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How to screenshot without the power and volume button

screenshot without the power and volume button

Do you want to screenshot on Samsung, Huawei, or any other android phone without the power and volume button? Here’s the step-by-step guide you need.

The average smartphone user takes numerous screenshots every day, often of their friends’ WhatsApp statuses as well as texts they read, goods they want to buy later, and new quotes they found online. 

If you’re like us, you probably use your phone’s power and volume buttons to take screenshots. But are there any more effective alternatives to using the power button for taking screenshots?

Taking screenshots on Android is much better and easier because many brands may add considerable customisation and functionality to their phones.

Here are 5 easy methods to snap screenshots on your phone without using the power button in case your phone’s volume-down or power buttons cease functioning.


How to take screenshots without using the Power and Volume button

Take screenshots using quick settings

Using the “Screenshot” quick settings is one of the quickest and simplest ways to snap screenshots on Android without pressing the power button. 

Although not available on all Android smartphones, it is fairly quick. It is available on phones from manufacturers including TECNO, Infinix, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and others. 

All you have to do is tap the Screenshot icon after opening the quick settings menu, and the picture is in your gallery! 

Here are the easy steps to take:

  • To capture a screen, navigate to it.
  • Then, from the top of the screen, swipe down twice.
  • Find the screenshot now, and tap it. If you are unable to locate it there, try adding the Screenshot tile using the quick-setting edit interface.
  • Once the screenshot has been taken, you can view the picture in your gallery.


Take screenshots using smart panel

If the volume down button isn’t functioning, you can still capture screenshots using Smart Panel if you can’t find the Screenshot quick-settings tile on your phone. 

On TECNO and Infinix phones with Smart Panel, you can take screenshots as well as access several phone features and apps by swiping them out from the edge of the screen.

Open the settings on your TECNO or Infinix phone and choose Smart Panel.

You’ll see a brief user manual for Smart Panel that is tailored to the HiOS or XOS version you are using. Swipe out from the side of the screen after it has been enabled to access the Smart Panel.

On the panel, you can view the available functions. To take a screenshot and store it in your gallery, tap the Screenshot button.

The OS of other Android phone manufacturers also has a similar feature. On your phone, you can look them up.


Take a screenshot using gestures

On some Android devices, you can take screenshots using gestures in addition to Smart Panel on TECNO and Infinix phones. So it doesn’t matter if your physical buttons are broken or have ceased functioning.

Android devices provide a variety of screenshot gestures. For instance, TECNO and Infinix smartphones allow you to screenshot with three fingers. Simply swipe down with three fingers on the screen, and your screenshot will be saved to your gallery.

The steps are as follows:

  • Launch the Settings program.
  • Select “microintelligence” 
  • Toggle it on by clicking on “Take screenshot with three fingers.” An animation demonstrating how to snap screenshots using the gesture may be found on the same user interface.
  • Launch the desired screen capture program. To take a picture of it, swipe down from the top of your screen.

Use Google assistant to take a screenshot

Using Google Assistant is an additional method for taking screenshots on Android without pressing the power button. 

The main drawback to this approach is that the screenshots taken by Google Assistant aren’t saved in your gallery. Only take a screenshot, then share it right away. So, Google Assistant is definitely for you if all you want to do with the screenshot at that point is share it.

Open Google Assistant and say “Take a screenshot” to take a screenshot on Android without pressing the power button. Your screen will automatically be snapped, and the sharing page will immediately open.

Here’s how to screenshot using Google Assistant:

  • Launch the Google Assistance.
  • Long-press the home button if you’re using the standard 3-button navigation method.
  • Swipe out from the bottom corner of either screen if you’re using Android 10 Gesture Navigations to access Google Assistance.
  • Say “Take a screenshot” or “Share screenshot with your voice or write it manually” when Google Assistance appears.
  • The Share sheet will then appear automatically after that. From there, you may share the screenshot on any app.


Screenshot on your phone with other apps

Try using third-party apps to take screenshots on your phone if you accidentally don’t have the majority of the aforementioned functions on your phone or wish you could have a better option.

Numerous apps in the Play Store can assist you in achieving your goal if that is what you want. 

However, we advise you to use Screenshot Touch. Why? Simply pressing a little bubble on the screen of your phone allows you to take screenshots. Nice, huh? 

To take screenshots on your phone quickly, download Screenshot Touch from the Play Store and follow these instructions.

  • Open Screenshot Touch when it has been installed.
  • You’ll see a small guide describing how to set up the app on your screen when it first launches. To get started, adhere to the instructions.
  • To run the permissions once, click “Start capture monitoring service” above the screen.
  • When you’re finished, a tiny bubble will appear on the screen. To snap a screenshot at any time, tap the bubble. And after taking the screenshot, rapidly press the image icon underneath the bubble before it vanishes if you want to alter it later.


Later, you can access the app’s settings and modify them as needed.

In essence, these are simple ways you snap a screenshot on your phone without using the volume and power button. Try each method and stick to whichever one works best for you.

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