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How to Unlock a Samsung Phone Without Password (3 Proper Methods) 

Unlock a Samsung Phone Without Password

No doubt, it’s frustrating when you can’t remember the password or PIN to your phone. 

Gone are the days when Android phones had a reputation of being quite insecure, but that has changed significantly over the past few years. 

Both Google and Samsung have taken measures to make devices more secure and safe to use. So, if you forget the password to your Samsung phone, unlocking it is not a simple process. Note that. 

In this guide, we’ll show you 3 proper methods you can use to unlock your Samsung phone if you forget the password or pin. 


How to Unlock your Samsung phone without a password or pin

Use the Find My Mobile Feature

The best way to unlock your Samsung phone is to use the Find my Mobile feature. If you’re locked out of your device, you just need to navigate to Find my Mobile. From there, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Unlock.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the password of your Samsung account.
  • Once you input your password, tap Next.
  • Another pop-up window will show up, notifying you to know that your device has been unlocked.
  • You can now unlock your phone and set a new PIN or password.

It’s vital to note that for this to work, your Android device must be powered on and should be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network. Also, Remote Unlock must be enabled on your device as well. In case you haven’t set it up already, you should do it now.

Use the Google Find My Device Feature

You can also try unlocking your phone with Google’s lost device tool. For this option to work, you have to first activate Find My Device as an admin app. 

To do this, navigate to Settings, and search for Device Admin Apps. From the list of Device Admin Apps, you must activate Find My Device.

Once that’s done, open the Find My Device link on your computer.

From here, navigate to Secure Device, and set a recovery message, if you want to.

Google will lock your device remotely. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to unlock your Samsung phone. You’ll have to add a new password on your device, and it’ll bypass the Samsung password or pin screen.

After your phone is unlocked, disable the temporary password via the Settings, and replace it with your own.

It’s important to note that this method will only work when you’ve set Find My Device as an admin app. So, if you haven’t set it up from the onset, you won’t be able to use this method at all.

Factory Reset Your Device

This should be your last resort to a factory reset of your device. But, it’s quite difficult to do when you’re locked out of the phone itself. To do this, follow these steps:

  • First, you have to turn off your device. To do this, press the Power/Bixby and Volume Up keys at the same time. Hold both buttons down for a moment. 
  • Your phone will restart. Keep holding the Power key until the Android logo shows up on your screen.
  • It will take you to the Android system recovery menu. Here, touch won’t work, so you will have to use the Volume Down key to scroll to Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • Press the Power key to confirm your option.
  • Once your device resets, use the Volume down key to scroll to Reboot System Now, and the power key to select the option.

Note that with this method, you’ll lose all your data, but you’ll gain access to your device again. For security reasons, you may have to log in to your Google account before you can set up the phone again.

And, if you remember your Samsung password and have backups turned on, you can simply restore the latest backup.

Outdated and Misleading Methods of Unlocking Android phones

It’s important to mention here that several other methods are not proper, safe, and no longer work. 

Android security has evolved significantly over the last few years, meaning Samsung has upped its game too. Here are other methods you might find elsewhere online that no longer work:

  • You can’t boot into safe mode and unlock your Samsung phone this way anymore. Without a password, it just won’t let you into the device even after booting up.
  • You can’t call your locked phone and simply press Back to unlock your android device. This was a popular method. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore. 
  • You can’t take it to a Samsung service center and tell them to unlock it for you. You’ll be told to unlock the device before handing it over.

Don’t Third-Party Apps or Services That Make Unachievable Claims

There are lots of third-party apps and services that claim to unlock your Samsung phone for you when you forget your password. These programs generally aren’t proper and safe.

Google and Samsung have improved their encryption and security, so it’s unsafe and unwise to use an app can to unlock your device. 

We understand how tempting it is to pay a fee and download software that will unlock your phone in no time. However, these third-party programs have little to no track record of success.

Some will even ask you to pay a one-time fee before you can recover your password. They may even claim that they’ll get the key directly from Samsung or your carrier.

It doesn’t work like that, because the PIN or password to your phone is encrypted. Nobody can access it, not even Google or Samsung. This is why Samsung recommends that your best option is to use the Find My Device option or to factory reset your phone.

Some people often get emotional and worried about losing their phone password or pin, and they end up trusting these sites or downloading free third-party software to unlock their phones. These methods simply don’t work, and you’ll only end up losing your money.

The best thing to do is to link your Samsung account and activate Find My Device, as these methods will help you unlock your device in case you forget the password.


The bottom line on unlocking your Samsung phone without a password or pin

Samsung isn’t relenting on improving security, and Android has also doubled down on it. Years back, Android had a reputation for inadequate security, but not anymore. Like the iPhone, Samsung phones are some of the most secure devices in the world today.

With the introduction of new features in One UI 4.1, the company has significantly improved security even further on its devices. 

So, don’t waste your money on third-party apps, software, or services that exploit customers with little or no technical understanding.