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How to make your keyboard light up on Chromebook HP

How to make your keyboard light up on Chromebook HP

Although some keyboards include lighting features, it might be challenging to see the keys in low-light conditions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to turn on a backlit keyboard for an HP Chromebook.


How to turn on the keyboard light on an HP Chromebook

Connect your laptop’s power supply. If your laptop doesn’t charge beyond a certain point when it’s not being charged, it may sometimes not turn on the keyboard backlight. Connecting your laptop to its charger will help you to resolve this issue.

Hold down the Alt key. You’ll need to use Alt in addition to the standard screen dimming key on most Chromebooks since they lack a separate backlight key.

Tap the key for screen brightness. This key is often located above the 7, 8, and 9 keys. The key to dimming the brightness seems to be a smaller circle, and it has the appearance of a huge circle.

If you wish to lower or turn off the backlights on your keys, you may need to press Alt + Brightness Down. You can see a slider on your screen that displays the current level as you adjust the brightness of the light on your keyboard.


How to adjust the Chromebook’s keyboard backlight’s brightness

On a Chromebook, adjusting the brightness of the backlit keyboard merely requires pressing three buttons. These are the keys used for changing the display panel’s brightness as well as the “alt” key. 

The brightness adjustment keys in Chrome OS each have a symbol like the sun. The two icons can be distinguished from one another by the difference in size between the two.

The brightness is increased by the bigger, bolder sun-shaped symbol while it is decreased by the smaller sun-shaped icon. The smaller key will be referred to as the “brightness down” key for the sake of clarity in this “how to”. The “brightness up” key will be used to refer to the bigger icon.

Users must first press and hold the “alt” key when adjusting the brightness of the illuminated keyboard on a Chromebook up or down. 

The alt key can be pressed on either the left or right hand, as is common with most shortcuts on most operating systems. Users should simply pick to hit the key that is most accessible while still having access to the screen brightness keys.

Users must hit the alt key, then touch or hold the “brightness up” key to change the backlit keyboard’s brightness level. Holding the screen steady causes the brightness to progressively brighten more rapidly until the maximum brightness is achieved. Tapping adjusts the brightness gently.

Users must hit the alt key to dim the illumination for a Chromebook keyboard. The “brightness down” key will then need to be tapped or held. That will have the same effect as increasing the brightness. Or, users can just keep pressing the key until the illumination is completely turned off.