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10 Best Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

Best Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s dark mode was introduced in 2021. Since then, several Chrome extensions and third-party web apps have been released on the market with Google Chrome dark mode.

They provide special features and let you use a dark theme for the browser menus, webpages, homepages, and other on-screen elements.

You can browse the internet for extended periods without straining your eyes if the screen is primarily dark. Also, a lot of users believe that dark mode is more aesthetically pleasing than standard light mode.


Best Dark mode extensions for Google Chrome

The top 10 Google Chrome extensions for dark mode are listed in the following article.

Midnight Lizard

For every page, the Midnight Lizard Chrome extension selects a unique colour palette. It has multiple dark menu themes for Google Chrome, a light filter, screen shades, and a grayscale option for an antique appearance. 

You can view Midnight Lizard on any website since it seamlessly interacts with the HTML foundation of websites.

Also, you have the choice to change and customize the pre-existing colour formats to suit your tastes. You can create fresh colour schemes and provide various colours to various websites. 

Moreover, there are independent sliders for brightness, saturation, and contrast. Each of these modifiers makes a web page easier to read. To activate or disable dark mode on the current website and globally, Midnight Lizard provides two keyboard shortcuts.

Dark Reader

For those who prefer it, the dark mode should be enabled on every website they access through Google Chrome. However, not every website offers dark mode functionality on their website. 

You can transform any website into a dark version with Google Chrome’s Dark Reader extension. You just need to click once on the extension icon to do this. It will instantly change any website’s bright backdrop to a dark one and reverse the text colour.

You can customize your display any way you like with the additional settings that Dark Reader offers. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, typeface, and other display components of any page with them. 

To avoid having to make these changes again, you can also save the settings for a specific URL. Dark Reader’s toggle switch, which can quickly transition between dark and light settings, is its most remarkable feature.


Night mode

The Dark Night Mode extension changes the web browser’s default colours to dark ones. It functions with social media and content-sharing platforms in addition to normal websites. 

The fact that Dark Night Mode is completely open-source software that can be modified further is fantastic. Anyone who frequently uses Google Chrome at night will find it to be a useful add-on.

Its creators used a special algorithm that can instantly impose dark mode on any page. The extension initially asks what colour each web element that appears on a certain page should be. 

Once these shades are known, the algorithm transmits that information to convert them into the equivalent dark hues. 

By doing this, the majority of the colours are kept but a dark mode appearance is created overall. Also, the application is set up to not interfere with any picture or other media file.

Dark Mode

The Universal Chrome plugin called “Dark Mode” can even be used when offline. Its toolbar icon serves as a switch to enable or disable the dark mode. 

Once installed, Chrome’s “Options” tab allows you to choose from more than 50 dark themes. You can try them out right away to see which one works best for you. 

Dark Mode’s classic themes are split into three groups, two of which are generic and one of which is tailored.

Make sure the “Open support for upgrades” box is checked on the “Options” page. A built-in compiler for creating a personalized dark theme on the fly is another outstanding feature of Dark Mode. 

Also, the program assists you in applying CSS and HTML rules correctly. The last step is to add any website that needs to be treated as an exception to an exclude list at the bottom, which accepts comma-separated lists.


Night Eye (Dark Mode)

Night Eye was created specifically to reduce eye strain, as the name indicates. It does not change your screen into a high-contrast display that is even harder to see than a screen with a light backdrop, in contrast to certain extensions. 

You can change dark themes using this feature to have a pleasant surfing experience.

Depending on the original colours of each web page, Night Eye adopts a one-off approach. To determine which kind of dark mode would be able to provide a fluid and consistent display, it makes use of classifiers. 

As a result, any bright spots or flashes caused by straightforward page inversions are likewise eliminated. 

Also, you are given access to an internal chat system for contacting customer service directly whenever its functionality varies. Usually, they can quickly fix that page for you.

Super-Dark Mode

More effectively than any other Chrome Web Store extension, Super Dark Mode implements dark mode excellently. Super Dark Mode can transform any website for you that you are unable to see in a dark theme. 

It can change the web colours for any page or website. Even locally opened files in Google Chrome can be given the dark mode treatment.

You need to restart your browser after installing the extension. But when Google Chrome launches once again, you’ll be pleasantly pleased to discover how everything has changed. 

Automatic scheduling, exclude/include lists, changeable colours, brightness adjustments, and CSS-modifiable is Super Dark Mode additional features. You can also modify the backdrop designs for any dark themes that are already in use.


Lunar Reader 

Any webpage can be seen in dark mode with the Lunar Reader interactive extension. It significantly eases, unwinds, and enhances the comfort of ordinary online surfing. 

Even the gloomy themes can be modified by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation. With its night shift mode, Lunar Reader can make online pages seem warmer. As a result, they become far more enjoyable to watch in low-light conditions.

To change between any of the numerous modes, there are simple keyboard shortcuts accessible. Also, the scheduler can be configured to switch modes automatically at certain times throughout the day. 

Lunar Reader complies with all Google standards, making it very dependable and secure to use on any web platform. However, be careful to delete any other similar extensions that may be imposing dark mode before installing it on Chrome. Any browser compatibility problems will be avoided.

Turn Off The Lights

Turn Off The Lights was created for those who spend the majority of their time on video-sharing websites like YouTube. There are many other things on the screen that might quickly draw your attention whether you are viewing a movie or a live broadcast. 

This extension lets you retain the brightness of the video at a reasonable level while dimming other areas of your screen if you just want to concentrate on the video. It enables you to keep the other items on the screen while concentrating only on the video window.

Turn Off The Lights also works with Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, and Netflix in addition to YouTube. Except for the video player, the entire web page can be faded with just one click. No other extension can match the cinematic effect it produces. 

The extension includes eye protection mode, atmosphere lighting, custom colours, and flash detection. Use the invert, blur, saturation, and grayscale filters in Turn Off The Lights to edit online screenshots.


This extension’s name is rather self-explanatory. Invert simply inverts all of the colours on your screen. The majority of websites have a white backdrop with dark text. The white background will become entirely black after installing and turning on Invert, with light text appearing above it.

Compared to the others on this list, this extension does not contain as many features. You may be interested to hear that Invert’s two main selling points are simplicity and minimalism. 

A better use for it would be when you need to save battery life or reduce the amount of light coming from your device’s display, rather than using it as a dark mode add-on for Google Chrome.

Better Dark Mode

Better Dark Mode, in contrast, to Invert, does not provide a backdrop that is fully black with all-white text. Instead, it uses a wide range of colours and adaptively chooses which ones to apply to various web pages. 

It claims to be the finest dark mode extension for easing eye strain. Better Dark Mode is set up to exclude any pixels with RGB values of 50 or above.

Always using mid-range colours while showing material makes the screen aesthetically pleasing. These restrictions for RGB values’ higher and lower bounds can also be changed by the user. 

Also, it offers solutions to stop flashing non-darkened pages even before they appear on your screen. Better Dark Mode is thus most helpful for those who must spend continuous hours in front of displays.


Using dark mode on your Chromebook

A sizable collection of Chrome extensions and themes can be found in the Chrome Web Store. Since the release of Google Chrome’s dark mode capabilities, several developers have stepped into this market and begun releasing extensions.

There are several different dark mode extensions for Google Chrome available now. Their features, usability, and compatibility with other websites all differ. The top ten extensions for frequent usage are those that were mentioned above.