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10 Best Google Drive add-ons for education

Best Google Drive add-ons for education

Students and teachers have been looking for innovative and distinctive tools to augment their educational settings since the internet has become such a significant part of our lives. Google Drive has developed into a go-to online cloud solution for several organizations, including colleges, schools, universities, students, and teachers.


Best Google Drive add-ons for education (Teachers & Students)

We’ll look at the top ten Google Drive extensions for education today. They radically revamp the Google Drive interface and increase productivity at the same time.

1. Fresh Spell Checker

A one-stop writing tool like Fresh Spell Checker makes it easy for you to develop this crucial skill set. It is used to create error-free papers that can be enhanced with web apps powered by AI. 

Even better, anybody can use it for nothing. Although there are premium plans, all essential functions are accessible without paying a subscription. To obtain ideas when writing in desktop programs and websites all across the internet, in addition to Google Drive, you can use  Fresh Spell Checker.

You can speak clearly and accurately thanks to its thorough spell and grammar checks. This helps you to publish flawless articles and be certain that these are your strongest efforts. 

With the help of cutting-edge spell-checking tools and current dictionaries, Fresh Spell Checker continually breaks new ground in the processing of written texts. 

In all of its products, it has been able to provide unmatched help. In addition, English, Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese, and Swedish are all supported by default.

2. Pear Deck

Students can engage with your presentation using Pear Deck on any device. It can be used to create interactive presentations from scratch or to convert pre-existing Google Slides, PowerPoint, or PDF files. 

There are additional options for add-in temperature checks, formative evaluations, conversation starters, diagnostics, and exit tickets. 

Each student can participate in a presentation session from their devices so they can react to questions and engage with the content. Students can work at their own pace in the classroom or at home by activating the student-paced option.

A teacher can quickly assess the level of general comprehension by seeing student replies in real-time while using Pear Deck for online courses. 

There are possibilities to post anonymous responses on the classroom projector screen, ensure that every viewpoint is heard, and have in-class discussions on widespread misunderstandings. 

For enthusiastic teachers who want to involve every kid in their class regularly, this is a fantastic tool. 

Pear Deck is a Google Drive extension that works with Google Classroom. Users of G Suite for Education can now set up their accounts with zero hassle.

3. Google Fluency Tutor

In schools and online classrooms, Fluency Tutor for Google is a reading evaluation application that can monitor and evaluate oral reading progress. It can be used to provide struggling readers assistance tools. 

Many children who struggle with reading have benefited from features like text-to-speech conversions, an integrated dictionary, and translation capabilities. Fluency Tutor provides students access to cutting-edge tools that can enhance their comprehension and self-assurance.

It was created with the idea of hybrid learning styles. With the use of recordings, teachers can provide reading passages to their students. In essence, a Google Drive add-on can be used to do anything. It enables pupils to carry on studying in the classroom or at home. 

With a collection of more than 500 reading fluency passages, teachers no longer need to look for assistance on their own. A fast scoring tool is also available for evaluating the correctness and giving a thorough review.


4. Adobe Express for Education

Your ideas are transformed into breathtaking visual storytelling with Adobe Express for Education. It produces powerful social graphics, web pages, and quick films in a matter of minutes. 

In addition, teachers can easily encourage engaging, innovative learning opportunities. With Adobe Express for Education, which is designed especially for educational environments, students can create original presentations and stories using any browser on any device, including Chromebooks. 

This enhances project-based learning and encourages original problem-solving to aid students in their future academic and professional endeavours.

What’s wonderful is that it is very simple to use. Everything you would need, including layouts, fonts, music, and a superb selection of photographs, has already been included. 

Along the process, you will get direction on how to create quick design superpowers and boost your creative confidence. The development of Adobe Express for Education was done with security and privacy in mind. 

It provides secure picture and video searches throughout the internet. You can also wish to use it with your parents’ permission.

5. Automagical Forms

A web-based add-on called Automagical Forms can generate forms and surveys from ordinary PDF files, Google Docs, and Google Slides. It can quickly recreate findings that would normally require a lot of copying, pasting, and formatting. 

Automagical Forms scans your source files using AI to hunt for potential questions and answers. After a form has been produced, you can review it one last time and make any necessary changes.

It is especially beneficial for those who often need to produce these forms. There are both free and premium packages for Automagical Forms. It is created by Unicorn Magic, which is renowned for offering its user base across the globe extensive customer support. 

