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How to Fix Google App Keeps Crashing on Android (7 Solutions)

First, try to relax and take a few deep breaths. Don’t panic if the query “Why does Google app keep crashing on my phone?” led you here. It’s not a serious problem that would need buying a new phone or formatting your current one.

Apps are prone to bugs and problems that cause sporadic crashes. The Google app isn’t exempt from this curse, which is why it sometimes breaks. This article will assist you in resolving the Google app not functioning on Android, regardless of whether you are unable to launch it or it crashes while in use.

Fixing Google App Crashing

There is no one specific Android phone that is plagued by the issue of Google apps crashing or shutting. It occurs on devices from all manufacturers, including Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others. Not only the Google app but other apps like Google Lens, Assistant, etc., frequently experience the same error. Let’s examine a few options.

Phone Reboot

Restarting your Android device is the best way to begin troubleshooting it whenever you experience a problem. And if the Google app isn’t functioning on your Android phone, you should do just that. Press the Power button for 10 seconds to restart your Android phone. If Restart is an option, choose it; otherwise, select Power. Your phone will turn off as a result. Restart the device. This fix is also advised by the official Made by Google Twitter account.

Cache and Data Cleaning

Try wiping the cache and data from the Google app if just restarting your phone doesn’t resolve the problem. Cleaning data will revert the Google app settings, however, clearing the cache would just get rid of temporary files. You will need to reset them. Your private information or files on your phone won’t be deleted by any of the two.

Follow these procedures to remove the Google app’s cache and data:

1. Access your phone’s settings.

2. Depending on the choice, tap on Apps or App & alerts.

3. Select the Google app. Tap on See all applications if you can’t see the Google app.

You’ll be sent to the Google app information page. On an Android device, you can access this screen without visiting Settings by using shortcuts. On the home screen or in the app drawer, tap and hold the Google app. Tap the I symbol when the app shortcuts display.

4. Select Storage and cache from the app’s information screen.

5. Select Delete Cache, and then restart your phone. Tap on Clear storage/Clear data and restart the device if the problem continues.

Similar to clearing the cache and data for WebView, Google Play Services, and the Google Play Store.

Google App update

The current Google app version is often the problem. Thus, upgrading the app could be able to repair it. Google can be found by searching the Google Play Store. To launch the Google app, just tap on it. After that, click Update.

Update other Apps

You should update all other applications on your Android phone in addition to the Google app. To do that, launch Play Store and touch on the icon for your profile image. Tap Updates available, then Manage applications & device. Next, choose Update all.

Remove app updates

You should remove the Google app if upgrading the app doesn’t cure it. On most Android phones, the Google app is pre-installed, thus you cannot fully delete it. However, you can remove the most recent update to the app, which is often to blame for the “Google app keeps halting” problem.

Follow steps 1-3 as outlined in the way above to delete Google app updates. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Google app. Tap the three dots symbol at the top of the Google app details screen, then choose to Uninstall updates.

It is necessary to turn off Google Play Store’s auto-update feature for applications. Open the Google Play Store on your phone to do that. Select Settings by tapping the profile picture icon at the top. To expand it, tap Network Preferences. Select Don’t auto-update applications after tapping on Auto-update apps.

Old Google App

After deleting its updates, you should manually install the Google app’s more recent version using an APK if any of your most-used features are missing from the older version.

Search for the Google app on APKMirror. Install the APK file on your phone after downloading it. But bear in mind that you should set up a somewhat earlier version than what is offered in the Play Store.

Disable Google App

You should deactivate the Google app if the issue continues and you are often hit with the error message “Google keeps halting” when using other applications as well. Go to Settings > Apps > Google to do that. Click Disable. When prompted, affirm. The Google app symbol will no longer appear on your home screen or in your app drawer after doing this.

Nevertheless, after some time, turn it back on since if you don’t, you can run into problems with other Google applications. Repeat the aforementioned procedures for it. The Disable button will be replaced with the Enable button. Touch it.

A final thought on fixing Google App Crashing

The Google app is a very practical software for daily usage. Anyone will be irritated when it malfunctions. Even one of my coworkers recommended doing so rather than using the Google Chrome app. Though you can use it for anything else. I hope the aforementioned remedies solved the Google app continues crashing on Android problem, regardless of the use case.