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How to fix Chromebook keyboard typing wrong letters

Chromebook keyboard typing wrong letters

If your Chromebook keyboard is typing wrong letters, then something isn’t right and we need to fix it. So, stick to this guide. 

Not to worry. It’s simple to fix issues with the Chromebook keyboard. This page will assist you if your Chromebook keyboard is not working properly, the keys are sticking, or you are having other keyboard-related problems. 

Let’s fix the malfunctioning keyboard on Chromebooks.


Steps to fix your Chromebook keyboard typing wrong letters

Reboot the Chromebook

You must restart your Chromebook once before beginning the troubleshooting techniques indicated below. A quick reboot should resolve it if it’s a minor problem brought on by an app or something like that.

Close the lid to turn off the Chromebook, but use the Shutdown button to restart it. To do that, enter the Quick settings panel by clicking on the time on the Chromebook’s shelf. 

Click the Shutdown button in the panel. The Chromebook will turn off as a result. Then operate it normally by turning it on.

Reset the hardware of your Chromebook

The hardware reset or EC (embedded controller) reset of your Chromebook is what you must do next. By restarting the hardware, problems with the keyboard and touchpad will be resolved. Be at ease because a hard reset won’t erase your data or sign you out.

1. Turn off your Chromebook by selecting Shutdown from the Quick Panel. Do not put Chromebook in Sleep or Hibernate mode.

2. On the keyboard, hold down the Refresh key. Next, hold down the Refresh key and push the Power key.

3. Release the Refresh key once the Chromebook has been booted up.


Check for stuck keys

Another reason your Chromebook keyboard is typing wrong letters may be stuck keys malfunctioning. Additionally, if a certain key on your keyboard isn’t functioning properly, it can be jammed. 

Press it several times until it releases to make it right. You should also try blowing air onto the keyboard of your Chromebook to clean it. That could assist in getting rid of any tiny dust that might be lodged beneath the keys.

Toggle off the function keys

The top row of your Chromebook’s keyboard has been converted into function keys, so if it isn’t working, you won’t be able to use features like back, refresh, volume control, brightness control, etc. 

To use the top row as standard keys, you must disable the corresponding setting.

Open Settings and select Device > Keyboard. The toggle next to Treat top-row keys as function keys should be turned off.


Check keys behaviour

You may change how some keys, including Search, Ctrl, Alt, Escape, and Backspace, behave in Chrome OS. So, if the keyboard on your Chromebook is typing the incorrect letters, you should look at the key behaviour.

Additionally, any of the keys listed earlier that aren’t operating regularly need to be disabled or have their behaviour altered to serve a different purpose.

Go to Chromebook Settings > Device > Keyboard to inspect the keys. The purpose of keys like Search, Ctrl, and others will be listed next to them. 

To change a key’s behaviour to something more to your liking, click on the box next to it.

Modify the input method

The improper keyboard layout or language being chosen in the keyboard settings is one of the main causes of Chromebook keyboard typing wrong letters. You can fix it by doing what’s suggested:

1. Go to Settings on your Chromebook.

2. To expand the Advanced option, click on it in the left sidebar.

3. Select Keyboard and inputs after selecting Languages and inputs.

4. To enable the US keyboard, select it under the Input methods section. The Enabled label will be visible next to the active keyboard. 

Select a different keyboard if you’d prefer to use it, such as the UK keyboard. To change options for autocorrect, glide typing, sound, etc., click on the arrow next to the input method.

If your preferred method isn’t shown, add it by clicking the Add input option.


Turn off sticky keys functionality

The Sticky keys feature on your Chromebook may have been mistakenly enabled if the keyboard keys are sticking but not physically. 

On a Chromebook, you can use keyboard shortcuts one key at a time rather than pushing them all at once when Sticky keys are enabled.

Do the following to disable Sticky Keys:

1. Expand the Advanced section in Settings on your Chrome OS.

2. Select Manage accessibility features after selecting Accessibility.

3. Navigate to the section labelled Keyboard and text input. Toggle the switch next to “Enable sticky keys” off.

Use the keyboard in guest mode

The Guest mode, which enables you to use the Chromebook without signing in, is recommended for testing the keyboard, according to the official Google support website for Chromebooks. You must remove and then re-add the user account on your Chromebook if the keyboard works properly in Guest mode.

1. You must sign out of your account to use Chromebook in Guest mode. Click on the time in the bottom-right corner to do that. Press the Sign out button in the Quick panel.

2. You will reach the lock screen after signing out. To access Guest mode, click Browse as a guest.

If the option to browse as a guest is not available, your administrator (i.e., your employer or school) has disabled guest browsing.

3. Use Guest mode to test the keyboard. When finished, select Exit guest by clicking on time at the bottom.

4. Remove the problematic account and add it again if the keyboard functions properly in Guest mode.

Reset your Chromebook

Sometimes issues with the Chromebook keyboard could be brought on by extensions or other settings. You ought to attempt resetting the Chrome browser if the aforementioned fixes do not work.

The starting page, pinned tabs, default search engine, new tab page, disabled extensions, and temporary data like cookies will all be deleted if Chrome is reset. Your saved passwords, history, or bookmarks won’t be affected by it.

2. Select Settings from the menu by clicking the three-dot icon at the top.

3. Select Reset settings from the sidebar’s Advanced section.

4. In the pop-up that appears, select Reset settings after selecting Restore settings to their values.

Other ways to fix Chromebook keyboard typing wrong letters

You can try factory resetting your Chromebook if the issue continues. Check the procedures listed in the Chromebook thread to clean the keyboard connector if it doesn’t resolve the problem either, and you’re prepared to open your Chromebook. Until the problem is resolved, you can use the on-screen keyboard on your Chromebook.