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How to turn on and off facial recognition in Google Photos

turn on and off facial recognition in Google Photos

Google Photos has been making life much simpler for the millions of users who are using the utility. Since its picture editing ability is as advanced as its photo storage capacity, it includes a wide range of high-class functions. 

For instance, the feature set of Google Photos’ many-faceted feature set includes facial recognition capability. You can search for your photographs with more speed and accuracy than ever before.

On the other hand, there are circumstances in which Google Photos’ face recognition technology can serve you better. For instance, you don’t want the program to organize your photographs according to the faces of the people seen in the pictures. 

As a backup plan, you should be aware of how to enable or disable face recognition in Google Photos. This tutorial will emphasize just that, so let’s get started right now.


What does Google Photos’ face recognition do?

In addition to its built-in capacity to function as a premium storage repository, Google Photos is packed to the gills with features and capabilities. 

The most notable Google Photos features, to name a few, including the ability to extract text from photographs, apply background blur and Color Pop, indulge in video stabilization to improve the performance of your films, and even digitize your old polaroids to improve the image.

As a result, there is simply no end to the variety of things you can do with the current program. But if we had to choose just a handful of the platform’s most sophisticated features, face recognition would undoubtedly be one of them. 

This clever technique is used by Google Photos to expand and streamline your search possibilities. For instance, if you enable facial recognition, you can as well organize all of your photographs by face. 

Then, if you need to search for anything specific in your collection of saved photos, all you have to do is enter the name of the person you’re looking for. However, you must tell Google Photos to remember who is who by connecting it to your Contacts.

Although it is a very well-established capability, many people seem to see it negatively. Privacy worries are only going to become worse as 2022 approaches and technology continues to improve. 

You are welcome to turn off the face recognition function immediately if you are concerned that it will somehow violate your privacy. From here, the next part will continue and elaborate on precisely that.


Turning on or off face recognition in Google Photos

The user must follow a straightforward procedure to turn off facial recognition, which involves turning off a certain function in Google Photos’ user interface. Even if this program only has a few capabilities that are accessible on mobile devices, you can still use it online. 

Without further ado, let’s set out the fundamentals in this respect and then go on to the process of showing you how to do it.

Step 1. Logging into Google Photos is the first thing to do. You can accomplish this by visiting After that, you may need to log in using your Google account information. 

Once you’ve completed that step, you must next select the “Settings” button, which is shaped like a cog and is located in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Selecting the “Settings” button will direct you to the appropriate area of your Google Photos website. The “Group similar faces” feature must now be found by scrolling down. 

Considering that the feature in question is not included among the items farther down, it shouldn’t be too difficult to carry out. Once you locate it, click on it to provide a different choice.

Step 3. To complete this instruction, just click the toggle that appears next to the part that says “Face grouping” under the heading “Group similar faces.” 

You can use this option to turn on or off face recognition in Google Photos. If the function is off, the program will be told not to group persons with similar faces together. On the other hand, turning it on will have the exact opposite effect.

That is all there is to know about turning face recognition on or off in Google Photos. Even for a casual user with little to no previous familiarity with Google Photos, the procedure was by no means difficult to put into practice.



Based on distant servers, Google Photos is a feature-rich, premium cloud-based storage product. In contrast to typical storage plans, which fill up the device’s local storage drive piece by piece, it enables users to approach a different technique.