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How to Install and play PUBG Mobile on Chromebook

Install and play PUBG Mobile on Chromebook

One of the most popular video game franchises on iOS and Android, PUBG Mobile provides the finest battle royale experience and is completely optimized for Chrome OS. On the Google Play Store, this game has received over 1 billion downloads and millions of favorable reviews.

This game is a prime example of high-quality gaming on a tight budget, especially when played on Chromebooks, which turn these ostensibly basic gadgets into powerful combat machines. Look no farther than PUBG Mobile’s wide range of options if you’re looking for a Chrome OS software that will keep you interested for the longest.

In terms of the stuff the game’s creators continually release for it, the game has a tendency to remain ever-green. After all, this is a live-service shooter with no ongoing plot or narrative and a gameplay-only emphasis.


Major PUBG Mobile highlights

Here is our list of the top qualities of PUBG Mobile, which millions of players presently use on a daily basis.


The pricing tag is the only feature that PUBG Mobile claims to its fans before a long list of other features. Surprisingly, the renowned battle royale shooter has an astounding price tag of $0. A game of this caliber shouldn’t have any business being offered for free. 

When you pair this unique aspect of the game with top-notch gaming mechanics, you have a business strategy that will attract gamers who are willing to spend a lot of money on microtransactions.

PUBG Mobile’s free-to-play business model is undoubtedly its greatest asset. The game combines explosive enjoyment, the adrenaline of the chase, and fierce competition to satisfy and satisfy players’ appetites in equal measure.

Gameplay of a battle royale

The foundation of PUBG Mobile is a trend that wasn’t very popular in the past. The creators of this genre giant accomplished it before it became popular, and now every other major game developer is attempting to emulate Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ success with their own take on a battle royale shooter. 

For instance, Call of Duty: Warzone is a very recent example in this sense.

A battle royale gaming type states that you, as a player, are placed within a large area with only one goal in mind: to be the last person alive. 

You must drive, leap, fly, shoot, kill, plunder, and battle your way to victory while having a great time in order to gain your glory. With PUBG Mobile, we can guarantee that there are never any boring moments.

Regularly updated

PUBG Mobile also promises that it is often updated, which is another excellent feature. Because PUBG Mobile is a top-tier live-service game, new content will be released as long as the community is active and expanding. 

However, this battle royale third-person shooter will not lack for more gameplay modes, new character skins, weapons, and other items.

Tremendous player base

More than 1 billion people have downloaded PUBG Mobile, which is a huge number. When searching for a match online, you won’t have trouble finding servers or participants. 

You can participate in r/PUBGMobile, a special subreddit for the game, and communicate with its wonderful gamers there. Immersing yourself in the vast and active PUBG Mobile community will always teach you something.


How to Install PUBG Mobile on Chromebook

Make sure you know how to use the Google Play Store before trying to download PUBG Mobile on Chrome OS.

Speaking of which, there is a possibility that the model you are using may not even be compatible with Google Play if you are not using a new model and have never tested the Play Store on your device.

After completing the aforementioned actions, keep reading to discover how to install PUBG Mobile on your Chromebook.

Step 1:  Launch the Google Play Store app on your Chromebook. This is simple to perform from the Launcher section or the shelf if the program is pinned there.

Step 2: Once the app is open, use the in-app search box to look for “PUBG Mobile.” To go on to the next stage, hit “Enter” once you’ve entered the necessary keywords.

Step 3: After hitting the “Enter” key, PUBG Mobile’s official app page will be shown. Here, the “Install” button will be clearly visible. To begin the download, click on it. It may take some time before you can play the game because of the size of the download, however this mostly relies on your internet speed.

I think that’s it! PUBG Mobile will show as installed on your Chromebook Launcher after the download is finished. To run the app right immediately, go to this area of the Chrome OS interface and click the app icon.


How to Play PUBG Mobile on Chromebook

When you start the game on your end, a request to sign in with your account will appear. The preferred method of playing PUBG Mobile is this. 

In a similar vein, you’ll have the opportunity to link your accomplishments to your account, ensuring that all of your hard work is saved in case you decide to move Chromebooks.

After completing the registration procedure, you’ll find it simple to interact with PUBG Mobile’s primary graphical features and become lost in the game’s main battle royale mode. 

You will be dropped from a carrier aircraft while wearing a parachute on your backpack. If you can land safely, the world will be yours to conquer if you have the courage to do it.

To really play PUBG Mobile, explore your surroundings, keep an eye out for campers, and gather the greatest treasure on the map. 

You’ll enjoy what the third-person shooter is giving its customers for free since the title’s primary combat mechanics are nothing short of commendable for a game of this caliber.

Just make sure your keyboard is of a caliber comparable to that of the Asus Chromebook CX9. Get a good external mouse for this intense battle royale for even more enjoyment and dependability.


Enjoy PUBG Mobile on your Chromebook

One of the finest mobile games ever created is PUBG Mobile, allowing Chromebook users to enjoy the top-tier shooter without any trouble in the days to come. 

We’ve shown a simple process for getting the game on Chrome OS without using anything other than the Google Play Store.After the installation is complete, we hope you’ll enjoy playing this third-person shooter games.