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10 Best Fitness apps for Chromebook (Top Choices)

Best Fitness apps for Chromebook

Chromebooks’ connection with Google Play has several advantages. The greatest ChromeOS augmented reality applications are available to us, and the most feature-rich weather apps aren’t far behind either. 

A Chromebook user can easily access the world of Android apps. It would be interesting to see that Google Play has a variety of fitness applications for ChromeOS if one were to enter the health and lifestyle space.

This is precisely what our handpicked guide here covers. The best 10 fitness applications for Chromebooks are listed below in a step-by-step format for your convenience, although users wishing to keep in shape should exercise caution while using them.


The 10 Best Fitness applications for Chromebooks

The best fitness-focused apps that customers are using on their dependable Chromebooks while on the go are rounded up in the list below. For the greatest results, be sure you read all the way through.


About this list, Finch: Self Care Widget Pet comes first. This kind of software may not be something that most users anticipate seeing on ChromeOS. 

This software is more of a journal-keeping tool that promotes users’ mental health. You first set up your account logically using a very engaging user interface. Apart from that, Finch Self Care Widget Pet functions just as well as a mood diary.

The app has received a 4.9/5.0 overall rating on the Google Play Store and has had over 1 million downloads. The software’s file size is only expected to be 34 MB, which isn’t very large. 

Users who have used Finch believe it is a blessing to jot down their observations and keep track of personal objectives. In addition, this software has several sharing possibilities if you want to make a large circle that represents a similar aura.

We advise you to give the app a try, particularly if you use ChromeOS. Finch Self Care Widget Pet doesn’t have fullscreen optimization, but the sheer volume of functionality it offers more than makes up for that. It is brief, enjoyable, and honestly focused on productivity.

Adidas Training

In the technologically advanced year 2022, Adidas has already established itself as a titan in the sports industry. Adidas is virtually always involved in some kind of sport, whether it is football, basketball, or soccer. 

The massive corporation will soon release a Google Play Store software designed to instruct individuals in that respect directly in their homes, and it has already been done in the shape of what we have here.

Even while the “Adidas Training: Home Workout” software highly amuses those who only work out at home, it is ideal for users who have accepted a flexible lifestyle. 

Whatever feels right for you, feel free to exercise with your equipment outside or in a gym. You can even include dance routines to be fit and have fun.



The popular fitness program Freeletics: Fitness Workouts can accommodate a broad range of exercise routines for various users. 

Whether you’re working out at home or a gym, the app gives you access to a wide range of bodyweight workouts, HIIT, weights, and even running advice. In addition, you can count on Freeletics to provide you with a reasonable amount of dietary guidance.

Freeletics is the go-to fitness app for a wide range of individuals across the spectrum, with more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. 

Imagine you’ve been wanting to hire one of the industry’s most cutting-edge digital personal trainers who offer individualized advice. In such a scenario, you can easily download this app onto your Chromebook.

Six Pack in 30 Days

A lot has been said about Six Pack in 30 Days. More than 100 million users have downloaded the program and, to their astonishment, found that it was worth their money since the application’s name alone is so alluring. 

In other words, the program is free yet financed by advertisements. The advertising, though, isn’t so horrible and can be used effectively.

Those who are fresh to the fitness world will notice that their abs are burning after their first exercise. Things quickly get heated, and if you maintain your momentum in the days to come, you’ll be able to see how the world is improving all around you. 

Also, the app’s astounding 4.9/5.0 overall rating is sufficient justification for downloading the program.


FitCoach: Diet and Fitness Coach

FitCoach: Fitness Coach and Diet is next on the list. This specialist application is much superior to common fitness apps. 

First of all, it has received more than 10 million downloads from the renowned Android app store, which is quite an accomplishment given the general saturation of fitness applications there. The program has a stellar overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, which is nothing short of commendable.

Now, to list some of FitCoach’s standout features, we have stretching exercises and pre-workout routines, in addition to a well-selected progress tracker for daily task management. 

According to some users, if you’re trying to become healthy and improve your life, it may be worthwhile to take on the 30-day fitness challenge offered by the app.

Lose Belly Fat – Abs Workout

Lose Belly Fat – Abs Workout is the next item on the list worthy of a slot. What we have at our disposal is carefully chosen software designed to help interested individuals become the best version of themselves helping them eliminate belly fat. 

The app offers you four distinct training programs when you initially launch it. These include Six Pack Abs, Rock Hard Abs, Lose Belly Fat, and Stay Fit. Each of these programs includes a variety of workout routines and activities. 

The app’s creator recommends users set aside 10 minutes each day to try out the challenging exercises to gradually create a flat stomach. The program even syncs with Google Fit, which is the icing on the cake.


Lose Weight App for Men

If you want a Chromebook fitness software with plenty of specifics, you should choose the Lose Weight App for Men. You’re about to embark on a demanding 30-day schedule while working hard on yourself for 10–20 minutes per day. 

Get ready to give your tummy one devil at a time. Of course, if you want to choose a beginner’s routine, that option is also accessible.

Also, Lose Weight App for Men has been thoroughly examined. On the Google Play Store, it claims more than 50 million downloads and one million reviews. 

The majority of the latter’s responses are categorically favourable, as is evident. The application in question is just as suitable to function with Google Fit as Lose Belly Fat – Abs Workout.

Workout for Women: Fit at Home

The second-to-last application to make it into our list is Fit at Home. Since we previously announced a separate program for males, we only believed it appropriate to create software specifically for women’s fitness. 

Both Workout for Women: Fit at Home and the Lose Weight App for Men were created by the same person, thus both programs are of equal quality.

However, in this instance, the whole training program is changed to accommodate the opposing gender. Not to mention the ubiquity of bodyweight training activities that eliminate the need for gym equipment, there are fast and efficient workout approaches for burning fat in women. 

Even animated and video instructions are available to show you how to do each exercise correctly.


Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

Another excellent workout app that supports both your physical and emotional well-being is included in our list. The one-of-a-kind Fabulous Daily Routine Planner promises a feature-rich user experience with plenty of versatility. 

The program uses a five-step process to assist users in mastering their lives and overcoming obstacles. First, adding a healthy morning routine to your schedule mainly gives it structure.

After that, the attention shifts to developing healthy behaviours. You can use the app to help you recall crucial chores by using daily planners. It makes sense that our habits determine the kind of person we become, therefore we must concentrate on leading fruitful lives. 

Next, users benefit from joining a community. After that, it becomes easier to locate Fabulous like-minded individuals, and you start gathering more inspiration than before.

Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Google Fit: Activity Tracking brings this list to a thrilling conclusion. Because this software is specifically designed for Chromebooks, exercise fanatics and Chromebook users won’t have any trouble using it. 

While Google Fit on ChromeOS is unable to carry out all of the functions of its mobile phone version, it can nevertheless assist you in setting and tracking goals and keeping tabs on your progress over time.

As you may have inferred from reading about the items above, Google Fit also works with a wide range of other programs. Google’s leading fitness app integrates seamlessly with apps like Nike+, Wear OS, and even MyFitnessPal. 

Fit gives you access to a summary of your activity history whenever and wherever you choose; this includes connected applications.


Chromebooks are becoming better at serving users across different industries. Along with the ability to play oddball games on ChromeOS, including Genshin Impact, PUBG, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered, we are developing the greatest Chromebooks for businesses. There are no restrictions on what this slick operating system can achieve for those whose jobs are centred on web browsing.