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14 Best drawing apps for Chromebook (Free)

Best drawing apps for Chromebook

Lots of users believe that Chromebooks lack high-quality applications for creative work. But it is not completely true. We’ll show you some of the top free drawing apps for Chromebooks in this post.

These drawing apps provide full-screen touch controls with a staggering array of tools and capabilities in addition to perfect operation.

In reality, whether drawing or painting on a Chromebook, we carefully selected the apps that give the lowest latency and offline support. In light of that, let’s examine the top drawing applications for Chromebooks.


Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook

Here, we’ve listed the top 14 drawing applications for Chromebooks, including ones for Android, Linux, the web, and Chrome.

All of the aforementioned applications passed my testing and functioned quite well on my Chromebook with no touch latency concerns.

Along with some fantastic painting applications for Chrome OS, I also added several animation drawing apps for Chromebooks. So without further ado, let’s review the list.

1. Autodesk Sketchbook

Both experts and novices agree that Sketchbook is an application for digital drawing that is very well-liked.

The greatest thing is that this potent software is now accessible on Chromebooks since Android compatibility has been added. With a large canvas, several tools, and layers, Sketchbook performs quite well in full-screen mode.

Other than that, throughout my testing, the touchscreen latency was almost nonexistent, and my HP Chromebook x360 worked flawlessly while I was drawing.

On this app, you may even use an active stylus, and it even supports palm rejection. Simply said, when it comes to drawing and drawing, Sketchbook from Autodesk does not need any introduction.

The only thing you need to know is that because you are using Android software, Sketchbook can be installed on a Chromebook without requiring any hacks and also offers offline functionality.


  • Both for experts and novices.
  • No lag time problems.
  • Several brushes and implements.
  • Offline assistance.
  • Palm rejection. 


  • Need support for Android apps


2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch / Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator and Sketch are two of the top drawing tools for Windows and macOS, and you can now use them on Chromebooks as well. They are similar to Sketchbook.

The software may be downloaded straight from the Play Store and operates in full-screen mode with keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen capabilities.

I would advise using Adobe Illustrator Draw first if you are unsure which of the two Adobe applications to use.

Since it’s a vector drawing app, you may use a variety of brushes, layers, and tool settings to create whatever you choose on a large canvas. And use Adobe Photoshop Sketch if you like drawing with bitmaps or raster images.

Depending on your needs and use cases as you go, you will use both applications. Regarding speed and latency, I discovered that both applications ran well on a Chromebook and had no input lag.

Not to add that the rotate tool in both applications allows you to employ the tilt mode.


  • Both free-hand and vector illustrations.
  • Zero input latency
  • Strong tools.
  • Support in layers.


  • Some UI components are more compact.
  • Needs Play Store support.

3. Sumopaint

Not every Chromebook user, particularly kids who were given a device by their schools, has access to the Play Store. Such circumstances make it difficult to get a drawing app from the Play Store.

Sumopaint is the right choice if you’re seeking a drawing app for your Chromebook that doesn’t need any downloads. You may use this web-based drawing tool to get all the more sophisticated capabilities for nothing at all.

The fact that Sumopaint can be installed as a PWA and used when you are offline is the coolest feature. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

Other than that, Sumopaint has a large selection of tools and effects that are often seen in desktop applications, including close to 300 distinct brushes. You may also combine photographs to get a special effect, include text components, and apply effects.

Sumopaint, in my opinion, hits all the boxes if you’re searching for an alternative to MS Paint for drawing on a Chromebook.


  • Online drawing app.
  • Best for Chromebooks in schools.
  • A wide range of tools and effects.
  • Functions offline.


  • No Palm rejection



Another web-based animation and drawing application for Chromebooks is It was created by the well-known Magma Studio team, which is well-recognized for creating a platform for online artistic cooperation.

Also, the free version of the same platform,, enables you to open a fresh canvas and collaborate with others online. On your Chromebook, you may use it as a solo drawing app if you’re not interested in cooperation.

You may import a GIF file to get started on your animation project, and there is a great tool selection and support for layers. Not to say, the website functions flawlessly and has zero latency even while operating in a browser.

In short, is the finest platform if you’re searching for a drawing tool for your Chromebook that doesn’t need downloading from the Play Store or Linux.


Best for online group projects.

Online drawing app.

Bring in GIF.

Zero input latency


No Palm rejection.

