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How to use Google site for affiliate marketing


Do you want to make money from affiliate marketing without spending a dime on building a blog or website? Then, you should stick to the end of this guide on how to use Google sites for affiliate marketing.

There’s more to this new method of marketing and making money online than just creating Google sites and putting up content with affiliate links.

Many newbies in affiliate marketing make this mistake. They create sites, put up some content with a bunch of affiliate links, then sit around waiting for buyers to come to buy. 

Nope! It doesn’t work that way. 

Your market will remain in the dark and nobody will visit your Google sites, not to mention buy. This means you’ll be making $0…unless you implement these premium strategies I’m about to show you in this guide. 

Google Sites is a free and simple platform where you can host your web page. 

Google site gives you an edge over your competitors in the affiliate marketing business. Here’s how:


Advantages of Google sites for affiliate marketing 

Google Sites is free

Google sites is an awesome and free platform for affiliate marketing, especially for affiliate marketers who can’t afford the  $5 or more monthly cost of a blog or website. 

This means you can promote products that interest you without spending a lot on building a blog. 

You can also have more than one Google site if you’re into more niches. 

Awesome right? 

It’s easy to use

The easy drag and drop feature of Google sites makes it fast and easier to use. You can build your site in minutes by using the drag and drop feature. It’s super easy to understand and use. 

It requires zero programming knowledge 

Google sites do not require any knowledge of programming or coding. 

You can build awesome-looking Google sites for affiliate marketing or any other purpose. This means you don’t have to worry about any need for programming, Google sites got you covered. 

Best for newbies in affiliate marketing

Newbies in affiliate marketing face challenges regarding setting u.p a platform most suitable for promoting products. 

Google sites provide solutions to these challenges as a free platform and with an easy-to-use interface. 

You can set up a platform for your affiliate marketing business without worrying about some big expenses before the profit starts coming. In short, it reduces your expenses. 

Google apps integration

You can as well integrate other Google apps like docs, sheets, slides, and others with your Google sites. Your Google mail becomes the anchor to all these apps, including your Google sites. 

Complete control over accessibility and permission

Google sites allow you to choose who gets to see your content and who doesn’t. 

In cases like a portfolio or company projects, you can choose to allow only the people you want to see your site. 

Which gives you full control over your site’s accessibility and permission.

You can own more than one site

Yeah, that came out right! Google site allows you to create as many sites as you want. 

This means you can have different sites for the different niche products you promote. 

With that said, let’s get to the tasty part of this guide. 

How to use Google sites for affiliate marketing

I’ll show you some premium strategies to drive traffic and make sales on your Google site.

But first, let’s go through the important basics of using the Google site for affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is simply a process of promoting other people’s products which you get paid for. 

This means that there are some essentials you must have before you can promote and get paid for it. 

If you’re highly enthusiastic about making money online from affiliate marketing with Google sites, then let’s dive right in. 

Choose a lucrative and manageable niche

Veterans and newbies in affiliate marketing always climb the success ladder faster by narrowing down to a niche or sub-niche sometimes. 

You need to choose a niche that will be the foundation of every content and product you’d be promoting.

For instance, sport is a great niche but too broad. You may want to narrow it down to basketball. There are a lot of products you can promote under basketball.

It doesn’t have to be sport or basketball, it may be anything else which interests you. 

You may want to avoid joining the hoard of jerks who promote YMYL (your money or your life) products like weight loss, belly fat, and how to make 5 billion in five hours.

In short, stay clear of phony niches and unrealistic promises, it’ll save you a lot of trouble and time. 

Find something profitable to promote

Next, you’ll need some affiliate products to promote on your Google site.

You can find products to promote on platforms like Clickbank, ShareASale, Amazon Associates, Aliexpress Affiliates, etc. 

You should look carefully, and choose only products with good ratings – which is a signal of the product quality. 

Build your Google site website

Now that you have a niche and product ready, it’s time to build your Google site website. 

