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How to install and use Avast antivirus for Chromebook

Avast antivirus for Chromebook

Unmatched security, which distinguishes Chrome OS from other operating systems, is one of the much-lauded aspects of the platform. When it comes to its operating system, Chromebooks are sparsely stuffed, but this sparse filling is effective and very smooth, which is why these devices are so popular.

Also, Chrome OS has a variety of security protections that, in comparison to other operating systems, make it very safe and secure.

A system-wide scan is carried out by one of them, “Self-Check,” each time your device restarts. If malware is present, it is immediately identified and removed. Nevertheless, here’s a guide on how to know if your Chromebook has a virus and fix it.

Despite all of this, there is still a chance that a virus can infiltrate your Chromebook. A Google Play Store application or a Chrome Web Store extension are common places for harmful infections to hide. Also, you could become a victim of phishing schemes on shady websites.

It’s important to consider all of these variables when evaluating Chrome OS’s overall security, thus it’s strongly advised that you use antivirus software to increase your online security. 

What other choice is there in the situation but Avast Antivirus? The program in question has been around for more than ten years and was renowned for its extensive knowledge and prowess in virus removal.

Despite Chrome OS’s extensive security mechanisms, if you want to ensure that no malware ever gets close to you, you may install Avast Antivirus and avoid these issues. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it and start with some significant Avast features since, in this post, we’ll be telling you just how to do that.


Features of Avast Antivirus


Avast Antivirus builds on this concept and enables you to install dubious and hazardous programs without being concerned about a virus invasion, much like how Chrome OS works, running each Chrome tab in an isolated sandbox environment.

When it comes to the overall security of your device, this virtualization technology is useful since all activity and contents of the device and the application are securely confined, preventing any possible malware from eluding the sandbox and becoming malicious. 

All the processes, programs, and Chrome extensions on your Chromebook are completely sandboxed by Avast.

Cleaning the browser

Another well-liked element of this antivirus program, Browser Cleanup, assists you in searching your Chrome browser for pointless add-ons or extensions. Your device is examined for all the plug-ins that have low ratings and are vulnerable to malware when you run an Avast scan.

Once the scan is finished and the hidden programs are exposed, you can quickly delete them and select to download highly regarded functioning substitutes. This is the primary goal of Browser Cleanup.

Automatic software update

One of the nicest aspects of Avast Antivirus that a large number of users like is the Automatic Software Updater, maybe. This capability ensures that all the programs you often use are always up to date, saving you the trouble of having to manually update them and allowing you to avoid security concerns without exerting yourself. 

The software has a far lower risk of contracting a virus or any other malware when it is regularly updated. Avast ensures that you get these updates as soon as they become available since developers are always working to incorporate the most recent security fixes into their programs.

APK Lock

You may be sharing a room with someone, and you worry they could tamper with your Chromebook while you’re not looking. With the use of PINs or passwords, you can safeguard programs on your smartphone with the help of Avast’s App Lock feature. 

Your personal information will only be accessible to you in this manner. On Android and iOS phones, the functionality functions similarly to the majority of app lockers.


We often download files and other materials onto our gadgets since the internet is such a vast platform. We often download interesting content, use it, and then forget to remove it. In this instance, even after you stop paying attention to it, that file will still be there on your computer.

This is where Avast’s CyberCapture function, a specialized tool that searches for unusual or dubious programs, files, or software, picks them up and sends them to the safe sandbox known as the Avast Threat Lab for analysis of possible dangers. The unseen ace that we never realized we needed is CyberCapture.

Ransomware Protection

Avast Antivirus keeps one step ahead in the sad case of a ransomware attack when your device is shut out from access until you pay the extortion cost to the invading party. It guards against the prior encryption of your programs, cryptocurrency wallets, and other private data. 

You can also pick and choose which folders are accessible to your programs and which ones are covered by the Ransomware Shield.

Passive Mode

If you wish to use more than one antivirus program on your computer, Passive Mode gives you a ton of options. It operates by first turning off all active security features, such as the Avast Firewall and Shields, to ensure that the functionality of the other antivirus is not hampered in any way.

Avast will still do routine scans on your computer when in passive mode, but it won’t actively defend you. Remember this before using Passive Mode since you will have to manually resolve any difficulties that arise.


