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How to Make Google Chrome White Again on Mobile & PC

How to Make Google Chrome White Again on Mobile & PC

Your Google Chrome browser can be dark or show an odd hue. Do not fret. Your device has not been targeted by a virus or a hacker. Dark mode, incognito mode, or a theme update caused Google Chrome’s colour to change. Let’s examine how to get Google Chrome back to its default white colour on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac.

1. Disable Incognito Mode

Chrome displaying various colours might be a result of Incognito mode. You must be using Chrome in incognito mode if it is displaying black. To use Chrome in a regular window, dismiss the Incognito window and follow the instructions below:

Disable Incognito mode In Windows and Mac OS

You must first confirm if you are using Incognito mode or not. To accomplish so, seek the Incognito label in the Chrome window’s upper right corner. Click the X symbol in the top-right corner of a Windows PC or the Red close icon in the top-left corner of a Mac OS window if you see the label. This ought to end in Incognito mode. Open a standard Chrome window after that; it should be white.

Disable Incognito mode on Android

1. In Chrome, check for the Incognito symbol (glasses with a cap) next to the address bar to validate that you are in this mode.

2. If you locate it, click the X number button, where X is the total number of open tabs. The number might be 1, 2, 3, etc.

3. After that, hit the X close icon on any open incognito tabs. You will be instantly sent to the main tab, which should be white, after closing all of the incognito windows.

Disable Incognito on your iPhone

1. Search for the Incognito symbol in the address bar of Chrome.

2. If you see it, press on the button at the bottom that says “X amount of tabs open.”

3. To access the standard tabs, touch the X number of tabs symbol at the top. Active a new tab now or choose any open tab.

2. Disable the Dark Mode in Chrome

One of the primary causes of Google Chrome becoming black is the dark mode. To restore white in Google Chrome, you must disable dark mode. Let’s look at how to accomplish it on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Disable Google Chrome’s dark mod on Android

1. Launch Chrome on your Android mobile device.

2. Select Settings by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen.

3. Click Theme. Theme selection: Light.

You must switch off the system dark mode by heading to phone Settings > Display if most of the programs on your Android phone, including Google Chrome, have become black. Under the Theme section, choose light.

Disable Google Chrome’s dark mode on iOS

In the Chrome browser, Google does not provide a native dark mode option. It is linked to the dark mode of the system. Consequently, you must disable dark mode in the iPhone’s settings as shown below:

1. On your iPad and iPhone, go to Settings.

2. Select Brightness & Display. Pick Light from the Appearance menu.

3. Check that the Automatic toggle is off as well since Chrome would otherwise go dark according to the time you specify in the Automatic settings.

Disable Google Chrome’s Dark Mode on a Windows computer

To disable Chrome’s dark mode on a Windows computer, you must adjust the system colour settings since Chrome’s dark mode is linked to your machine’s dark mode.

Observe these methods to disable dark mode on a Windows computer:

1. On your Windows computer, click Settings.

2. Select Colors under Personalization.

3. Click Light in the drop-down menu that says “Choose your mode.” Choose Light for the Choose your default app mode if you chose Custom.

4. Shut down Chrome and restart it. It ought should have gone white, hopefully.


Turn off the dark mode in Google Chrome for Mac

Similar to iOS, Chrome’s dark mode for Mac is connected to the operating system’s dark mode. You must turn off the system’s dark mode by doing the following actions to return Chrome to its normal white colour:

1. On your Mac, click the Apple symbol in the menu bar. System options can be found in the menu.

2. Select General.

3. Select Light from the Appearance menu.

3. Modifying Chrome’s theme (Mac OS and Windows)

Chrome’s tendency to become black or another hue may also be due to themes. You must go back to Chrome’s default theme to make it white.

On Windows and Mac, adhere to these procedures to remove a Chrome theme and return to the default theme:

1. Start your computer’s Google Chrome browser.

2. Select Settings by clicking the three dots at the top of the screen.

3. Click Reset to default next to the Theme choice under Appearance in the left sidebar. By doing this, Chrome will change to the traditional look and become white.

If the instructions above do not help, continue with these steps:

1. Go to the Google Chrome launcher.

2. Select the bottom-positioned Customize Chrome button.

3. To restore Chrome’s original white hue, click on Color and theme and choose the second colour option.

4. Disable Accent Color (Windows Only)

Google Chrome’s title bar on a Windows computer will change colour depending on the accent colour selected in settings. The actions below should be followed to change to white:

1. On your Windows PC, navigate to Personalization > Colors under Settings.

2. Toggle off Show accent colour on title bars and window borders in the Accent colour area by scrolling down.


5. Disable the Dark Mode on Specific Websites

Some websites have a dark backdrop or are using dark mode. The dark mode of a certain website is to blame if Chrome suddenly becomes black solely on that site. You must go to the dark mode toggle or button at the top or bottom of the page to turn it white.

I hope the steps above helped you restore Chrome’s white colour. You need to attempt resetting Chrome’s settings if they don’t work. Chrome’s malfunctioning microphone, camera, or internet connection can all be resolved by restarting the browser.

In case you just don’t like the blank dark colour of your Chrome browser, you can check out these best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome.