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How to Add Watermark in Google Docs (Step-by-step)

Add Watermark in Google Docs

One of the most popular word processors in the world is Google Docs. Even though it should come as no surprise given how quick, simple, and intuitive the app is, there are still several features that millions of users would want to have. The watermark function serves as a good example. 

In Google Docs, there isn’t a natural option to apply a watermark. In fact, until a few months before, Docs lacked a real-time word count feature as well. So how exactly do you add a watermark on a Google Doc?


How to Add Watermark in Google Docs

Although Google hasn’t offered any comments on the functionality and there isn’t a native mechanism to accomplish so, there are still alternative possibilities. Here is a quick guide on how to watermark all of your Google Docs before sharing them online.

Let’s start.

The Google Docs Drawing Feature

There is no direct method to add a watermark to Google Docs, but you can add an image that will serve as a watermark within Docs by using the drawing feature. To do this, a text box with transparency effects will be used. These are the procedures.

Open Google Docs and create a new document. Did you know that opening a new tab and putting into the URL bar would instantly open a new Docs file? Try it.

You can also open a text-only document already created, but I advise adding a watermark to a brand-new Google document. A vital document shouldn’t be destroyed.

Open the Docs file, then pick Drawing from the Insert menu. There are two choices available: New and From Drive. With the new feature, you can instantly add a watermark to Google Docs. You can upload one using From Drive if you have a Drive account.

There is currently no transparency option for text in Google Docs, making it impossible to construct and apply a straightforward text-based watermark.

As soon as we generate and install an image-based watermark, you will have a better understanding of it. I advise using specialized photo-editing software like Canva or Snapseed.

When the watermark is prepared, choose New as we saw earlier, then choose the picture option to upload the watermark.

Uploads can be made here from a URL, Google Disk, or even your local drive.

After the picture has been uploaded, you can modify it by dragging one of the corners or the circular handle symbol to adjust its size or angle.

The critical section is about to begin. Keep in mind that there is no transparency setting available for text. To see the picture on your Google Drive, click Save and close. Choose Image Options from the toolbar at this time.

Adjust the transparency with the slider by clicking here and selecting Adjustments. When finished, save.

Now that you can write on top of this watermark, it won’t move or be encircled by the content. The issue with inserting text directly is this. The transparency effect can be changed when you add an image of text like I did or a logo.

If you are unable to enter text over the picture, return to the drawing screen, choose Image settings, apply a transparency effect, and then, rather than saving everything and returning, type your text directly in the drawing screen. You can achieve this using the text box function. 

I am aware that this is not what you were looking for, but that is what Google Docs now offers. Hopefully, they’ll correct this and provide users of Google Docs with a simpler, easier way to apply a watermark.


Add-Ons for Google Suite

With the addition of new features, Google Docs add-ons can enhance your experience. You can make and apply a watermark to a Google Docs document using two add-ons. These are them:

Watermark for Drive

Although Google Drive PDF files are mentioned in the description, the add-on also works with Google Docs. To start the procedure, just click the link below and install the add-on. You will be prompted to provide the required authorizations first.

A page with a few choices will now appear, including the wording for the watermark, information for the header and footer, and whether you wish to password-protect the document.

Tada! You’re done now.

Get Watermark for Google Docs

Image Above Text

This handy little add-on will generate a watermark image that you can personalize using a more conventional method. It can be used to sign a document, add a watermark like “secret” splashed over the page, or both.

To establish a watermark setup, the watermark picture will float above your text rather than interfere with it.

I am aware of your thoughts. To make it work, you just need to choose a more transparent font or lower the opacity. Dark typefaces are never used in watermarks.

This is only an illustration of how the add-on works when applying a watermark to Google Docs.

Download the Image Above Text for Google Docs

The bottom line on how to Add a Watermark to Google Docs

The first concept, where we apply a watermark using the Drawing function and then put text above the watermark that has faded, is not user-friendly. But once you get the hang of it, it truly works. You can use one of the add-ons if you use G Suite to get the required impacts and outcomes. 

Please share it with us in the comments section below if you’ve discovered another, easier method for adding a watermark to a Google Docs document. Also, it will benefit our other readers going forward.