance to be interested in music lessons. The best 6 Chromebook music education applications are featured here, allowing you and your kids to quickly start improving as musicians.