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How to Message or Mute Someone on a WhatsApp Group Call

How to Message or Mute Someone on a WhatsApp Group Call

Sometimes, WhatsApp group calls don’t always go as planned. And the more people in the group, the higher the possibility of chaos ensuing during group calls. 

 In addition to the mess, are people speaking over each other, including irritating background noises which may seem impossible for you to control. However, it isn’t.

WhatsApp has a simple solution to that. The app now allows you to mute and even send messages to individual people during a group call to minimize distractions. 

Do you want to know how? Then stick to this guide to find out.


WhatsApp Lets You Message and mute Individual Group Call Participants

After a recent update in June 2022, we noticed that WhatsApp now allows its users to mute and text people individually in a group call. WhatsApp rolled out group calls for iOS and Android in 2018. 

Then, you could only have about four people participating in a group call. Now, WhatsApp allows up to 8 participants on a group video call and 32 on a group voice call. 

That’s a lot of people to manage at once. No doubt, it could get frustrating.

Yes, WhatsApp already made the feature available for people to mute themselves, but not everyone always remembers to do so. Before now, users could only message everyone simultaneously in a group call. 

In case you wanted to text someone privately, you had to quit the group call to start a chat with them.

Fortunately, WhatsApp now lets you text someone right where you are—during the group call.

This way, you can comment and share private jokes. The feature is also an excellent way to maintain order during group calls. You simply mute a participant or directly text someone without getting lost in the noise.

How to Mute Someone in a WhatsApp Group Call

Muting someone in a WhatsApp group call is a straightforward and quick process. But first, ensure you’ve installed the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. 

You can do this by visiting your app store (Playstore for Android and Applestore for IOS) to check if there’s an update available for the app. 

You can place a group call via your group by clicking on the Call button in the top-right corner of your device screen. While in the call, WhatsApp will show you the Participants on your screen.

Tap and hold the Contact you want to mute. This will Pop-up a window with two options— to Message or Mute the person you’ve selected—click on Mute.

The Mute icon should now be visible (microphone with a line through it) next to their name on the screen.

When you mute someone on a WhatsApp group call, they can hear you, but you won’t be able to hear them.

If you want to unmute them, simply follow the same steps we outlined earlier, then click on Unmute. 

Also, WhatsApp allows you to mute participants who joined a WhatsApp group call after it has started, to prevent them from interrupting the ongoing discussion.

How to Message Someone in a WhatsApp Group Call

You can text/message someone during a WhatsApp group call in a few simple steps. First, you must click on the Call button in the top-right corner of your device screen. 

When two or more people have joined the call, you’ll be able to see their Contact cards on the screen.

To message a participant during the call, you must tap and hold their Contact. Now click on Message on the pop-up window that shows up.

This will bring up your existing chat with the person, or start a new chat. In all, you’ll be able to text them regularly as you’d when not on a group call.

You need to know that WhatsApp Web doesn’t support group calls.  You’re only allowed to use the mute and message features discussed in this article on your mobile app. 

However, you can make individual voice and video calls on WhatsApp’s Desktop app.


The bottom line

WhatsApp group call is an excellent way to connect with more people for professional and social purposes. But they can be noisy and messy if not managed well, especially with larger groups. 

This is why WhatsApp introduced the Muting and Messaging features to give you more control and Reduce Distractions in Group calls.

Aside from everyone trying to say something at once instead of taking turns to comment, echoes and background noises from participants who have their microphones on, and unimportant messages can also disorganise the group during a call.

Mute and Message people privately to minimize interruptions and distractions during a group call by following the steps outlined in this guide.