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How to Change Profile Picture on Google Chrome (Step-by-step)

How to Change Profile Picture on Google Chrome

By default, Chrome uses the profile photo associated with your Google account as the symbol for your profile. That sometimes becomes tiresome. So continue reading if you want to change your Google Chrome profile image.

In Google Chrome, there are two methods to change the profile image icon. Either in Chrome’s settings or your Google Account settings, you can do it. Let’s examine them both.


Change the Chrome user icon

Google provides a collection of avatar icons for you to choose from in the first approach. Therefore, you must use the second technique, in which you must change the profile photo for your Google account if you want to create a custom image.

1. Open Google Chrome and choose New Avatar

This technique can be executed in two different ways.

Change your Chrome Profile Picture in Settings

1. On your PC, start Chrome. If you are using several profiles, go to the one whose icon you wish to change.

2. Select Settings from the menu by clicking the three-dot symbol at the top.

3. In the You and Google area, choose the Customize your Chrome profile link.

4. You can change the name, theme, and avatar of your Chrome profile here. You can locate the area labelled “Pick an avatar” if you scroll down a little. Select the symbol you wish to use as your Chrome profile image by clicking on it.

Chrome will update instantly with the new icon. If that doesn’t happen, try restarting Chrome or your computer to have the modifications take effect.

Change the Chrome background with profiles

1. Open Chrome and choose the avatar icon in the upper-right corner.

2. Select the Settings toggle next to Other profiles from the menu that appears.

3. Click the three-dot symbol on the profile whose icon you wish to change and choose Edit from the pop-up box that appears.

4. You will then arrive at Chrome’s Manage profile page, where you can change your profile’s name, theme, and avatar. Choose the new profile picture from the available icons by scrolling down.

5. If the icon doesn’t change right away, try relaunching Chrome or using the below-mentioned fixes.

2. Use Chrome’s Custom Profile Picture

As you can see, using the methods listed above will not allow you to set a custom profile picture. You must update your Google account’s profile image to do that. That’s because, if sync is set, Google Chrome pulls your photo from your Google account. Changes made to the Google account’s profile image would also be reflected on Chrome’s profile.

Be aware, however, that not only Chrome but all related Google services will see a change in the image. Services like Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, etc. would fall under this category. If you’re OK with that, follow the instructions to change your Google account’s profile image.

1. Log into the account that you are using in Chrome by opening, Gmail, or any other Google service.

2. On the newly opened webpage, click the profile photo in the top-right corner. Select Manage your Google account from the menu.

3. In the left sidebar, choose the Personal details link.

4. Select the profile photo or the camera icon next to the Photo option on the page that appears. Add a new photo by selecting the Change option in the pop-up box.


How to Fix Chrome Profile Picture Not Updating

Even when you follow the instructions precisely, Chrome’s profile image sometimes fails to update. Use the following troubleshooting techniques to remedy that:

1. Disable Sync

Turning off the sync is one of the best solutions for the Chrome profile picture not updating problem. Open Chrome settings or click chrome:/settings/ to do this. The Turn off button is located next to your name under the You and Google section. Just click it. 

Click the Sync and Google account option and then press the Turn off button if you don’t see it. Repeat the procedure after starting Chrome again. Now activate the sync.

2. Remove the previous profile photo

Removing the profile picture from the Google archive is another way to solve the problem. Deleting the image is as simple as opening in your browser.

3. Delete Chrome Cache

Open Chrome Settings and select Privacy and security from the sidebar to clear Chrome’s cache. Select Clear browsing history.

Check the box next to Cached pictures and files in the pop-up window that appears, then click the Clear data button. Reopen Chrome to see the updated image.


How to Check Old Google Profile Pictures

Imagine this: You wish to make use of an old profile photo that you previously used on Google. Unfortunately, you can no longer access that picture.

There is a way to solve this. Using a service provided by Google, you can retrieve old profile photographs and other Google account photos. You can access all of your previous profile images at Using procedure 2 above, download the one you wish to use and set it as your Chrome profile image.