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How to screen record on Chromebook (Complete Guide)

How to screen record on Chromebook

It can be helpful to record the screen of your smartphone or computer, but sometimes you need to download third-party apps to do it. Fortunately, Chromebooks come with a built-in tool that makes recording your screen simple and doesn’t require any additional software.

The Chromebook screen recorder tool was added to Chrome OS 89 and is found in the Quick Settings panel. Video can be recorded using the tool, as well as still screenshots. It’s surprisingly effective and simple to use. We’ll demonstrate the process to you.

However, in case you’ve messed up your screen display before now, here is a guide on 10 Easy ways to get your Chromebook screen back to normal.

How to screen record on Chromebook

You can screen record using either a keyboard shortcut or the Screen Capture tool.

Use a keyboard shortcut

1. Select Show Windows and then Shift + Control (this key looks like a rectangle with two lines on the right side). At that point, a menu will show up at the bottom of your screen.

2. From the menu, choose Screen record.

3. Select a window, a full screen, or a combination of both. Then, your screen recording will begin.

4. When ready, press the Stop Recording button.

Use Screen Capture

1. Hover your mouse pointer over the clock in the bottom-right corner of your screen. To completely expand the menu that displays, you might need to click the up-carrot.

2. Click on “Screen Capture.” Your screen’s bottom will then show the screen capture toolbar.

3. Choose the Video icon from the menu’s left side.

4. Choose a window, full screen, or a combination of both.

5. On the right side of the menu, click the gear symbol.

6. Choose whether or not to include audio in the recording.

7. To begin the recording if you choose full screen, click anywhere on the screen. Adjust the box to where you want it to record if you selected a partial screen recording, then press the record button. For window recordings, just click inside the window you wish to record to start the recording.


Where Are Screen Recordings Saved on a Chromebook?

Screen recordings are automatically copied to your clipboard, just like Chromebook screenshots are, so you can transfer them into any program or application. However, your recordings may also be found in your Videos folder.

On a Chromebook, screen captures are stored as WebM files. It’s a free video format that works with the majority of websites. But if you must, you can use a website like Cloud Convert to convert it to a .mp4.

Screen Recording Issues and Solutions

Here are some solutions to common issues if your Chromebook is having difficulties capturing your screen.

The Chromebook is unable to save recordings and screenshots

There are a few things you can do if you’re having difficulties getting a Chromebook to preserve your screenshots or recordings:

  • First, visit Chrome OS Settings and choose Storage Management to verify your storage settings.
  • Make sure your Chromebook is configured to store files locally rather than on the cloud, and then do so.
  • Check the permissions for that device by navigating to Settings > Device > Storage & reset and then clicking on Details if you’re having issues with the Chromebook screen recorder while storing screenshots or recordings on a USB drive. 
  • You must choose “Allow File system Read/Write” to store screenshots and recordings on a USB device.

There is no audio recording on the Chromebook.

Your Chromebook’s microphone may not be capturing audio for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it is off.

Open the menu and select Settings > Advanced to check. Make sure the Microphone is listed under Default Input and that it reads On as you continue to scroll down.

Check to see whether your Chromebook has detected your external microphone if you have one.

If your Chromebook has all the necessary components switched on and the external microphone is operational, but there is still no sound, check your apps because not all of them support audio recording.

Make sure the app has the required permission before recording any audio-enabled apps (like video conference calls) that you need to do so.

If none of these suggestions works, make sure your Chromebook is not muted and restart the computer.


Extensions for screen recording

You can download several useful Chrome extensions for screen recording on Chromebooks if you don’t like the built-in recording feature, like Wondershare, Screencastify, and Nimbus. Before choosing which of these three is best for you, make sure to read the reviews since each has unique qualities.


Wondershare is a fantastic tool for taking screenshots and recording your screen. It’s simple to use, allows you to record audio or video from other sources like Skype conversations, and has several settings for adjusting how much of what is displayed on the screen is captured.


With the help of Screencastify, you can easily take screenshots and record your Chromebook’s screen. Additionally, it features a user-friendly interface, provides a variety of choices to regulate how much of what is displayed on the screen is captured, and enables you to store both audio and video files in case you need them later (unlike Wondershare, which only saves video files).


Nimbus is another excellent choice for Chromebook screen recording. It’s quite user-friendly because of its easy layout, making it simple to record movies, take screenshots, and even annotate your recordings. It’s also one of the few extensions that give you the option of recording in full or half screen.


The bottom line

So there you have it, all the information you want regarding Chromebook screen recording! These methods can help you quickly record whatever happens to be on your screen at the moment or a specific window, whether you want to record a video instruction, snap screenshots for a presentation or document, or just create a short recording.


How can I use my Chromebook to record audio?

Use a Chrome plugin like Reverb Record or an internet application like to merely record sounds.

How do I screen record on my Chromebook with audio?

The Chromebook screen recorder’s microphone can be turned on to capture system sound and any media you are currently playing. Use a noise-cancelling microphone to reduce background noise.

How can I use my Chromebook to record a Zoom meeting?

Use the screen recorder on your Chromebook or the built-in recorder in the Zoom app to capture a Zoom conference. Go to Participants, hover your cursor over the participant’s name, and choose More > Allow Record to let others record the meeting.

What File Type Are Screen Recordings on a Chromebook?

WebM video files are used to store screen recordings. To use the video with some video editing tools, you might need to reformat it because this is not a common format.