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10 Best Screen Recorders for Chromebook (Complete List)

For a very long time, screen recording was the single feature that made a Chromebook usable. This is only one thing that many PC users would want to accomplish but are unable to do since a Chromebook does not support the Java plugin, which is required by popular screencasting software.

But now that everything has changed, those who need a screen recorder for their Chromebooks now have access to a variety of solutions, including the built-in functionality in newer Chromebooks.

You should be aware of what options you’ve got and how you can use them to your advantage. Some of them are free to use, while others might require payment for additional functionalities.

Things are a little bit different for Chromebook screen recorders than they are for Windows or Mac. Therefore, this post is here to guide you if you’re looking for the best screen recorder for your Chromebook. The key characteristics of each extension are also discussed.


Best Chromebook screen recorders

1. Inbuilt Screen Capture tool

Do you know that the Chromebook has a screen recording feature built-in? This tool is at the top of the list since it is built-in and free to use. For people who are not huge fans of using third-party programs or any form of extension, this is fantastic news.

All of your fundamental screen recording needs can be met by the built-in Screen Capture utility.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Switcher on the keyboard to start this utility. The quirky key above the number 6 on the keyboard is called the switcher. The Screen Capture toolbar will appear on the screen when you simultaneously push these buttons.

You can switch between the video and picture modes using the toolbar’s first two buttons. You can take screenshots of the whole screen by clicking the Capture everything button. Then, using the Select an area function, you can create a box to capture a specific region of the screen.


  • User interface that is simple to use.
  • Meets the demands for simple screen recording.

2. Screencastify for Chrome

Screencastify is a standard video screen capture tool for Chrome. You can record video screen grabs, modify them, add annotations, save them, and share them with this tool.

With only a click of a button, you can use a specific tab or the full desktop while keeping your complete experience synchronised with the G-suite. The lite version of this program is also available for free use.

The maximum recording duration for each video on this platform’s light version is merely 10 minutes.

There is a watermark on it. You can create up to fifty videos every month with this. Features like editing tools and MP4 output could not be used.

Also, Screencastify has a premium edition that adds some basic cutting and editing tools not found in the lite version, such as unlimited recording time, no watermarking, GIF and MP4 export support, and more.

You would get priority support if you purchased the premium version.

3. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

The full web page can be screen captured, or just a section of it, using Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast. Screencasts, video, and screenshot editing are all possible directly from your display.

You can screenshot the online page, whether it’s all of it or just a portion of the browser window. The screenshots can also be edited using a very user-friendly interface. An “outstanding screenshot capture and annotate” app or extension will be well-replaced by this.

For taking screenshots of the full website or a specific portion, use Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast. Also, it can be used to capture the browser’s whole window as well as the browser window of other apps.


4. Openvid Screen Recorder

You can record videos of your browser tabs, camera, application windows, desktop, and any combination of these with the free Openvid Screen Recorder extension for Chrome. You can also add narration via your microphone.

Capturing is an easy and basic procedure. Press the Openvid option, then choose the recording you want to start.

It starts after a brief countdown. When you are finished, touch the button a second time. You can delay or continue the capture as necessary.

Your video is now available for sharing after being hosted on the Openvid website. The URL will be automatically copied to the clipboard by the extension. Simply copy and paste this to make it visible in the message or email.

In addition to being able to download the video as an MP4 file, the website may instead produce the embed code you need to include the video on your website.

But there are several significant problems with this platform. The videos can only be five minutes long at first, and they are only accessible for twenty-four hours after being recorded.

However, you could acquire unlimited recording time and video access if you could get two other individuals to join up for free.

5. Viewed It

With Viewed It, you can start recording your screen with on One-click. It is completely free to use, and you will be able to see who watched the video as well. Allowing you to speak with anybody through video, eliminates obstacles to communication.

You will get one-click screen recording, straightforward social and email video sharing, and alerts when someone views your videos to make it as easy as chatting with someone.

These are is one top Chromebook screen recorder addons. Right now, you can try them out at no cost to know if it suits your needs.


6. Loom

Loom is a fantastic screen-recording extension for Chrome that will enable you to rapidly record your screen and share it across several online platforms. Loom is the finest screen recorder for Chromebooks, thus you should use it.

