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Phone overheating when playing games? [8 Easy ways to fix it]

Phone overheating while playing games

Mobile gaming can get uneasy and you may not enjoy the experience, especially if your phone is overheating. 

So if you’re wondering – Why is my phone hot? How do I stop my phone from getting hot while playing games? – I’ve got you covered in this guide. 

With the consistent improvement of mobile games, they tend to consume more of your phone power and resources. In turn, this puts more stress on your phone battery and can make your device get unusually hot.

For instance, games like Asphalt Nitro, Dream League, Call of Duty, and GTA San Andreas, need a considerable amount of your device processing power, RAM, and graphics (among others) to run smoothly.

And aside from making your device temperature run high, it could damage your phone battery and other components. 

So, unless you’ve got one of the best mobile phones for mobile gaming, there’s a high chance of your phone getting unusually hot. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to stop your phone from getting hot while playing games. However, if your phone still overheats when you’re not playing games, then you should see this guide on 17 PHONE OVERHEATING FIXES THAT WORKS

How to stop your phone from overheating while playing games

Adjust your screen brightness

Since smartphones now come with different personalization options to improve users’ experience, people sometimes increase their phone’s brightness to the max or higher while gaming. 

This technically makes your device consume more power, pushes your phone battery to work harder, and makes your device run hot than usual. 

While using your phone indoors, it’s best to work with the minimal level of brightness possible. Try not to go beyond the optimal level, which is 50 percent of 100.

Also, you may want to turn off adaptive brightness considering how it uses your device proximity sensor, technically consuming more energy and increasing your phone’s temperature.

Minimizing or adjusting your screen brightness can also make your battery last longer while contributing positively to your phone’s overall health in the long run.

Clear out your phone RAM

Before you launch any game on your phone, make sure you close all running applications first. 

Wondering why this is important? It’s simple. Running only the game will relieve your phone of many background tasks while minimizing the possibility of your device’s unusually overheating. 

Running a single application at a time on your phone will use the least amount of your device’s processing power. And the less power your device uses, the lower the stress on your battery, which is equivalent to your phone emitting minimal heat.

Free up your phone

One of the major reasons phones overheats while gaming is because of other bloatware running in the background. 

This bloatware could be those unimportant apps pre-installed on your phone or junk apps you installed to cool down your phone. 

Many of those apps do nothing than eat up your phone storage, processing power, and battery in the background. So your phone starts getting hot while playing games. 

The simple solution here’s to look through your list of installed applications and uninstall apps you don’t need. Don’t clutter your phone with junk.


Remove your phone case

Removing the phone case has always been one of the first steps to cool down an overheating phone, especially while gaming. 

Aside from protecting your phone and making it look good, that thick case could be hoarding heat and blocking ventilation. 

This makes your device’s temperature run higher than usual. Imagine if you’re asked to run for hours in your winter outfit. It is quite similar to what you make your phone go through when you’re gaming with the case on.

The easy way to fix this is to remove the case, so your phone can breathe. Otherwise, you can get a decent phone case. This will help your phone to cool down quickly while gaming. 

Cool Your Phone down Externally

Instead of installing cooling apps that will only clutter your phone storage and eat up resources, it’s better to sit close to a fan or an air conditioner. This will help your phone cool down faster, and make your game more enjoyable. 

Also, never keep your phone in the refrigerator to cool it down. Moisture will get into it, which will damage your battery and other components.

Avoid gaming in a hot environment

Normally, your phone can get a little warm when playing games. However, gaming in a hot environment or exposing your phone to direct sunlight can make your device heat up more. 

When your device unusually heats up like this, it could affect the performance of your device, its battery life, and other functioning components. 

So, if you have to play mobile games outdoors at a place like a beach, you must stay under the shade away from sunlight or in a well-ventilated place away from heat.


Turn off unused sensors

While playing games on your phone, make sure you turn off other sensors that are not in use. These sensors usually drain your battery as they run in the background, making your device heat up. 

For instance, most games only require mobile data or WiFi. Whichever one it is, you still need to turn off the other sensors like Bluetooth, GPS, and hotspot. This will save you battery and minimize your device temperature. 

Take short breaks

Aside from giving you some time to do some other things, taking short breaks after long hours of gaming helps your phone cool down. 

Taking breaks between gaming sessions isn’t only great for your health, but your phone as well – your phone gets to cool down. You can take a five to ten-minute break after an hour of intensive gaming.