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How to change Chrome background color from black to white

change Chrome background color from black to white

Are you tired of the dark background color of your chrome browser? Here’s an easy guide on how to change chrome background color from black to white.

Just as some people prefer their ice cream with some chocolate flavor and others would rather stick to vanilla, the same goes for colors.

While some prefer dark backgrounds and themes, some don’t. This is one of the reasons most apps now come with the theme and background color options. 

The chrome browser app now has a built-in feature for changing the theme from black (Dark) to white (Light) and vice versa.

So, If you’ve been wondering “How do I change my Google Chrome background from black to white?” 

Here’s the step-by-step guide for you. But before diving into that, there are a few things we must be clear about.


What is Chrome dark theme?

Chrome dark theme, as it’s called on mobile, is also known as “Dark mode” on desktop or PC.

When selected or turned on, this feature simply changes the browser’s (Chrome) homepage, settings, toolbar, and other page backgrounds into black.

In short, your entire browser will switch to dark mode.

The dark mode or dark theme seems to be more vivid and attractive at night. It also illuminates less light, which is preferable to some users whose devices don’t come with night light.

Note: Chrome’s dark theme may seem like incognito mode, as both change your browser to dark mode. 

The easiest way to differentiate the two is by checking if your browser has the incognito icon .

When the incognito icon appears at the top of a page, then your browsing is private.

What is Chrome light theme?

Chrome light theme is also referred to as “Light mode” on desktop or PC.

This is also a built-in theme option on the chrome app for mobile. When turned on or selected it reverts the chrome color to white.

Light mode or light theme changes the background of your browser homepage, settings, toolbar, and other pages into a coherent white color.

Without even seeing the incognito icon, you can easily differentiate an incognito page from a normal page in light mode, unlike dark mode or dark theme.

How to change Chrome background color from black to white on mobile

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser

Go to your launcher or menu, and click on the chrome browser icon.

Step 2: Go to settings

Click on the three dots at the top right side of the chrome address bar. 

This will open a drop-down of options.  Simply click on settings. It’s usually at the bottom of the list.

Step 3: Click on theme

From the list of options under Chrome settings, find and click on “Theme.” The option is usually under Basics.

Step 4: Change the chrome theme to light mode

Now you must select the “Light” option. This will automatically change your chrome background color from black to white.


Can you change Chrome background on mobile?

Yes, you can change Chrome background color on mobile. First, you have to open the settings menu in chrome, click on “theme” from the options, then choose between dark theme, light theme, or the default settings.

When you select a theme option, Chrome automatically changes the browser background on mobile to another color. 

A dark theme will change your background into black, while a light theme will turn it into a coherent white color.

The bottom line

Both light and dark modes in chrome are great. Nevertheless, we still have our preferences.

You can also set your chrome theme to “System default” following the previously outlined steps on “how to change chrome background color from black to white on mobile.”

The system default option keeps your chrome background color in a light theme and automatically turns on a dark theme when your device’s battery saver is on.