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3 Easy ways to edit images time and date in Google Photos

Not all of the photos in your Google Photos account may have an accurate date and time stamps. Fortunately, Google Photos makes it easy to modify the date and time of submitted pictures and videos.

You can manually modify the time and date of your media in Google Photos by following the instructions in this article.


What is a timestamp in Google Photos?

Since its debut, Google Photos has required a clear system for organizing the images and videos that users contribute to their accounts. Sorting them alphabetically was inappropriate since most of us don’t often name personal media files.

The time of creation is the only other fundamental property of each file. Google decided to go with that. Since then, your Photos gallery automatically arranges every new upload in chronological order. It turned out to be a clever way to show media files.

Many individuals have a propensity to go over their previous recollections from a certain period. Also, it is always beneficial to have a simple method to tell when a photo or video is taken. The timestamp data is derived from the native file data of each new file you upload on the backend.

Google Photos also shows each timestamp merely arranging files in a sequential order based on that premise. To see this, move your mouse pointer to the top-right corner of your screen. The first uploaded file reappears after it appears in the gallery timeline.

Now, one alternative is to modify a picture or video’s timestamp to more current date if you require it to be shown at the top. There may be further justifications as well. This information can be readily changed by using any technique mentioned in the following sections.


How to change the Time and Date on Your Pictures and Videos in Google Photos

On the web and mobile devices, you can modify the date and time of your photos and videos in Google Photos (Android and iOS). The method is the same on all phones, and it won’t take much of your time.

Although Google Photos’ online interface differs differently from its mobile counterpart in several ways, it is still simple to use. Starting with mobile, we’ll go through how to change the date and time stamps on both platforms.

How to change the Date and Time of Content in Google Photos for Mobile

Make sure Google Photos is operating on the most recent version of your device before beginning the procedure. 

Verify if the Google Play Store or the App Store has received any updates. If there is a new version of the app available, you will see an Update button.

To change the date and time stamps, use Google Photos’ most recent version on your Android or iOS device and follow these instructions:

  1. In Google Photos, tap any picture or video.
  1. To access the metadata for a piece of content, tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  1. The edit icon is located next to the time and date stamp.
  1. Select the desired date by tapping it in the Edit date & time pop-up. By pressing the edit button next to the image’s current date, you can manually change the date. Alternatively, you can switch between months and years by using the date picker.
  1. To finish, choose OK.
  1. Next, choose your selection by tapping the time from the pop-up.
  1. To save and complete the transaction, press OK.


On Google Photos, you can change the image and video dates and times online.

Follow these steps if you’re using Google Photos on the internet:

  1. Choose the photo you want to edit.
  1. To see the metadata for a piece of media, click the info icon.
  1. The edit icon is located next to the time and date. The Edit date & time pop-up will then be shown.
  1. You can change the time and date as you want.
  1. To complete, click Save.

Your picture will now display the modified time and date. However, you cannot simultaneously edit the dates of multiple photos on a mobile device. 

Instead, use Google Photos on the web to change the dates of several pictures.

Editing the timestamp for multiple photos simultaneously

You may sometimes need to modify the timestamp for any images or videos. In cases like this, a faster method is required to change the date and time information for the whole group of files at once. 

Google has already included an “Edit date & time” tab to the menu choices in consideration of this circumstance. Even if the user has chosen many files, it stays active.

Step 1. Launch your favourite web browser and go to “Google Photos”. Use your account to log in.

Step 2. Make sure that you are on the Google Photos main page. By default, you will be on the “Photos” tab. On your screen, the whole Google Photos library is visible.

Step 3. Move the mouse pointer to the far right edge of the screen. It will then show a vertical chronology. Select the desired files by clicking on the rough time.

Step 4. Choose each file whose timestamp has to be changed. Click on the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner of your screen after all files have been chosen.

Step 5. A drop-down menu appears. Then choose “Edit date & time.”

Step 6. When the “Edit date & time” box appears, you have two choices here. Choose whether to transfer all of the chosen photographs to the same date or to maintain the relative time difference between those files.

Set the precise date, time, and time zone for these files in step seven. After making any necessary adjustments, choose “Save” by clicking in the bottom right corner.

The updated timestamps will go into effect right away. Those images will have been relocated to this new location on your timeline when you go back to the “Photos” page.


What Happens When You Edit the Time and Date of Images and Videos?

You shouldn’t often change the date and time of your photos and videos in Google Photos. The main justification for this is because, as of the newly chosen date, Google Photos will now display the photo or video in your account. 

In other words, if you edit the date of your photograph from October to January, it will be changed to January.

Editing the date and time stamps in Google Photos does have one drawback, however. The original date and time recorded can still be visible when you share the edited photograph.


Ensure the date and time stamps on your Google Photos images are accurate

The information for your picture may not always be appropriately tagged by Google Photos. However, with the Edit date & time feature, you can correct any incorrect dates in a cinch. 

Even better, Google Photos will update the picture or video in your cloud gallery with the updated date and time.

However, the platform is not the only app with this functionality. If your primary device is an iPhone, you can manually adjust your images’ date, time, and location inside the Photos app.