You can use Loom to quickly make lesson videos to teach a certain subject to your staff or customers.

The fact that Loom’s Pro membership is free for educators and students sets it apart from other screen recorders.


  • Using Loom, you can capture anything on your screen.
  • You can make short modifications to your video to make it more interesting using the editing interface on Loom.
  • It offers distinctive enterprise options for big businesses.

7. Screen recorder

Screen Recorder is a simple application created to make it easier for Chromebook users to quickly record their screens. 

It is most likely the finest screen recorder for Chromebooks because of its simple interface and lack of cost.

Also, Screen Recorder doesn’t need any registration, so you can just install it and begin recording your videos right away. Screen Recorder can be used to record videos using your front- or webcam.


  • Your videos don’t have any watermarks added by this.
  • Without registering, begin screen recording.
  • Record as many videos as you like using Screen Recorder.


8. Screen Recorder & Video Editor

Screen Recorder & Video Editor is another screen recording app for Chromebooks, which captures displays and quickly creates shareable videos. The tool is a dependable screen recorder for Chromebooks thanks to its wide variety of capabilities.

You can use Screen Recorder & Video Editor to capture videos using the webcam in addition to screen recordings. People who run YouTube review channels or use live broadcasting will find this feature useful.


  • Use your front camera to capture videos while simultaneously taking screenshots.
  • A customized frame may be created by adjusting the recording screen’s dimensions.
  • You can modify your screen recordings using the tool’s two distinct editing modes, “Quick Edit” and “Pro Edit,” to make them seem more powerful.

9. Clapboard

With the aid of Clapboard, you can record polished videos with crystal-clear audio. Clapboard can assist you in recording on-screen activities, such as team interactions.

Clapboard offers the same simultaneous screen recording and webcam recording features as any other expert and is a top-rated screen recorder for Chromebooks.

The application also creates a shareable link that you can use to distribute your video across many platforms while concurrently keeping a close eye on its effectiveness.


10. Vidyard Screen Recorder

With Vidyard Screen Recorder, you can record your screen, share recordings, and monitor viewership. You can capture a high-quality video of your screen and save it locally.

With this Chrome OS screen recorder, users can annotate recordings by writing straight on the screen. You can cut unneeded parts and include GIF thumbnails to enhance the quality of your recordings.


  • Quick screen capture.
  • Capture HD video.

Choosing the best screen recorder for your Chromebook

There are several choices available above if you use a Chromebook and need to record your screen. Here are some things you should keep in mind when making your choice.

1. Usability: The app or extension you choose should satisfy all of your needs. If this is your first-time screen recording, you may find it easier if you use a straightforward application.

2. Cost: Get a screen recorder that fits your budget. A free trial version of the application is available. This way, you’ll have a clear understanding of the characteristics you will get for the cost you will spend.

3. Functionality: Verify if the program has the features you want. Avoid selecting a feature-rich alternative since you could find it difficult to comprehend how it works.

4. Support: Whether you ever need assistance, see if the app or extension has a customer support line.


FAQ about Chromebook screen recorders

What screen recorder is best for a Chromebook?

There are too many possibilities when looking for the best screen recorder for Chromebooks. It mostly relies on the criteria you wish to meet. For instance, “Screen Recorder” is the best option if you’re seeking a straightforward program to record screens.

Signing up for a professional screen recorder, such as Clapboard, would be the best option if you want to use the screen recording tool for your company. Therefore, be careful to assess your needs before choosing the finest screen recorder and choose the appropriate equipment in accordance.

How do I record myself playing video games?

Use a screen recorder that enables simultaneous screen recording and webcam recording if you wish to video yourself while playing video games. After recording the whole gaming session, you can quickly edit the footage and put together an interactive video using the Screen Recorder’s built-in editing capability.

Can I record a streaming video?

Yes, you can use a screen recorder to capture streaming videos. Whichever internet platform you choose to view the video on is irrelevant. You can capture the screen without any limitations using the best screen recorder for Chromebooks. If you want to save a copy of your favourite TV program or movie on your desktop, this function of a screen recorder is really helpful.