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How to Add, Edit, and Delete Payment Methods on Chrome

How to Add, Edit, and Delete Payment Methods on Chrome

One of Google Chrome’s finest features is autofill, which automatically fills in information like passwords, addresses, and payment details. But for the functionality to work, the browser must first receive the information it needs to complete the form. It may be done in a variety of ways. 

One way is by inputting payment information directly in Chrome, and the other is by adding payment information to your Google account. Here’s a guide for adding, deleting, and editing payment methods in Chrome.


How to Add Payment Methods to Google Chrome

You may add payment methods like debit and credit card information using Google Chrome. To directly add your favourite payment options to the Google Chrome browser:

1. Launch Chrome and choose the kebab menu (three-dot menu) located in the upper right.

2. Pick the Settings option from the pop-up menu.

3. In the left sidebar of Settings, choose the Autofill option.

4. Select the Payment Methods option on the Autofill screen.

5. Next, choose the Add button next to the Payment methods heading.

6. Enter your credit or debit card information, including the card number, owner’s name, and expiration date, in the pop-up box that appears. Give the card a nickname to finish. The card nickname may be used in place of your name when filling out the card information, making it simple to identify between various card profiles.


How to Add Payment Methods to Google Pay and Sync

In contrast to Google Chrome, which only allows you to enter your credit card information, Google Pay allows you to add bank accounts as well as if you have one, a Google Store Financing Card. Payment options should be added to Google Play:

1. Launch Google Search and select the profile symbol in the upper right.

2. After that, click Manage your Google Account to access Google Account settings.

3. In the left sidebar of the Google Account settings screen, choose the Payments and subscriptions option.

4. Next, click the Payment methods option’s Manage payment methods link.

5. Click the Add payment method link to launch the Google Payments Center.

Choose whether you wish to add a credit/debit card, bank account, or Google Store card on the next screen.

7. Carry out the chosen method by entering the required information and then saving the payment profile by clicking the Save button.

The payment information from Google Pay should appear on the Autofill screen of Google Chrome even if you have already added it.


How to Change/Remove Payment Information in Google Chrome

To modify or remove the extra payment information:

1. Launch Chrome and go to the Kebab menu > Settings > Autofill > Payment methods. You should see the payment methods that have already been entered there.

2. Next, choose the payment method that you wish to remove or update by clicking the kebab menu (three-dot menu). If there isn’t a kebab menu next to the payment method, it was introduced via Google Pay and can only be removed or changed there.

3. To remove it immediately, choose Remove from the menu. Additionally, you may choose the Edit option to bring up a pop-up box where you can change the card data.

4. To save the changes after finishing the editing, click the Save option.

How to Change/Remove Payment Information on Google Pay

To change payment information added via Google Pay:

1. Click the profile icon on Google. Manage your Google Account > Subscriptions and payments > Manage payment options the same way you did when you added the payment information above.

2. All of the payment methods that you have added using Google Pay should be found here. To eliminate a certain payment method, just choose the Remove option underneath them.

3. You may change the payment information by clicking Edit.

How to Use Saved Payment Methods on Google Chrome

You must first make sure a few options are enabled to use the stored payment methods.

1. Select Settings > Autofill > Payment methods from the kebab menu. Make sure the option next to Save and populate payment methods is turned on. This will tell Chrome to enter payment information as necessary.

2. You must sync your payment methods with Chrome if you have already added them to Google Pay. Open the Kebab menu and choose Settings > You and Google > Sync and Google services > Manage what you sync to accomplish that. Select Sync everything from this menu.

However, make sure Payment methods, offers, and addresses using the Google pay option are enabled if you are just synchronizing a few services. for you to use the payment options.

When finished, the whole procedure runs smoothly and automatically. Simply open any payment page, and the Chrome browser will prompt you to fill out the payment information.


The button line

It works equally whether you input the payment information to Google Pay or Google Chrome and auto-fills when necessary.

However, as Google Chrome is the only platform that supports it, only add card data when adding information to Google Pay.

In addition to payment methods, Google Chrome’s autofill feature may be used to automatically fill in passwords and addresses. You can delete autofill in Google Chrome all at once if you’d rather do so than remove your autofill information one at a time.