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How to remove shows from your Disney Plus Continue Watching list

remove shows from your Disney Plus Continue Watching list

Every time you don’t watch a movie till the end on Disney plus (+), it’s automatically in your Continue Watching list.

The same goes for TV shows—  either you see an incomplete episode or the next one. 

On your Disney plus homepage, Continue Watching appears as a dedicated row on all of your devices, which makes it super easy to continue from where you left off.

But what if you want to clear out Continue Watching or remove a show from it? Your half-seen movies will be around for months and the list soon gets cluttered and quite annoying to navigate. 

While Netflix lets you delete from Continue Watching with a separate button, Disney plus (+) doesn’t come that simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do.


Skip show or movie to the End to Remove From Continue Watching

The first way to remove a show or movie from the Continue Watching list is to skip to the end. This strategy tricks the system into thinking you’ve seen the complete movie. And with this, it is removed from the row.

This is without doubt the simplest for a movie. Select it from the list, track ahead to just before the credits roll, and let it play. 

When Disney+ shrinks the movie to recommend which movie you should see next, you should be in the clear. 

However, Disney+ is a bit demanding with this. To be safe, wait until the movie has finished and the progress bar has nothing left. Now, the movie should be marked as complete and won’t appear in your Continue Watching list.

It’s quite different for a TV show because even if you skip to the end of an episode, the next episode or season will show up in your Continue Watching list. With this, you need to go to the final episode of the final season. 

Depending on your device, you may have to search for the show before you can see all the seasons, rather than selecting from the Continue Watching row. Once you’re on the last episode, skip to the end of that.

As for both methods, always make sure you skip to just before the credits. If you quickly skip to the last few seconds, 

Disney+ usually doesn’t register this as a completed viewing and sometimes changes your viewing progress entirely, therefore keeping it in your Continue Watching row.

Create a New Profile to Reset Your Continue Watching

Another option is to create a new profile. You can own seven profiles per Disney plus subscription.

Each profile’s viewing is separated. This means if you create a new profile then your Continue Watching list will be empty. 

This isn’t optimal because there might be movies in your Continue Watching row that you don’t want to remove (and you’ll also lose your Disney+ watchlist). In short, make it your last nuclear option.

Here’s a quick guide for creating a profile on Disney+.

Step 1: Select your profile icon.

Step 2: Select Add profile.

Step 3: Choose an avatar to represent the profile.

Step 4: Enter a profile name.

Step 5: Select Save.

Here’s a more detailed guide on how to create a profile on Disney+.

Note: You can’t delete the primary profile on your account. In case you’re already using all seven profiles then you won’t be able to finish this unless you free up space.


Disable Autoplay on Disney plus

Either you’re tired of a TV show or maybe you just want to see your favorite TV show again. It’s always frustrating for videos to keep showing in your Disney+ Continue Watching list. 

Now you know how to remove it by following the methods in this guide. We hope Disney will make it easier in the future.

Until then, you have to disable autoplay in your Disney+ profile. After seeing a complete movie and another one starts to play automatically, you don’t want that to show up in the Continue Watching list.

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