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How to Draw and Sign on Google Docs (Easy Guide)

With Google Drawings, Google Docs gives you the option to include diagrams, flow charts, shapes, word art, or even a free-hand drawing with signatures. The tool is integrated with Google Docs (as well as other Google applications like Sheets), and it offers features like charts, tables, and several formatting tools that you can use immediately within Google Docs. 

Here’s how to use Google Drawings to add drawings to Google Docs papers.

How to Draw and Sign in Google Docs

Although the native drawing capability in Google Docs has limited capabilities, it can nonetheless be useful for users who wish to create diagrams, simple shapes, word art, or just sign a document. Also, you can import pictures or artwork from your computer’s local drive or Google Drive.

1. To begin sketching on Google Docs, open an already-existing or brand-new document, then position your cursor anywhere you want to add a drawing.

2. To create a new drawing file, choose Insert > Drawing > +New.

3. Doing so will throw up the Google Drawings tool over Google Docs.

4. To start sketching or creating shapes, choose a tool from the toolbar such as a shape, text box, line, or action. On the empty canvas, any element, such as text or a form, can be freely adjusted.

5. After finishing, choose Save and Close.

Direct access to the Google Drawings app from Docs is not an option. So if you require a tool that isn’t offered in the pop-up, you can’t immediately go to Google Drawing. However, you open Google Drawing directly, make a drawing, and then use Drive to add it to your documents. How? Read on.

How to Import Drawings From Google Drawings

1. Launch Google Drawing and create your best work.

2. Google Drawing will immediately save the work to Google Drive after you are through editing. You can transfer the file to any desired place in Drive by clicking on the folder icon next to the title.

3. After finishing, return to Docs and choose Insert > Drawing > From Drive to add the Google Drawing file you made to the document.

Keep in mind that any modifications you make to the Google Drawings file in the future will have an immediate impact on the drawing in your documents. It stays in time.

How to Sketch Freehand in Google Docs

Additionally, you have the choice to draw with your unaided hand. Many individuals use this to sign their PDF documents for free. Although a mouse can be used, using a stylus or touchpad produces superior results. I often use it for signature, but it contains all the necessary settings, like font size, colours, etc., so you could use it to draw anything.

1. Simply select Insert > Drawing > +New after opening the Docs. It can also be created directly in Google Drawings and added to Docs at a later time.

2. Select the Line > Scribble option in the pop-up window.

3. Now begin sketching using a mouse or touchpad. The toolbar has a selection for altering the brush’s size and colour.

4. To upload your drawing to Google Docs, click Save and Close once you’re finished.

How to Draw on a Google Docs Image

1. In Docs, you have the opportunity to directly draw on an image. Open Docs as usual, then choose Insert > Drawing > +New.

2. Select the Image icon at the toolbar’s end.

3. To add a picture, you can upload it, add a URL to it, choose it from your Google Photos or Google Drive, or even do a direct online search.

4. After the picture has been inserted, go on painting on top of it as usual. Once finished, choose Save and Close.

That’s all; your doodle will be added on top of the photograph.

How to Draw with third-party Apps

Although extremely constrained, Google Drawings is useful for simple drawing. Using third-party programs gives you access to more sophisticated tools, a wider selection of shapes, and improved formatting possibilities. For instance, you can choose layouts, a vertical tree, a horizontal flow, etc. on the app. 

You don’t need to keep adding shapes to flow charts or Venn diagrams since these tools make it so simple to design them. Similar to this, you can also test out other outside applications like Smart Draw and Lucid Charts. Install the add-on in Google Docs, then start working.

After installation, you can create and edit them straight from Google Drive > New by selecting the desired app.

The diagram can now be added to Google Docs by placing the cursor there and then choosing the Add-ons option from the toolbar.

To add the schematic from the Drive, first, choose the add-on you are working on and then click Insert Diagram.

Signing PDF in Google Docs

1. Upload the PDF file to Google Drive, then choose “Open with Google Docs” from the context menu.

2. To open the drawing tool, choose Insert > Drawing > New.

3. From the selection for Line, choose Scribble.

4. Click Save and close when you have signed and are happy with the outcome.

5. The design (sign) can now be adjusted or placed in the appropriate location.

6. Next, export the file to PDF and download it again with the sign by choosing File > Download and choosing PDF.

A final thought on drawing on Google Docs

The built-in features in Google Docs that I use to sign PDF files work well for me. However, if you’re seeking more drawing tools, I’d strongly suggest Lucid Charts for the creation of flow charts and other graph-related drawings.