5. Infinite Painter

Despite not being one of the most popular applications in the Play Store, Infinite Painter runs flawlessly on Chromebooks. Even if it’s a simple drawing app, the management of the canvas is considerably better because of unrestricted panning from all sides and the unexpectedly low latency.

In my tests, I discovered that the touch input was superior to the Adobe apps. Infinite Painter also offers more than 160 presets of natural brushes and lets you create your brushes.

Also, it contains geometrical tools like the line, ellipse, protractor, and more, as well as support for layers and blend modes.

In short, the Chromebook painting and drawing software are quite good, so if you’re a novice, you should certainly use it.


  • Simple drawing app.
  • Very good input responsiveness.
  • Tools required are at hand.
  • Supports layers.


  • Needs Play Store support.


6. ibis Paint X

I would strongly suggest ibis Paint X if you’re searching for a painting app for your Chromebook that is packed with features. With more than 800 fonts, 381 brushes, 71 filters, and several mixing modes, it is a flexible drawing app.

The greatest thing is that the software can stabilize pen strokes while you draw, which will make the process lot smoother and more precise for you.

Additionally, you get tools like clipping masks, Radial Line rulers, the SNS feature where you can learn new drawing methods, and more. And if you’re concerned about latency, my Chromebook with an Intel processor has nearly no latency, which is fantastic.

The performance will be significantly greater if you use an ARM-based Chromebook. Ibis Paint X is, all things considered, one of my favourite Chromebook painting apps, and you should give it a go.


  • A drawing software with many features.
  • Almost all features are free.
  • Makes pen strokes more stable.
  • Little input latency.


  • Might be overwhelming for newbies.

7. Concepts

One of the most well-liked drawing applications for iOS and iPadOS, Concepts is now accessible on Chromebooks through the Play Store.

For Chromebooks, the software has been carefully optimized. You have access to an endless canvas with practically low latency to produce drawings, sketches, and design ideas.

Also, Concepts supports tilt and pressure modes, which will aid you in precisely drawing detailed details.

You also get a variety of pencils, brushes, and pens, much as in other drawing apps. Another sort of canvas lets you choose the backdrop from a variety of textures and pre-made materials.

Use the velocity function of an active stylus, such as one from Wacom, for flexible drawing and drawing. Simply mentioned, Concepts is without a doubt one of the greatest drawing software for Chromebooks.


  • Unlimited canvas. 
  • Allows stylus. 
  • Features pressure and tilt modes.
  • Great for illustrations.


  • High learning curve


8. ArtFlow

While Sketchbook and comparable apps are undoubted of the highest calibre for professionals, novices may find the vast selection of capabilities and tools overwhelming.

In such a case, I strongly suggest ArtFlow, a fantastic Android software for digital drawing and drawing. This app operates well on Chromebooks and is simple to install.

The nicest feature of this application is how lightweight it is, which results in almost minimal latency while painting on a large canvas.

Also, you have access to tools, a variety of brushes, an opacity slider, a colour picker, and pretty much anything else you need to begin painting on Chromebooks.

You also have tilt support, which will be quite helpful when using certain brushes to regulate line width and rotation.

Overall, ArtFlow is a simple and fantastic painting tool that you can use to start drawing on a Chromebook.


  • Excellent painting software for novices.
  • Includes tilt assistance.
  • Several brushes and implements.


  • Somewhat glitchy

9. Sketchpad

I’ve already listed Chromebook drawing apps that are accessible via the Play Store. However, some users’ Chromebooks don’t support the Play Store, in which case you may use Sketchpad online.

If you’re wondering if Sketchpad supports offline use, the answer is yes, and you can install it as a PWA application as well. After then, you won’t need an internet connection or to make any configuration changes to use all the functions.

Aside from that, Sketchpad has all the normal functions, including a variety of brush types, a colour picker, and, of course, layers, which are the most crucial.

If you have a thing for vector art, feel free to practice a little on Sketchpad. Overall, Sketchpad is a good drawing application for Chromebooks without Play Store support.


  • Another excellent online drawing tool.
  • Offline support.
  • Support for a variety of brushes
  • Also includes various vector-based utilities.


Might be challenging for new users.


10. Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG is an outstanding browser-based vector graphics editor. It allows you to edit SVG files and is a fantastic vector drawing tool for Chromebooks that enables the quick creation of vector-based artwork.

