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How to delete search history in Google Photos (Easy Guide)

How to delete search history in Google Photos

Many people who want to use Google Photos ponder if it’s feasible to delete their search history from the program. After all, when a casual person attempts to locate the answer on their own, no obvious choice occurs. 

However, the good news is that the program offers a simple procedure for deleting your prior searches. For the best outcomes, read to the end to learn how to delete the search history in Google Photos.

One of the most reliable cloud storage options that one can depend on in 2022 is Google Photos. There is just no lack of functionality offered by this innovative service, therefore it is understandable why more than 1 billion users have logged into the platform to do their everyday business. 

So without further ado, let’s go on to the process of deleting your search history from the app so you can customize your user experience to your preferences.


What you must know about Google Photos

At its heart, Google Photos is a very well-liked cloud-based storage tool that collaborates with Google Drive, another similar-minded program with a bigger goal. 

The application in question not only has an impressive picture storage capacity, but it also has the raw power to edit photographs to a reasonable degree.

Although what we have here isn’t quite up to the standards of Adobe Photoshop, the fundamental elements that Google Photos offers are a wholesome joy. 

Now, if we were to discuss some of the features that the program can do, we would have to focus on the extraction tool, which allows you to quickly copy text from photos. However, we must admit that a lot of Google Photos’ capabilities are only accessible on mobile devices.

For instance, only Google Pixel and iOS smartphones that come with the “Portrait Mode” function in their respective cameras can use the portrait depth editor and the Color Pop effects. 

Otherwise, trying to reproduce such capabilities on Google Photos web, the platform’s online version, can become excruciatingly difficult. That is to say, there is another aspect of the program about which you need to exercise caution.

Google Photos is accessible online at as well as via Play Store and App Store applications. If you can get the Chrome browser to work on Linux computers, you can even leverage it for your cause. 

After learning more about Google Photos and the services it provides for its customers, feel free to continue reading and learn more about the search and deletion features in particular.


How to delete your search history in Google Photos

In Google Photos, deleting the search history is as simple as pie. The method here is very easy to complete, and we’re certain you’ll be using it in no time. 

Simply said, you must go into your primary Google account, do a search for a certain feature, and then choose to delete your search history from that account to complete the process. The whole procedure shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, at most.

We must caution you, nevertheless, that the developer does not presently let users delete their Google Photos search history. To accomplish so, you’ll need to delete your Google account’s whole search history, so this procedure will also delete the search results from other Google services like YouTube and Google Drive. 

With that stated, follow the outlined subsequent steps.

Step 1. To access the My Activity page, you must first check in with your main Google account. If you are not currently logged into Google, you must log in using your credentials. When everything is finished, you ought should be able to see the next page on your end.

This is referred to by the creators as the account’s “My Activity” area. Once inside, choose the button with the three vertical dots to see additional choices. Finally, to proceed, select “Delete activity by.”

Step 2. When you select “Delete activity by,” a little window will appear on your end. You must choose a period to delete your activity at this point. If you’re unsure of when you conducted your Google Photos searches, feel free to create a custom time range. Or choosing “All time” might be a safer option. Then decide to go forward wisely on your end.

Step 3. The next step is to choose the product from which you want to delete the history of your picture searches. Again, because that’s what we’re primarily wanting, we strongly advise that you choose “Image Search” exclusively. Once you’ve done that, click the “Next” button to complete the procedure. 

Please be aware that the window in the next step will only show up if you choose the “All time” range in the step before. If not, all of the applications that you used during that period will have their recent activity deleted.

Review your Google Photos search history in the fourth step, then click “Delete” to complete the process. Please proceed with caution after hitting “Delete,” since the modifications won’t be able to be undone beyond that point.

You can delete your Google Photos search history by following these simple steps. We will be able to solve this problem by selecting the “Delete” option, so feel free to proceed carefully. After laying out the instructions for the aforementioned process, we must now wrap up the article.



Since it was introduced as the centrepiece of the Google One core subscription plan, Google Photos has been providing its customers with a wide range of capabilities. Speaking of which, the latter is Google’s all-encompassing service that enables you to choose higher-level features and buy extra storage across several Google products, including Drive and Gmail.