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10 Best writing apps for Chromebook (Free & Premium)

Best writing apps for Chromebook

Professional writers and anybody else who relies on a keyboard for a job should consider Chromebooks as one of their finest options. People whose jobs depend on the Chrome browser may count on ChromeOS’s effectiveness, dependability, and speed to do tasks quickly and without incident.

It’s possible that this is the major factor for Chromebooks’ widespread popularity, whether it be in business or education. The fact that there are so many apps available in the Google Play Store is just the cherry on top; you can choose which ones to install and use to simplify your life.

The best 10 writing applications available for download and usage on ChromeOS are discussed in this guide.


Best writing apps for Chromebook

The best and most useful writing applications available for Chromebooks are listed here. For the best outcomes, we advise trying each one.

Scrivener (Most recommended Premium tool) 

One of the greatest writing programs in the world may be at the top of this list. Scrivener is one of the most well-known brands in the writing industry. Its standard user interface is just unequalled, packing features of every kind into one fantastic package for its consumers.

Use the main features of this writing tool to have the very finest writing experience possible. Using Scrivener’s dedicated fullscreen mode, you may block off neighbouring interruptions, bothersome pop-ups, and even advertisements if the scenario calls for it.

Scrivener vigorously respects the art of handwriting, regardless matter whether you’re a novelist, filmmaker, children’s author, or poet. It has a feature called “Snapshots” in its working interface that enables you to capture document-level screenshots of the application’s working GUI so you always have a repository to refer to.

But before you get started, you should be aware that Scrivener is a paid program. It is nothing less than a top-tier text editor, and it can be purchased on the Literature and Latte website for roughly $49. Furthermore, the latter is Windows’ “Standard” license, whereas Chromebooks may use the less expensive “Educational” version.


Chrome Docs (Most Recommend Free tool)

Google Docs is one of the greatest writing programs you can use on your Chromebook right away. It is a part of Google’s exclusive collection of productivity tools, which also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, and other office-related apps.

Docs may import your files from anywhere, including Google Drive and the local storage on your Chromebook, by using cloud capability. Also, it includes syntax highlighting, enabling you to easily compose your ideas, employ markdown techniques, and categorize your work. Even adding typefaces is an option with Google Docs.

One of Docs’ greatest strengths is its capacity to foster cooperation and collaboration. If everyone has Google Docs installed on their computers, they can all collaborate on the same document. This program is ideal for such a situation if you have writing buddies who are prepared to give you comments on your work.

It offers all the functionality needed to compose text and is free to use. For writing, its user-friendly design is simple to get accustomed to, and the extension is already installed on every Chromebook. When you click on it, your Chrome browser will begin to load Docs.

Also remarkable is the offline functionality. Accessing Docs is made simpler and everyone may use it since it is accessible on a broad range of devices.

When you connect your device to the internet and start writing while offline, your work will instantly sync. Google Docs may be accessed by using the app or by going to the official website.

Text Editor

The Text editor in question is precisely what its name suggests. Writers from various genres use this program since it has a quick response time and a simple layout for putting their ideas down on paper quickly. 

The app creates a tab in your Chrome browser and allows you to complete your work there when you download it from the Chrome Web Store.

Some customization options for the interface include background colour, text size and colour, and even font family. You may decide where you want to start writing your code as well. You may return to this “distraction-free editor,” as the program’s creator likes to call it, after making these adjustments.

Apart from the fact that it can operate both offline and online and provide you with a platform to write successfully, there isn’t anything remarkable about this editor. A straightforward writing tool like Text Editor fits well in with ChromeOS’s ethos of prioritizing speed, simplicity, and security.



For authors who struggle to constantly scrawl down their thoughts, Caret on Chromebooks is a fantastic solution. Once again, we’re looking at a feature-rich program that is professional-grade for the current operating system.

Caret is entirely open-source and operates under the GPLv2 license, in addition to including the fundamental syntax highlighting feature for enabling a separate structure to your content when necessary. 

Like several of the other writing tools we’ve included here, the code editor can also be used to its full potential while not connected to the internet.

It takes just a few minutes to download from the Chrome Web Store. Along with the ability to open and save files anywhere on the storage of your Chromebook, this program also offers tabbed editing. 

Caret saves opened tabs similarly to Google Chrome, so if the tabs are unintentionally closed, you can easily reverse the operation.

