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Best Chromebook Podcast players to use

Best Chromebook Podcast players

You’ve come to the correct website if you’re looking for some of the top podcast players for Chromebooks. To find the most worthwhile collection of podcast-focused applications for ChromeOS, we searched the internet and put the upcoming recommendations to the test. 

Find out what they are and how to get them right now by continuing to read.

Some of the top Google Play Store applications available provide varied levels of complexity and capability for users who have taken an interest in ChromeOS, and Chromebooks are no new to these apps. 

These modern, elegant gadgets may now provide millions of individuals from all walks of life with a central focus for work and leisure.

The following podcast players work well on Chromebooks for those who are interested in learning about life’s lessons, wisdom, and other topics. For only the greatest outcomes, make sure to read all the way through.

The top six podcast players for ChromeOS

Here is our list of the top podcast players that millions of ChromeOS users now utilize. To choose the one that best suits your tastes, try them out on your smartphone.


Best Chromebook Podcast players

1. Spotify: Podcasts and music

Spotify, essentially the uncontested monarch of music and podcast players worldwide, is first on our list. 

Anyone who is even vaguely connected to the seemingly endless options provided by this powerful platform is aware of how well-known a brand Spotify has grown to be. The majority of the top contemporary musicians in the world post their music on Spotify.

The application’s name suggests that it’s not only ideal for listening to banger music, but also for some of the most understandable podcasts. 

We’re certain that Spotify’s library has something to appeal to everyone thanks to its wide collection of more than 4 million titles.

This platform’s popularity may also be shown by counting the number of downloads it has only through the Google Play Store. There’s no mystery as to how Spotify has grown to be as popular as it is today—more than 1 billion individuals have downloaded the app at some time.

Thankfully, there are several methods to stream Spotify on Chromebooks rather than just one. There is a web-based version, a Play Store app, and even a Linux version of the program that you can seamlessly download on your device.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is another Chromebook program that has been well optimized and has made its way around the internet for its effectiveness and breadth of features is the second podcast player in line to join our list.

On the Google Play Store for mobile operating systems, SoundCloud was already a well-known app, but ChromeOS had issues.

Then came a press release declaring SoundCloud’s official release for Chromebooks, which resulted in the creation of a separate installation page for the app on Google Play and a name change to SoundCloud for Chromebooks.

Although the parent app seems to have millions of downloads, the new, improved version of SoundCloud has received more than 100,000. 

Explore the vast library of audiobooks and other auditory material on the site to discover the world of adorable podcasts and anything similar.

Furthermore, you may launch your own company on SoundCloud anytime you desire to increase the ante and become a creator by producing music for your fan base and even podcasts for people to listen to. 

When it comes to this platform, the sky is the limit, therefore you shouldn’t wait to use it.


3. Podcast Addict

A variety of podcasts and audiobooks are available for consumers to listen to on Podcast Addict, which maintains true to its roots in contrast to Spotify and SoundCloud, where you may first think you have fewer alternatives than you think.

The app has garnered positive reviews from Android app users and has earned a sizable number of downloads from the Google Play Store. 

The application has received praise for its enormous podcast library, user-friendly interface with attractive aesthetic components, and fine-tuned Chromebook compatibility.

4. The Pocket Cast podcast player

Due to its high level of functionality for Chromebook users, Pocket Cast – Podcast Player is deserving of the fourth slot on the list. 

As you uncover the most amazing and aural astounding podcasts to listen to and expand your mind like never before, be ready to dive into a world of amusement.

We’ve used the program quite a bit, and it’s reasonable to state that the user interface is first-rate in every way. 

The software doesn’t provide the user with any performance stutters or speed concerns, and it seems to be well suited for touch. Consider it to be a Windows PC native desktop program that you download.

Pocket Cast – Podcast Player seems to have more than 1 million downloads on Google Play as a result of its high level of quality. Due to the inclusion of well-known musicians inside the program, the makers promote it as the “world’s most powerful podcast platform.”

One feature of the program was brought out by a reviewer: you don’t have to download any podcasts to play them. All you have to do to get started is click the “Play” button. 

For one of the richest podcast experiences on Chrome OS without the typical aesthetic difficulties, try out the app at hand.


5. Audible 

It’s nothing less than worthy of having Audible with us before we go on to the last item on the list. One of the greatest podcast players for Chromebooks is available for free download and use. 

It just doesn’t get much better than Audible’s variety, with over 100 million downloads and an aggregate rating of 4.4/5.0.

Users may start listening to exclusive podcasts and a ton of different sorts of audio on Audible, which is even ranked first in the Google Play Store’s “Books and references” category. 

One of the nicest things about Audible is that it has been particularly tuned for Chromebooks, so there won’t be any performance problems.

The platform also focuses on expanding the catalogue of excellent works that are grouped as Audible Originals. 

As a result, the alternatives you have with the program at hand are of a high calibre, not to mention the almost endless selection of audio entertainment on Audible.

6. Deezer (Music and podcast player)

Deezer is the last application on our list. It has a fully mobile style for Chromebooks, allowing ChromeOS users to take advantage of improved features including fullscreen optimization on a larger screen. 

Deezer should be a really easy program to use as the whole download size is just around 18 MB.

The program at hand is also worthy of notice because of how well-liked it is among users of the top music and podcast players. 

The app has received an outstanding 4.6/5.0 overall rating on the Google Play Store, with over 100 million downloads.

Feel free to browse millions of podcasts from the top producers, make your playlists, work with other Deezer users, and discover the many podcast genres, such as humour, satire, crime, action, and drama.

Additionally, you’ll get access to some of the top radio stations and audio channels on the platform thanks to the program. 

You may choose from one of the several Deezer membership options for ad-free listening, offline downloads, and limitless skips if you want a more deluxe experience.


The bottom line

Because ChromeOS is integrated with the Google Play Store, Android apps may easily emerge on Chromebooks and dominate the operating system. 

Users of Chromebooks may now access the greatest mobile shopping, streaming, and comic book applications without the need for additional software.

For the sake of this post, we’ve reviewed some of the top podcast players to make it fun for you to hear what other, more reliable individuals have to say about the world and all its intricacies.