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How to stop Google Chrome from blocking Downloads (Easy Fix)

stop Google Chrome from blocking Downloads

Consumers have had a security nightmare with Google Chrome ever since its release more than ten years ago. The kind of media and files that users downloaded from the internet was not under the browser’s control. This frequently resulted in malware and extensions taking over the Google Chrome homepage.

Google began observing user behaviour and began preventing downloads from websites that it considered to be unsafe. Read on to find out how to stop Google Chrome from blocking downloads if that is getting in the way of you trying to download a specific file from the internet.

Google has put protective measures in place over time, like scanning for harmful software and isolating site processes. To assist with this, Google began preventing downloads from a select number of websites that you may know to be reputable and safe, but which are not in Google’s eyes.


Stop your Google Chrome browser from Blocking Downloads

Also, Google Chrome disables automatic downloads coming from the same source. It may be inconvenient at times, particularly if Google Chrome is halting the download process when you are amid a workflow and have no clue why.

Let’s first examine why Google Chrome is restricting downloads before we discover how to fix the issue.

Why Does Google Chrome block Downloads?

Google Chrome begins preventing downloads from websites it deems hazardous for users based on its extensive database. Some websites use dazzling Download buttons on the homepage to entice users to download malicious and fake items.

A typical customer has no notion whether downloading data from the source is secure or not. Google’s Safe surfing feature can be helpful in certain circumstances.

Now that you are aware of the potential causes of Chrome’s download restriction, let’s get rid of it.

How to turn off Google Chrome’s Safe Browsing

Learn how to stop Google Chrome from preventing downloads by following the detailed steps.

1. Start your Mac or PC and Google Chrome.

2. Go to Settings by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select the Security option under Privacy & security.

4. Choose No protection from the option under Safe Browsing.

I’m done now. Chrome will no longer prevent any online downloads moving forward. Also, it won’t alert you to websites that can be harmful and try to steal your data, which is something you don’t want to happen.

Once you’ve finished downloading the files from the web, we strongly advise returning to the default settings.

Deactivate automatic downloads? 

Automatic downloads are available on some of the websites. Sites that convert files often begin the downloading procedure automatically. Also, Google Chrome prevents such attempts.

Follow the instructions below to unlock Chrome’s automatic download blocker.

1. Open Chrome and choose the Settings option.

2. Visit the menu under Privacy & Security > Site Settings.

3. Under the heading “Additional Permissions,” choose Automatic Downloads.

4. Toggle the switch to allow sites to request the automatic download of numerous files.

Chrome will no longer prevent automated downloads in the browser going forward. Instead, it will prompt consumers to decide whether to allow the download to start or not.

You can add that site as an exception from the same option if the permission pop-up that appears each time the site attempts to download automatically irritates you.

Select Add and enter the website’s URL in the Allowed to automatically download multiple files section.

Scan the Files you’ve downloaded

You have allowed any website to download any kind of file onto your computer by unblocking safe browsing in Google Chrome.

We suggest scanning such files with Windows Defender or a third-party utility program like Malwarebytes before you open them.

We always suggest Malwarebytes since it provides real-time online security against dangerous websites. The program has a 14-day free trial period, but you should be OK with the free version. You can get Malwarebytes here.


Bottom line

You could be perplexed by Google Chrome’s download restriction. It disrupts your whole workflow. Remove limitations by following the procedures listed above.

Remember to return everything to how it was in Google Chrome. Although you can sometimes turn off Safe Browsing in Google Chrome to download a particular item, we don’t recommend doing so.