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5 Easy ways to hide apps on a Huawei phone

How to hide apps on a Huawei phone

From keeping your finance apps and e-wallet credentials safe to keeping your health and personal data confidential, there are several important reasons to hide apps on your Huawei phone.

Aside from connecting us with friends and family, smartphones are fast becoming the hub of our day-to-day activities – such as finance, social, business, and lots more. 

It’s easy to say our data is accessible through our phones. This is why we usually want to secure files and apps on our phones better. 

However, setting up a password, pin, pattern, or fingerprint phone lock won’t do it, especially if you do allow friends or colleagues to use your phone to take pictures and look things up.

Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to prevent this. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hide apps on a Huawei phone. 


How to hide apps on a Huawei phone

Hide apps with built-in settings

To hide apps on your Huawei phone, you can use the built-in settings. Huawei phones do have a secure folder called the PrivateSpace. Here you can hide your apps and other files, and lock them using your fingerprint. 

Although you won’t be able to move your already installed apps on your phone to the PrivateSpace — you’ll have to install them again into the PrivateSpace Folder.

To do this, you need to set up your PrivateSpace by navigating to your phone Settings, “Security & Privacy”, and then “PrivateSpace.”

After the configuration, open your phone PrivateSpace using your fingerprint. Then, download and install the apps you’d like to keep private. And you’re done. 

One more thing, this functionality may not be available on some Huawei phones, but there’s no need to worry. We’ll show you other simple ways to hide your apps.


Hide apps with the Nova launcher

If you’re unable to hide apps with the built-in settings or the setting isn’t available on your Huawei phone, another method is to install a different launcher which allows you to do more with your mobile device. 

Nova launcher is an awesome launcher you should try out. The launcher gives you vast control when it comes to customising the interface of your device to taste.

After downloading and installing the Nova launcher, launch the app, then click on the settings icon. 

Go to the App drawer, scroll down to the Apps section, and then click on the “Hide apps” option.

Select the apps you’d like to hide, then click on the back arrow at the top left corner after you’re done.

That’s all. The hidden apps will no longer show up in your phone app drawer. To bring them back, just go over the previous steps we outlined, but unselect the apps you want to remove from the list.

Hide apps with the Microsoft launcher

If you’re not enjoying the Nova launcher so much, then it’s time you try out Microsoft Launcher. This launcher is quite solid and it comes with the functionality to hide phone apps. 

You can also add a pin to hide your phone apps, and the launcher is free to download and use.

After installing the Microsoft Launcher, set it up, then swipe up on your phone home screen to bring up the complete list of your installed apps.

Next, click on the three-dot menu icon at the upper right corner and click on “Hidden Apps.”

Click on “Hide Apps” and start selecting the apps you’d like to hide from your home screen. After selecting the apps, click on “Done.”

With this, you’ve successfully removed the selected apps from your app drawer. However, If you’d like to make them more secure, click on the settings icon on the Hidden Apps page.

Here, you can protect your hidden apps using a password. First, toggle on “Set Password.” Next, type in the password you want to use. You’ll have to enter it twice.

To see the hidden apps, click on the three-dot menu icon at the upper right corner and tap “Hidden Apps.” You’ll have to enter the password you used earlier. Also, you can add or remove apps from the list whenever you want.


Hide apps with App Hider

Another simple way to hide apps on your Huawei phone is by using the App hider. It’s a popular and free app that helps you conceal your phone apps. 

The fun part…it also disguises itself as a phone calculator, so anyone going through your phone won’t find your hidden apps and most likely not suspect the app itself.

Here’s how to use App Hider to hide your apps:

First, install App Hider from Playstore, then open it. 

Click on the + icon to select any app(s) you want to hide.

Also, via the App Hider menu, you can make the app conceal and disguise itself as a calculator.

You’ll be asked to set a PIN. Whenever you type in your PIN into the Calculator+ app, it’ll open up the App Hider. If not, it’ll function as a regular calculator.

So when you go to your phone app drawer and look through your list of apps, the App hider will be invisible. You’ll only see a calculator.

Disable apps on Huawei to hide them

In case you can’t remove some pre-installed apps or you don’t want them running in the phone background at all, you can disable them. 

When you disable an app, it usually vanishes from your app drawer as well. Although it may not work on all apps or all android versions, it’s worth a try.

First, go to your phone Settings, click on “Apps and notifications”, then select the app you’d like to disable. If you can see the “Disable” option, click on it.

In case you want to enable the app back, follow the steps above again but this time click on the “Enable” option. This should be your last resort for hiding apps on your Huawei phone.


Bottom line

On a quick note, there are many other apps on Playstore and the Internet at large that claim to help you hide apps but are full of crap! 

They either annoy you with ads, bugs, or some serious glitches that make you want to uninstall the app the next minute. This is why we’ve mentioned a few tested and recommendable ones in this guide. 

Now you see how simple it is to hide apps on a Huawei phone, with or without an app – depends on your choice.

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