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How to Powerwash a Chromebook (Hard Reset)

How to Powerwash a Chromebook Hard Reset

The growing popularity of Google Chromebooks is attributable to their low prices, simplicity, and usability. 

Even while the Chrome OS, which runs on these devices, isn’t as complex as Windows or macOS, problems might nevertheless arise from time to time.

It becomes necessary to reset your Chromebook to its factory settings if these occur for a considerable amount of time. 

Resetting your Chromebook is also a good idea if you plan to sell it or give it to a new owner. You wouldn’t take the chance of someone viewing your personal information.


What you should know

Chromebooks, in contrast to other laptops with various operating systems, do most of their computing remotely. That does not imply that you cannot lose local files.

Any files you have stored locally will be lost. In the downloads and photos folders, you can find screenshots and other downloaded materials. 

The settings on your Chromebook as well as any Google accounts that are logged in will also be deleted. When you set up your Chromebook, you can later restore these accounts.

In a nutshell, power washing your Chromebook simply involves restoring it to the condition it was in when it left the factory.


How to powerwash a Chromebook

With that in mind, let’s look at how to perform a Powerwash (reset) on your Chromebook. We will look at two main methods.

From the Settings menu, do a Powerwash

Open the Settings window. You may access the notification panel on the bottom right or by pressing the “search” key and typing “settings.”

To view more choices, scroll down and pick the “Advanced” tab.

Select “Reset settings” from the menu. On the right, you ought to notice the Powerwash feature.

Next to the Powerwash option, click the “Reset” button.

You’ll get a message telling you to restart your computer. For a Powerwash on your Chromebook, click “Restart.”

Wait for your Chromebook to restart in factory settings right away. Your Chromebook will start up like it was just bought.

Do a Powerwash on your login screen

You can start a Powerwash from the login screen rather than the Settings window. The steps are listed below.

Step 1: Press the keys Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R while on the Chromebook login screen before inputting your password for authentication.

Step 2: To reset the device, a window will open and ask you to restart. Select “Restart.”

Step 3: Your Chromebook will restart, and the Powerwash option should now be visible on the Login screen. Select “Powerwash” from the menu.

Step 4: A pop-up window asking you to confirm your activity will appear. To continue, click.

Step 5: Restarting your Chromebook will reset the Chrome device.

Now you’re done! Either of those two methods will allow you to Powerwash your Chromebook. Make sure you have a backup of any local files you may have before you reset the device.