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How to create a Safe Clickbank account (2 Easy ways)

How to create a Clickbank account that won't get banned

This is a complete guide on how to create a safe Clickbank account, especially for countries like Nigeria, India, and others where ClickBank is unavailable. 

Clickbank is a global affiliate marketplace where you can buy, sell, and promote products. Affiliate marketers are making tons of money from ClickBank by referring buyers to the site.

This means you can make money every time someone buys a product through your link. 

The bad news is that not everyone is allowed on Clickbank, especially people living in 3rd tier countries like Nigeria and India. 

You may find these countries in the list when creating an account on Clickbank, but using any of the countries will bring up an error message that Clickbank is not available in your location. 

These are the reasons why some people use virtual private networks (VPN) to create a Clickbank account. Unfortunately, Clickbank accounts created with a VPN don’t last long. 


There are sad testimonies of Clickbank accounts getting banned even after creating a premium VPN and logging in every time only with the VPN.

This means, your account can get banned with hundreds or thousands of dollars in it, Clickbank doesn’t care. This is why you need a faultless way to create a Clickbank account that won’t get banned without a VPN.

I have provided two legal and easy steps to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria without VPN. So, relax and enjoy. 

Before we dive into how you can create a Clickbank account that won’t get banned, here’s a taste of what makes the platform awesome.

Clickbank saves you the stress of identity verification, which means you can easily get started and start making money. 

They allow payment gateways like Payoneer, which is excellent for affiliate marketers in unsupported countries.  

Why does my Clickbank account get banned even after using a VPN?

Clickbank bots have gotten smarter recently. This means VPNs can’t protect your location much longer. Clickbank bots will ban your account as soon as any malicious activity like the use of a VPN is detected.

What you need to create a Clickbank account that won’t get banned

Here’s what you need to create a Clickbank account that won’t get banned… Nothing! 

Yeah, you don’t need a VPN or a fake identity generator to create a Clickbank account that won’t get banned. 

Since we’re trying to make this as legal and faultless as possible, there are two ways to do this. This means you have two options to choose from. 

2 Easy ways to create a safe Clickbank account Without VPN

Ask someone to create a Clickbank account for you 

The first way to create a Clickbank that won’t be banned is to ask a family member to do it for you. 

You can simply ask a family member who lives in any of the countries where ClickBank is available to create one for you. 

After the account has been created, they should send you the info and you can simply log in without any VPN here in Nigeria. 

The account will be created with their details, which means you won’t have to generate any fake ID or address. 

Use Fiverr to create a Clickbank account 

Another way to create a Clickbank account that won’t get banned is to use Fiverr.

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace for buyers and sellers. 

This second step requires a little cash to spend. 

All you have to do is register on Fiverr as a buyer, search for virtual assistant profiles, and filter them based on the location of your choice. 

It’s crucial to select the countries where Clickbank is available. You may also want to keep the US out of the option as per their tax. 

Countries like Germany and Canada are excellent countries to use. 

Then, you’ll need to send out a request to freelancers, asking them to create a Clickbank account for you, which means they’ll do it with their details. 

I recommend you do this with new freelancers, as they tend to be more eager at getting a job done than others. 

It’s normal if your request gets declined, don’t sweat it. There are tons of other new freelancers on Fiverr you can ask for this service. 

A final thought on how to create a Safe Clickbank account

As I have mentioned earlier, you may want to avoid the USA as per their tax. 

However, both steps allow you to use your ClickBank account without a VPN or the fear of an unnecessary ban. So, don’t use a VPN after creating your Clickbank account without any of the steps. 

If you have a Payoneer account already, make sure to use the same name as the Payoneer account for your Clickbank account. Clickbank won’t allow your payment to be processed if the names don’t tally. 

Now that your Clickbank account is up and running, go ahead and choose the products that interest you and your audience, promote them, and make money. 

That’s all on how to create absafe Clickbank account. Drop your questions or suggestions below. I’d gladly reply to them.