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How to check if Chromebook needs a new battery

How to check if Chromebook needs a new battery

Chromebooks have won widespread praise for having excellent battery life and service life of between 5-8 years. Up to the time when the gadget is about to reach its end of life. 

It’s possible that at some point during this time you’ll see that the gadget needs a new battery. It’s normal and nothing out of the ordinary.

What are the symptoms and how can you determine whether your Chromebook needs a new battery in the first place? Keep reading to find out.


How to check chromebook battery health

We believe there are two methods you may use to determine if your Chromebook needs a new battery. You won’t have to bother with third-party tools or applications since both of those methods are intrinsic to ChromeOS.

We’ll be examining the condition of your Chromebook’s battery. By doing this, we should be able to tell if we will soon get a new ChromeOS battery or not. 

Any percentage below 50% indicates poor battery runtimes; even the 50% mark by itself is insufficient. For the greatest performance, your battery health should be between 85% and 95%.

The battery health of your Chromebook may be easily checked. Although it won’t be as easy as on an iPhone or Android, ChromeOS has its special system accessibility. 

There are a few methods to do this, as mentioned above. For easier reading, we’ll split both approaches into separate parts.


1. Checking the Chromebook’s battery life via Crosh

To launch Crosh—the ChromeOS developer shell—open the Chrome browser and press the “Ctrl,” “Alt,” and “T” keys simultaneously. Once you’ve finished the preparatory step, enter the following command into the terminal by typing it in and pressing Enter.


The results should start to accumulate in little more than a split second. That is all there is to know about the Crosh battery test, which can be used to find out how long your Chromebook’s battery will last. 

You ought should be able to proceed easily since the procedure was simple to follow.

However, we’d prefer you to point users toward another software called Diagnostics, which serves the same function that Chromebooks have had for a while. 

Given its capacity to provide you with a variety of operating system parameters, this system tool is meant to be the operating system’s in-built troubleshooter.


2. Check Chromebook’s battery status with the inbuilt Diagnostics software

There wasn’t always a place for the Diagnostics app in ChromeOS. In 2020, with the 90th stable release, it was included in the operating system. 

Since that time, the tool has been a fast and simple way to discover important system metrics and their states, such as CPU, RAM, and, naturally, battery.

Let’s now look at how you may start Diagnostics on your end and use it to check the condition of your Chromebook’s battery. As a result of how straightforward the situation is, carrying it out should be painless.

Start by entering “Diagnostics” into the Launcher after pressing the “Search” key on your Chromebook.

You’ll see three separate sections concerning the device’s battery, CPU, and RAM after starting the app. 

You can check your Chromebook’s battery’s general health, cycle count, and the current rate of draining or charging in the battery section, which is at the top of the screen.

Although Crosh will show you more accurate details, Diagnostics should also provide you with a surface-level explanation.

Keep in mind that if your battery health is poor, you will either need to update to a newer Chromebook or endure the difficult procedure of changing the battery. 

Depending on your preference, the latter may be completed either on your own or with the aid of an expert.

In addition to checking the battery status of your Chromebook, there are a few more techniques to determine if it needs a new battery.


Other methods to verify the possibility of changing the Chromebook’s battery

Although the battery health test is great, let’s take a more hands-on approach to see whether your Chromebook needs a new battery. 

A large, bulging battery that distorts the appearance of your Chromebook’s chassis is one of the most obvious symptoms of the condition.

This is undoubtedly one of the worst-case situations that can happen with this problem. Li-ion batteries can potentially physically expand as a result of prolonged temperature increases. 

It’s time to get a new battery for your Chromebook if you see any outside components protruding.

Your battery duration is another vital consideration. Do you still get the same amount of service hours from your Chromebook as when you first purchased it? The difference may be between one and two hours, which proves that you’re not yet ready to replace your battery.

However, you can better comprehend what to do next if the number has been cut in half or you can hardly use the gadget without plugging it in. 

These are a few of the most crucial indicators that you must look for to assess if your Chromebook can benefit from a battery replacement or not.

Be cautious about your safety if you choose to go through the process by yourself. Li-ion batteries that have been inflated are prone to burning. 

While changing the battery, be careful not to injure yourself or anyone around. For an extra measure of security, have a pail of sand and a fire extinguisher close by. If you’re not familiar with the procedure, search for it on YouTube.


The bottom line

Chromebooks are amazing devices that promise outstanding dependability and provide customers with a straightforward operating system to set up their workspace. 

Even more so, they seem to be minimal maintenance, requiring no work on your part to maintain the equipment in top condition. However, it is not stated anywhere that Chromebooks are completely indestructible.

For example, a Chromebook’s battery can degrade with prolonged use. In such circumstances, you will need to purchase a newer gadget or replace the component, either alone or with the aid of a professional.


How long should a Chromebook battery last?

The typical Chromebook should last 7 hours, 58 minutes, to give you some context. However, there can be a battery issue if your Chromebook lasts for fewer than 4 hours. 

The Acer Chromebook 514 has the longest battery life of any Chromebook. According to a battery test conducted by LaptopMag, it has an astonishing battery life of 14 hours and 8 minutes.

Does Chromebook have a replaceable battery?

On Chromebooks, batteries are changeable parts, but it’s more cost-effective (in terms of time and money) to use the original battery for as long as you can.

Does the Chromebook have a low battery warning?

An alert message is shown when the battery is low. The battery continues to drain if you ignore the low battery alert until it is too low to function. Your Chromebook enters suspend mode as a result.

How do you check the health of a battery?

Access Diagnostics by going to Settings > Battery and Device Care. Now, you can click on the battery status to see how it is doing. You can test the phone’s other functions, such as the camera and speaker, to check whether they need to be repaired or are functioning properly.