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How to do Barrel Roll on Chromebook (Super Easy)

How to do a barrel roll on Chromebook

The Google Chrome browser is capable of many different tricks. To make people smile when they eventually find one, the creators have hidden easter eggs in the web crawler. One of them involves doing a barrel roll, in which your screen turns counterclockwise and the users are left no less than wowed.

Continue reading to learn not one, but two distinct techniques you can use to do a barrel roll on ChromeOS if you’re interested in finding out more about this handy little trick. 

Thankfully, Chromebooks provide us with the option of using a keyboard shortcut key combination to quickly rotate the screen. Let’s examine what it is in this illustrative manual.


What is a barrel roll on a Chromebook?

When you imagine a barrel roll, don’t picture wine barrels rolling over the face of your computer. One of the numerous hidden features or easter eggs included in Google Chrome that users can find on their own is this one. This is just useful for a giggle, which is essentially the goal of discovering an easter egg.

An easter egg is a piece of functionality that has been purposefully concealed inside any computer or video game component and appears unexpectedly. Its only aim is for the player’s entertainment. The aforementioned capability could be an inside joke or a throwback to an earlier version of the game or application you’re using.

It could also be a message teasing a forthcoming undertaking. Easter eggs are very frequent in the video game and television industries, presumably because there is so much high-quality material available. The barrel roll, which seems to have been unearthed on the Chrome browser by millions of users, is comparable.

Enough introduction already! Now let’s look at this function and how you can play about with it on your Chromebook.


Doing a barrel roll on your Chromebook

On a Chromebook, doing a barrel roll is quite easy. Users of ChromeOS have two choices when it comes to the barrel roll function. Windows PCs, however, cannot be considered to be the same. In the subsections that follow, let’s examine both options.

1. Do a barrel roll with your Chromebook keyboard shortcut

Making use of a certain keyboard shortcut key combination is a fast and simple approach to having your Chromebook do a barrel roll. 

All you have to do to make the window you’re on spin is hit four buttons simultaneously. Start by holding down “Ctrl,” “Alt,” and “Shift,” then quickly hit the “Refresh” key, which is a circle with an arrow at one end.

In case you wanted to customize your keyboard and add function keys to the top row, the “Refresh” key is also used in place of F3. One of the main advantages of doing a barrel roll in this manner is that it will operate on any window that has been opened, including the “Settings” app and Google Play Store apps.

The ChromeOS user interface is seen in the screenshot below with a barrel-shaped design. We can see that the functioning is very amusing. The “Settings” app was seen attempting to appear upright while making a complete round.

That is all there is to know about how to do the first barrel roll using Chromebook keyboard shortcuts. Let’s look at one more useful technique now.


2. Let Chrome do the barrel roll

The original method to do a barrel roll is to let Google Chrome handle it for you. People would humorously enter this into the Chrome search box, only for the program to act. Simply enter “Do a barrel roll” on any open Chrome tab to replicate the feature.

The results are just enjoyable. The Chrome browser would rotate the browser window till it was back in its original position while loading your search results just as well. 

This way of doing a barrel roll on a Chromebook is slower to execute than the first, but it is the only one that is available in Google Chrome. Now give it a try on your end and see the results.


Final thoughts

Software developers prefer to integrate little features that would entertain a user upon discovering them, such as doing a barrel roll, or anything else enjoyable and concealed. 

The same is true for doing a barrel roll on a Chromebook, which initially began with the Chrome browser before protruding to the ChromeOS devices.

The greatest part is that doing a barrel roll while using a Chromebook is only one of several easter eggs that Google Chrome has to offer at the moment. Amazing right? 

Try Googling “Flip a coin” and “Askew” to see what result you get if you don’t believe it.