I enjoy Boxy SVG because, in contrast to other drawing apps for Chromebooks, its user interface is neat and well-organized. There won’t be a ton of toolbars and packed options to overwhelm you.

You don’t need the Play Store or Linux support to easily create your artwork. Additionally, you may configure the keyboard shortcuts that are supported.

In conclusion, Boxy SVG is the vector drawing app you need to be using right now if you’re looking for one for your Chromebook. And yes, Boxy SVG also supports offline use.


  • SVG file editing is best.
  • The UI is quite well-done.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available.
  • Operates in a browser.
  • Offline assistance.


In the free version, SVG files cannot be exported to PDF.

11. Krita

On your Chromebook, you may download the Linux app Krita if you prefer a dedicated desktop application for painting and drawing. It’s an open-source, totally free drawing application of professional calibre.

Of course, for this to work, you need to install Linux on your Chromebook. Regarding the software, many of its potent features may be used to produce conceptual art, comics, and intricate graphics.

In case you don’t know, Krita is a highly well-liked Linux application that many experts use for digital painting.

Therefore, Krita is the tool you need if you’re seeking the finest drawing app for Chromebooks that can compete with the desktop versions of Adobe Illustrator and Sketchbook. 

When I tested the app on my Chromebook, it worked flawlessly and without any issues.


  • Tool for painting on a desktop.
  • Great for complicated drawings.
  • Completely open source and free.


  • Needs Linux support.

How to Install: First, install Linux and Flatpak on your Chromebook, then use the scripts shown below to complete the installation. 

The software may be found in the Linux applications folder’s app drawer after installation. This software may also be downloaded from the GUI app store indicated in the user guide above.


12. Inkscape

Another Linux app for Chromebooks is Inkscape, which may be used for vector graphics. Since it’s a full-fledged desktop software rather than an Android app, you’ll have access to cutting-edge features like flyout, anchor, and smart navigation. 

It’s simple to state that it’s Chrome OS’s answer to the desktop version of Adobe Illustrator. The application is quite sophisticated and has all the capabilities required to produce intricate paintings, artwork, logos, and more. 

Also, you have access to layers, colour profiles, bezier and spiro curves, a powerful text tool, and bezier and spiro curves.

Having said that, you will need a strong Chromebook to run this app since it is rather hefty. To use Inkscape without any problems, Linux apps may also have GPU acceleration enabled.


  • A vector drawing application suitable for desktop use.
  • Contains powerful tools.
  • Great for logos, artwork, and banners.


  • The app is quite large.
  • Support for Linux is needed.

How to install: Launch the Linux Terminal and enter the command shown below. The software may be found in the Linux apps folder’s app drawer after installation.

13. Gravitic

On a Chromebook, the superb vector drawing app Gravit, which is neither an Android nor a Linux app, is a great choice. In actuality, it’s a polished Chrome tool that lets you create a variety of visual components.

You may design them using a variety of design components, create things like logos and icons, and more. The ability to freely construct characters, animations, etc. is also supported, in addition to raster graphics illustration.

Simply told, Gravit is a professional-grade drawing and illustration app, making it the ideal choice if you’re seeking one in the Chrome environment.

It might be preferable to install Inkscape on a Chromebook using Linux. Try it out to see if Gravit suits your needs.


  • Fantastic vector drawing app
  • Supports the illustration of raster graphics.
  • Great for professionals.


  • None in the traditional sense.


14. Chrome Canvas

The last painting app for Chromebooks on our list is Chrome Canvas. It’s a really simple drawing app with a big canvas and a few different brush settings.

This is the greatest app to learn digital painting whether you’re a novice or want your child to start practising doodling or painting.

Many touchscreen Chromebooks already have Chrome Canvas pre-installed, but if yours doesn’t, you can quickly access the website and install Canvas as a PWA.

There is that and it also operates offline. To sum up, launch Chrome Canvas and begin painting if you want to master digital painting on Chromebooks.


  • Ideal for novices.
  • Simple and simple to use.
  • Offline support.


  • A limited selection of brushes.


Find a Free Drawing App for Your Chromebook

So those are our top choices for Chromebook drawing applications. As is evident, many Android applications provide a wide range of functions that are often only found in desktop apps.

Therefore, in essence, you are not missing anything. Because there are so many high-quality applications available, I’d say Chromebooks have nearly caught up to the iPad in terms of drawing and illustration capabilities.