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Fix Instagram Not Working in Google Chrome (6 Best Ways)

Fix Instagram Not Working in Google Chrome

Instagram was first created for mobile devices, but the social media behemoth subsequently launched a web version for desktop computers. However, Instagram online is limited and lacks numerous functions when compared to iOS and Android applications. 

And sometimes, it completely fails to function. Here are several solutions to repair Instagram not functioning in Google Chrome if you are having a similar issue.

Fixing Instagram’s issues with Google Chrome

We will maintain this post’s emphasis on Google Chrome since it is the most widely used web browser available. Most tactics work with other desktop browsers as well, including Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave, etc. Let’s get started troubleshooting Instagram online right now.

Let’s dispel some misconceptions and misinformation before we begin improving Instagram in Google Chrome.

Ideal for a read-only experience is Instagram online. It can’t be used to make posts, stories, or Reels. Using the Instagram site doesn’t even let you make a story or Reel. The online version of Instagram is particularly helpful when you don’t want to pick up your phone while working and can quickly view the most recent posts and videos.


1. Examine Instagram servers

This should be the first item on your list that you cross off. You cannot access Instagram on mobile or the web if the servers are having a bad day. Users are also unable to send direct messages. Instagram doesn’t provide a specific homepage to verify the status of the service, unlike Xbox or Discord.

To check the most recent Instagram status, you must depend on Downdetector. Visit the website and type “Instagram” into the search bar. If the outage escalates significantly, Instagram is experiencing a problem. You may also look at the most recent comments made by Instagram users. Try using the service on the web when Instagram fixes the problem on their end.

2. Remove Your Saved Instagram Email Address

Instagram keeps track of your email address online so you can sign in with just one click. Maybe you changed the account password because your previous login information is no longer valid. You can try again by entering a new password or by deleting any saved login information.

1. Open Google Chrome and choose the top-left three-dot menu.

2. Choose Settings.

3. Open Passwords and choose Autofill.

4. After finding Instagram, choose it by clicking the three dots next to it.

5. You can now continue by clicking Remove.

3. Deactivate unnecessary Chrome Extensions

An aggressive ad-blocker might sometimes cause issues with the Instagram website. Either you can make Instagram an exception or you can completely turn off the plugin.

1. On the top of Instagram’s website, you can choose the ad-blocker plugin.

2. Pause Instagram ad blocking.

For a trouble-free browsing experience, you can also go ahead and uninstall unused Chromium extensions from your browser.

1. Click on More Tools > Extensions from the more option at the top of the screen.

2. To completely remove an extension, either choose to Remove or deactivate it.

4. Use Chrome’s Incognito Mode

The Incognito mode of Google Chrome disables all extensions and does not load Instagram using any cached data.

Open Google Chrome and choose the top-left three-dot menu. Choose New Incognito Mode, then return to the Instagram website.

5. Flush your Computer’s DNS

All IP addresses and other DNS entries will be removed from your cache when you flush DNS on your computer. You can use the step to assist in troubleshooting computer security and internet connection concerns.

1. Enter the command prompt by pressing the Windows key.

2. Press the Enter key to bring up the menu.

3. To run the command, type ipconfig /flushdns and click Enter.

Once the command has been properly executed by the system, you can open Instagram on Google Chrome and begin surfing as normal.

6. Use a different Chrome browser

It’s time to move to another desktop chromium-based web browser if you are still having trouble with Instagram on Google Chrome. You won’t experience any shortage of competent web browsers on the desktop if you use Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, or Vivaldi on Windows or Mac.


Why is Instagram not working on the Web?

The main cause of Instagram’s incompatibility with Google Chrome may be due to Instagram’s server problems. To access Instagram’s website, you can alternatively use a different browser or the private (incognito) mode.

How do I Fix Instagram Pictures Not Loading Online?

On a PC, Instagram may have problems loading the feed with photographs and videos when you have a shaky internet connection. Change your Wi-Fi or think about using a mobile hotspot.


The bottom line

Additionally, you should turn off your PC’s VPN connection since Instagram can identify a changed IP address for your account and keep you out. When you have difficulties with Instagram on Google Chrome on Windows or Mac, save this article and return to it often.