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How to Customize the Google Search Widget on Android

How to Customize the Google Search Widget on Android

There are times when we all desire to change the look of our phone home screens. 

It could be as simple as just uploading a new wallpaper, selecting a different theme, or rearranging the widgets and apps.

Still, many of us leave the Google Search widget untouched, usually because we don’t know it is customizable.

Do you know that you can change the look and feel of your Search widget to suit your home screen wallpaper and color palette?

Let’s dive into how you can do that on your Android mobile phone.


Can I customize the Google Search Widget on my Android device?

Yes, you can customize the Google Search Widget on your Android phone in a few simple steps. 

You can edit the color, select a different theme, or change the shape, logo, and widget’s transparency to your taste. However, this functionality doesn’t apply to Pixel devices. 

How to Customize your Google Search Widget

Among all the many Google widgets you can include on your home screen, one of the most common ones is the Search widget. Here’s how you can modify  it to suit your desired style:

  • Open the Google app on your device and click on your profile picture.
  • Click on Settings > Search Widget > Customize widget.

This is where you can customize the following elements of the widget:

  • Logo: Select one of the two Google logos; it could be the one spelled out or the Google “G” favicon.
  • Shape: Choose one of the three shapes; sharp squared edges, slightly rounded edges, or pill-shaped.
  • Color: Select from the standard Google colors, either light or dark theme, or choose a custom color from the color spectrum that blends with your wallpaper.
  • Transparency: Change the widget’s transparency from see-through to solid.

It’s important to know that these steps may not work on Pixel phones because they have the Google Search bar pinned to the lower part of the home screen. 

From what we’ve seen, it seems you can only customize the pinned Search bar by changing your device’s color palette with the Material You color extraction feature. You won’t be able to customize it as we did above—at least for now.

This is however not an issue on all other Android phones.


Show off your style with the Google Search Widget

The Google Search widget is the quickest way to search for things on Google without the need to launch a browser or the Google app itself. 

Also, aside from being useful (quick search), it can add to the overall beauty of your android phone’s home screen if you find the right combinations to customize it.

Unfortunately, you can’t customize other Google widgets as well as this; When you change the color palette only change, their look only changes.

If you want to change the look and feel of each widget separately, going for Samsung widgets could be more appropriate for you.

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