The foundation of this graphical text editor is Sublime Text, a well-known source code editor with a Python-based programming interface. Caret is a capable writing tool that eliminates the need to download any additional software on a Chromebook using the same formula.

Also, the program contains key mappings for cursors and other options that are compatible with Sublime. This tool is becoming better and better with each release. Don’t pass up something as capable and dependable as Caret on ChromeOS.


We’re looking at a bare-bones writing tool that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store as an extension. If there’s one word that can characterize Noteblock on ChromeOS, it’s “efficient.” As a result, it enables you to start it whenever you want from the Chrome browser’s upper-right corner.

The text editor will open in a tiny window when you click the Noteblock extension icon, allowing you to quickly jot down any necessary information. When doing research and wanting to take notes while searching the internet for information, Noteblock is ideal.

Files may be stored locally, and the addon offers tabbed editing, which is a pleasant surprise. The program’s extraordinary low weight and ease of use are positive aspects. Additionally, a unique email feature starts a new message in your choice mailing client in a new Chrome tab.

In many circumstances, this may be practical and helpful. Noteblock doesn’t have many features, but due to its ease of use and undemanding user interface, it still deserves to be included on this list.



Grammarly is more than just a writing software; it is the de facto writing tool that enhances your work as you write it by offering corrections and similar suggestions as you go. Users who are still learning the basics of writing should take up Grammarly without hesitation.

You can also get it from the Chrome Web Store. The latter takes the shape of a plug-in that automatically connects to your writing places. 

Following that, you will still get automatic text-related recommendations. However, Grammarly may also serve as a web-based editor, which you can also test out.

Writer Plus

Writer Plus, a practical application that enables you to write down your ideas and present them in a well-crafted user interface, adds to the list. 

On ChromeOS, it starts up rapidly, allowing you to participate in the action right away. Additionally, the program is continuously improved with several updates.

It takes away the pains of using a traditional word processor and enables ambitious users to keep things simple, quick, and efficient. 

Since you’ll be installing Writer Plus via the Google Play Store, which has had more than 1 million downloads, it has a good standing there.


JotterPad has a simple user interface with eye-catching design cues. It gives them all the tools they need to start writing right away and offers more than 50 templates for books, articles, contracts, letters, and much more.

JotterPad seems to be a successful app on Google Play, with over 1 million downloads and a 4.2/5.0 user rating, similar to Writer Plus. In JottedPad, you may choose between a free and a premium version, albeit the former is quite suitable for casual usage.

Pure Writer

For Chromebooks, Pure Writer is a rather sophisticated writing program with additional customization options for the user interface. Speed and smoothness, two of its key selling characteristics, are both present often in the well-established writing tool.

That is to say, on the well-known Android app market, Pure Writer has received more than 1 million downloads and an astounding overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. 

There is a free version of Pure Writer Pro that you may use often if you desire a range of premium-grade functions, but it costs money.


This is an operating system-integrated text editor that is simple to use yet effective. If you need a writing program on the move without having to download any Linux software like the aforementioned Scrivener or a Google Play Store app, Text, which is named simply as such, is as simple as it gets.

Although it doesn’t have the greatest features, it has a simple UI. Syntax highlighting is one feature that sets Text different from the other text editors. Using the latter to organize your content and give the phrases their appropriate colours is completely supported by this program.

You won’t have to work hard to write down code on your Chromebook with the help of this useful function. When the internet isn’t easily accessible, you can still write thanks to offline capability. Additionally, Text enables concurrent editing of several documents.

By doing so, you’ll be able to multitask and do a lot of the work faster. Windows has its Notepad for this purpose, but Text on ChromeOS provides a practical and functional alternative to the well-known Windows text editor. With Text, you also have access to cloud-based storage options for backing up your work to Google Drive.

Look no further than Text, which comes pre-installed on every Chromebook, if you’re searching for a condensed writing tool with a lightweight UI and quick boot-up speeds.

As a bonus you should also checkout this awesome writing and note taking app for chromebook called Evernote.

The bottom line

When it comes to using the functionality of a dozen different Google Play Store applications or Linux programs, or doing chores on the Chrome browser, Chromebooks are nothing but practical. 

As we’ve examined our selections in this guide, ChromeOS offers a wide variety of those to choose from in terms of the top writing programs.

Google Docs, Grammarly, and Scrivener are our everyday go-to tools for making the most of our business and staying one step ahead of the competition.