How to Install Avast on a Chromebook

There are two simple ways to install Avast Antivirus on a Chromebook. Here, we’ll discuss each of them so you can choose which seems most appropriate. Let’s start.

1. Downloading and installing Avast from the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store, which is Android’s one-stop store for mobile apps, is used as the first way of downloading Avast Antivirus on a Chromebook. Nowadays, several Play Store applications, including Opera, have been Chrome OS-optimized. 

However, please skip this step and continue reading from Option 2 if you have an older model Chromebook that is missing the Play Store.

1) To start, launch the Google Play Store application on your Chromebook.

2) After launching the Play Store, but “Avast Antivirus” into the search box located at the top of the screen. You just need to hit the “Enter” key to start a list of options from the ones that will show below.

3) After pressing the “Enter” key, Avast Antivirus’ official download page will be shown. After that, click “Install” to start the procedure.

4) Go to your Launcher and locate the program there after being asked that the installation is complete.

Thank you for persevering to this point. Now let’s discuss how to install Avast Antivirus on your Chromebook using the second way.

2. Install Avast Antivirus on your computer via the Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store, a sizable collection of carefully chosen apps and add-ons for the Google Chrome browser, is another option to install Avast Antivirus on your Chromebook.

You can download Avast Antivirus from the Chrome Web Store by following the instructions that are provided below. So let’s start now.

1) First, you must access the official application page on the Chrome Web Store. To proceed, choose “Add to Chrome” when you get there.

2) A confirmation window will appear once you click the “Add to Chrome” button. To continue, choose “Add extension” next.

3) When everything is finished, the browser will finally take a minute to install Avast Antivirus itself. As the last step, you can verify this by looking at your extensions tab.

I think that’s it! You’ve successfully used two distinct techniques to install Avast Antivirus on your Chromebook. Let’s move on to the performance of this program on Chrome OS.

Using Avast on your Chromebook

The first time you run Avast on your Chromebook, you’ll see a screen outlining the rights the program needs. Once you have accepted Avast’s terms and conditions, click the “Scan Now” option to continue. This will cause the program to first search for any available updates before beginning the scanning process.

After a little delay, Avast will start the scan and thoroughly inspect your Chromebook for any viruses, malware, security hazards, and other potential dangers. We hope that using a Chromebook doesn’t cause it to identify anything harmful on your end, but in this perplexing world, you never know.

Avast will prompt you after your first scan to choose between continuing with the ad-supported, free version or upgrading to the premium version. Without a question, Avast Premium ups the security game and unlocks a slew of cutting-edge features.

Also, it removes all the obnoxious advertisements you may be seeing at the moment on your Avast site. The commercial edition of Avast offers a few innovations, like ad elimination, VPN protection, and app locking.

Reverting to the free version, Avast on your Chromebook allows you to accomplish a ton of other things. You can increase RAM, which is necessary for the efficiency and speed of your device, remove trash files that can be using extra system memory, and check your Wi-Fi connection.

The latter is useful when you are in public Wi-Fi-enabled areas like a library. Before accessing more sensitive information on your Chromebook, it is essential to do a scan.

Another feature in Avast is called “Photo Vault.” You may think of this as a safe refuge for all of your photos and private photographs. Here, you’ll get the highest level of security and confidence that the Photo Vault’s contents won’t be compromised even in the event of a virus attack.

Regarding the Chrome Web Store edition of Avast Antivirus, your protection will be limited to the Chrome browser’s outside edges rather than Chrome OS. Every time you visit a website, Avast will launch a scan to look for anything unusual. If something suspicious is discovered, you will be informed right away.

The plugin does an excellent job of shielding you against phishing schemes and other dangerous stuff on dubious third-party websites. However, we advise retaining the Play Store version of Avast if you’re searching for anything that secures the whole Chrome OS.


The bottom line

Chromebooks have a basic operating system designed for speed and reliability, making them naturally secure gadgets. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter malware when using Chrome OS, it doesn’t hurt to check. 

You can put your security concerns to rest by using a top-notch antivirus program like Avast, which provides front-and-centre protection for your device along with a broad range of helpful features.

In this post, we’ve covered two key installation options for Avast Antivirus on Chromebooks as well as several commendable features of the program. To consolidate your Chromebook’s security as much as possible, we suggest using a mix of the Play Store and the Chrome Web Store versions of Avast.