This step is super easy. You can build your Google site’s website in minutes with the easy drag and drop feature and smooth interface.

Don’t stress about it. Here’s an easy guide on how to build a Google site (With free templates) for an affiliate marketing business.

Put up content on your Google site

This is one of the most important steps in using Google sites for affiliate marketing. 

Content is what you use in convincing visitors that the product or service you’re promoting is a ‘must have’ for them. 

Start creating awesome content for your blog, and include affiliate links to the products as well. 

So, visitors can easily head over to the product page, buy, and you can make money in turn. 

Sounds pretty easy right? Just find a niche, find a product, set up your Google site’s website, and promote the products with the content. 

Hold on! Don’t pop champagne yet. 

Those are just the basic steps on how to use Google sites for affiliate marketing. 

This means there’s more to do to succeed if you don’t want to join the list of hundreds quitting every day. 

Relax, it’s not mountain climbing or skydiving (I don’t like height either).

It’s a simple process that many affiliate marketers are ignorant about. The goal here is to help your Google site’s website rank faster, satisfy visitors, and convert well. 

In short, we’re hell-bent on making money from affiliate marketing with Google sites.

How to create a successful Google site website

Craft excellent content

Content is King! Yeah, I’ve heard that countless times. 

Excellent content will convert better than a piece of junk, which is why you need to do some keyword research before writing.

You have to understand the buyer’s intent. Keyword research tools like SEMrush, AHref, MOZ, LongtailPro, and others are great for finding low competitive keywords with high search volume. 

Low competitive keywords will be easier for your Google site’s website to rank, unlike the competitive ones.

You can also increase your content quality by adding images and videos.

Create essential pages

Many affiliate marketers make the mistake of ignoring the essence of other pages on their Google site website. 

So they just create a landing page and leave their visitors hanging. 


Visitors want to trust you. They don’t just go ahead and buy a product because you said “Hey! You can keep you glowing by using this product…blah blah blah” 

You need other pages as well. Pages like About Us, What we do, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us are essential for your Google sites.

So don’t leave visitors hanging by ignoring them. 

Integrate webmaster tools

Integrating webmaster tools is an important process you should never leave out. 

The goal here is to impose your Google site’s website SEO with webmasters tools like Google search console and Google analytics. 

In case you’re a newbie to this, these are free tools that internet marketers use for monitoring their sites’ performance, health, and traffic. 

Google webmaster tools also help Google to understand your site and how to best show your content to searchers.

If you need further help on this, tell me in the comment box. I’d gladly help. 

Identify your traffic sources

Affiliate marketers don’t bag thousands of dollars every month by just sitting around and waiting for visitors to come to their site. 

You shouldn’t sit and wait either. 

Identify where your traffic (visitors) will be coming from; is it Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, or directly from Google itself. 

Then, you can easily outline how you will achieve this either by investing your time in answering questions on forums, promoting with ads, etc. 

Whichever traffic source you choose, don’t sit and wait for people to find your site, take it to them. 

Promote trustworthy products

As an affiliate marketer, you should only promote trustworthy products if you want to build a lifelong business and make a good profit.

Don’t make phony promises like “A skin ointment that clears scars in minutes” or “Make 1 million dollars in 1 minute”.

YMYL (your money or your life) products like these don’t last long. They will also build bad credibility and bring negative reviews to you.

So stay away from the bad products and promote the excellent ones. 

Invest in Ads

I should say invest in Ads wisely. 

Ads are a quick way to drive traffic and bring traction to your site by showing your content to consumers on different platforms. 

You can invest in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Quora, etc.

You can seek professional help for this, to save you unnecessary trouble and the hassle of figuring out how to target the right audience. 

A final thought on how to use Google site for affiliate marketing 

I can keep talking about the vast advantages of using Google sites for affiliate marketing and how to use it. 

Still, what difference does it make if you don’t implement it?

Tell me your next step in the comment box. If you have any questions related to how you can use Google sites for affiliate marketing, ask me in the comment box as well.