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How to zoom in or out on Chromebook (Easy Steps)

How to zoom in or out on Chromebook

Using one of a few basic keyboard commands, you may simply zoom in and out on your Chromebook. 

However, there are other ways to zoom in and out, so you may choose the one that suits your needs the most. All of these techniques involve using the Ctrl key on the Chromebook.

To zoom in and out on a Chromebook; you only need to know which technique is best for you. Consider if you want to just increase the size of everything on your screen or only the text on a particular website, for instance.


How to zoom in or out on your Chromebook

Expand or reduce the size of a particular page: To quickly reset the magnification, click “Ctrl” and “0.” You may zoom in and out by hitting the plus or minus sign button and “Ctrl.” In the top-right corner of the page, a notice displaying your current degree of zoom expressed as a percentage will show as you zoom in.

Everything on the screen may be increased or decreased: To raise or reduce the size, press “Ctrl,” “Shift,” and the plus or negative symbol. Once again, pressing “0” instead of the plus or minus will clear the screen.

Magnify the whole screen: The scale of everything will remain the same when you zoom in closer. Press “Ctrl,” “Search,” the key with the magnifying glass symbol above “Shift,” and “M.” When prompted whether you wish to enlarge the screen, click “Continue” to proceed. Then use your trackpad to navigate.


Magnify a part of the screen: Press “Ctrl,” “Search,” and “D”. By selecting “Continue” from the pop-up that opens, you must allow this. The area of the screen where your cursor is now located will then appear enlarged at the top of your screen.

Increasing or decreasing the screen magnification: Between the mute and display all screen buttons at the top of your keyboard, press “Ctrl,” “Alt,” and the brightness up (or down) key. 

Remember that this only works if the screen has previously been enlarged.

You can zoom in or out with two fingers on a touchscreen Chromebook just as you would on a touchscreen smartphone.