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How to Stop Seeing Reels on Facebook (Remove short videos)

How to Stop Seeing Reels on Facebook (Short videos)

Facebook reels, also called short videos, are quite similar to what you see on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

While some content creators and many regular users seem to enjoy Facebook’s new short-form video, others aren’t so thrilled about it. They wish it could stop 

If the latter group represents your interest, you might want to know how to stop seeing Reels on Facebook. In this guide, we’ll show you how.

Is there an easy way to hide Facebook Reels?

No, there’s no easy way to hide or disable Facebook Reels. The feature is still quite new. Still, Facebook may add a feature to hide reels in the future. For now, though, you’ll have to use one of the following methods to avoid seeing Reels…


How to Hide Reels On Facebook

To make more people accept this new short video feature, Facebook is pushing the Reels feature pretty hard. You can find them in your News Feed, Watch, and in the Story panel. However, if you’re not interested in watching Reels, there are a few things you can do to avoid them.

Use Facebook in your web browser

If you don’t want to see Facebook Reels, the best way is to use Facebook’s web version instead of the app. Short videos won’t appear in your News Feed or Story on the Facebook website.

Although Facebook may later include Reels on their web version, for now, there are no reels. And even if it did, the web version is usually better for ignoring posts you don’t want to see.

Install an older version of Facebook

Another option is to install an older version of Facebook. If you’re using the Facebook app on Android, you can try installing an older version of the app. This won’t work on iOS, though, as Apple doesn’t allow users to downgrade their apps.

You can visit any of the trusted APK sites, like APKMirror, to find an older version of the Facebook app. Once you’ve found one, just uninstall the current Facebook app and install the older version.

After installing the older version, short videos should no longer appear in your News Feed or Stories.

Avoid Facebook reels and hide them

This method is simply to modify your preference with the algorithm Facebook uses to show content. Usually, the more reels you watch and engage with, the more Facebook will show them to you. So, if you never watch or engage with Reels, Facebook will stop showing them to you.

When you see the Reel panel, tap on the three dots right above it, and then tap Hide. Doing consistently will tell Facebook that you’re not interested in seeing Reels, and it should stop showing them to you.

This isn’t a perfect solution, as you’ll have to do this every time you’re shown the Reel panel. But it’s a good way to train Facebook’s algorithm to stop showing you Reels.

Disable autoplay for reels

Another way in which you can minimize Reels is by disabling auto-playing videos. This way, you won’t have to worry about videos automatically playing and consuming your data.

To do this, open the Facebook app and go to the menu option. Then, scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy > Settings. From there, select Profile Settings > Media and Contacts > Autoplay.

Here you can then choose to never autoplay videos or select the option to only autoplay when you’re on Wi-Fi.



How do I block reels and short videos on Facebook?

There are many ways to block reels and short videos on Facebook. However, some methods you may want to consider include hiding an older version of Facebook, blocking posts from specific pages and groups, or creating a list of content you’d like to allow.

How do I get rid of videos I don’t want on Facebook?

To get rid of videos you don’t want on Facebook, you can either delete the post or hide it. To hide the post, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post and select “Hide from Timeline.” If you want to delete the post, hover over the post and click on the “x” in the top right corner.

Where is the settings option on the Facebook app?

To access Facebook settings, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen. Simply tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the app and select the Settings option from the menu.