Currently, the add-on effectively works with four G Suite platforms. These consist of Google Docs, Google Slides, and Gmail. The connection is as easy as feasible since all native file formats from these providers are also available on Drive.

6. OrbitNote

Digital papers can be made interactive, collaborative, and accessible with the help of OrbitNote. It changes people and alters how they interact entirely. 

You can produce actionable files with OrbitNote while showing and providing feedback in a variety of forms. It is an excellent tool for increasing output, relationships, and teamwork in a learning environment. 

This add-on allows for immediate collaboration after a document has been opened in Google Drive. It has dual colour highlighting that is simple to follow and can read aloud anything, including mathematical formulae. 

In addition to typing text in PDFs, OrbitNote can extract information from documents using highlighters, add text and voice comments, use push pins as helpful tips, and draw free-hand forms on papers. 

Please be aware that the Google Workspace Marketplace just recently added OrbitNote. A premium version needing a membership will also be offered when it develops and gets more features.


7. Lucidchart diagrams

Drawing flowcharts, organizational charts, wireframes, mind maps, and other types of diagrams is made simple with the help of Lucidchart’s collaborative online diagramming tool

It is the only visual toolkit that enables students to see and create the future from conception to realization. With the help of the intelligence tool Lucidchart Diagrams, you can align ideas, simplify complexity, and create quicker graphics. 

You can collaborate on editing a single document with your pals. Additionally, there are commenting and chat capabilities in the editor.

Other team members working on the same project or task can provide timely input. Version control, revision history, adaptable shape libraries for any situation, and a large template library are important features. 

Diagrams created with Lucidchart can be quickly exported as shared files, converted into presentations, integrated into other systems, or published to a specific URL. 

Most students use Lucidchart because it seamlessly integrates with G Suite and Microsoft Office.

8. SketchUp for Schools

Any elementary or secondary school that has signed up for G Suite can now access SketchUp for Schools in a web browser. 

This is the standard SketchUp modeller. It combines the delight of manual illustration with the simplicity of cutting-edge 3D modelling tools. 

You have access to hundreds of expertly created add-ons with SketchUp for Schools. It can be used to document in 2D, design in 3D, and make work more simple.

Any internet-connected machine, even Chromebooks, can use it. For new pupils, there is a complete program. This includes creating a print model, modelling a floor plan, converting 2D to 3D, creating new sketches entirely, and much more. 

Every student, regardless of age, has access to personalized tutorials and guides. A user can always store fresh files and drawings while on the fly since Google Drive is always connected to their device.

9. Lumio

With the use of game-based activities, formative evaluations, and student involvement, Lumio alters the delivery of static and boring lessons. 

This significantly improves learning opportunities when a class is conducted online. It enables you to teach new classes and access old ones from any device, including iPads, mobile phones, and Chromebooks. 

Each student’s device can get a copy of the activity from the teacher. It enables students to work at their speed while learning at the same time.

It allows you to quickly open, deliver, and save smart Notebook sessions. Lumio uses free and already-existing Notebook resources in smart exchange. A motivating canvas can be added by the teacher for the children to participate in and co-create.

They can move between tasks quickly, keeping students’ attention throughout breaks in the class. It designs and distributes activities to give immediate results.


10. Kami

Kami is a comprehensive learning platform created for teachers and students to work together in a mixed setting. It enables educators to change the way they instruct, provide feedback to, and evaluate their pupils. 

Every day, more than 30 million teachers and students engage with Kami. Using this, you can create interactive files that are ideal for expression, analysis, and discussion out of any static papers, PDFs, photos, and other educational materials.

It is used by teachers to create, transmit, and grade assignments all in one location. Drive, Google Classroom, Canvas, and learning management systems all function well with Kami. 

Kami is your tool, whether you teach in-person, remotely, or both. If students don’t have a reliable network connection, it still functions offline or online. 

All participants can communicate with each other in their favourite medium, whether it is text, freehand drawing, audio, voice-typing, or video, thanks to the availability of a universal learning environment.



Google Drive is no longer merely a cloud storage service for document and file backups. You can now access a ton of Google Drive add-ons that can greatly expand its functionalities thanks to Google Workspace Marketplace. 

By using the ten web applications we’ve described in this post, you can get the most out of G Suite and online courses.