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How to Redirect Windows 11 Widgets From Edge to Chrome

Redirect Windows 11 Widgets From Edge to Chrome

The new Widgets tab was just released in Windows 11. The Widgets tab includes news suggestions, stock prices, reminders, and emails. It first reminded me of the Google Discover app. However, Windows 11 automatically redirects you to Microsoft Edge if you click on any of these news items.

Now, the widgets tab will only lead you to Microsoft Edge even if your default browser is changed. Start Menu Reminiscing! The Windows 11 widgets can be quickly fixed by directing them to your usual browser or Google Chrome.

What Is the Widgets Tab in Windows 11?

With Windows 11, Microsoft put an end to the dreaded Live Tiles. You may consider the widgets tab to be a substitute. On the Widgets bar, you can get the most recent news, suggestions, weather forecasts, Microsoft programs, etc.

It’s not yet known whether third-party programs can create widgets for Windows 11. There are some indications, nevertheless, that it would be accessible to everyone. As soon as Windows 11 is released to the general public in late 2021, we will know more about it.


The best way to Redirect Windows 11 widgets

Installing Edge Deflector, a simple third-party addition will allow us to redirect Edge inquiries to your regular browser. An open-source program called Edge Deflector stands in between the Widget Menu and Microsoft Edge. Edge Deflector grabs the URL when you click a widget and sends it to your regular browser. The link below will allow you to download it.

1. Download and set up Edge Deflector.

2. We must now configure it to control the Widgets menu URL redirection. Go to the Default applications menu to do that.

3. Scroll down and choose the option labelled Choose default applications by protocol.

4. Next, locate the MICROSOFT-EDGE key and click on the Microsoft Edge symbol next to it. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose Edge Deflector.

Instead of opening in Microsoft Edge anytime, you click a widget in the new Widgets tab, and it will now do so in your normal browser. It is Google Chrome in my situation.

What Is Unchangeable?

Knowing what cannot be changed is essential after we customized the browser for the Widgets menu. The suggestions come first. As of right present, you cannot switch to a third-party app like Google for suggestions; the recommendations come from

Additionally, you are forced to use MSN’s recommendations on the Widgets page since you are unable to change how searches are sent to Google.


Can the Recommendations be customised?

After installing Windows 11, you’ll discover that the recommended news items in the Windows 11 widgets are somewhat ambiguous. As you utilize widgets and Windows 11 more, it will grow better over time. There is a method to tailor the suggestions depending on your preferences, however.

The “x” button is located in the top-right corner of each narrative, and you may click it if you don’t like it. However, you have the option of hiding it from your timeline. Also, you have the option of ignoring postings from a certain website.

You can use the meatball menu in the top-right corner to create a list tailored to your interests. Then choose Manage Interests. You can now control your interests in politics, sports, space, and other news topics. After that, widgets will provide news to you based on your interests.

One more tip on redirecting Windows 11 widgets

Although the Windows 11 widgets tab is dependent on third-party applications, I truly loved it. I’d want to see additional widgets from my preferred project management, CRM, note-taking, and weather applications, among other categories.