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How to use Google Photos to delete blurry pictures (Easy)

use Google Photos to delete blurry pictures

Aside from being one of the most popular features for IOS and Android worldwide, Google Photos allows you to share and store photos and videos with several extra features that can make your life easier, such as quick access and advanced accessibility features. 

However, piling up unnecessary photos can take up extra space and negatively impact your device’s performance.

If you’ve been using Google Photos for a long, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of old, blurry pictures. It’s a good idea to occasionally delete blurry photographs from your Google Photos collection since keeping it organized is important to avoid having your cloud storage or device’s performance suffer.

There are other advantages to deleting outdated screenshots and photographs in addition to freeing up space in your Google Drive for fresh pictures you want to preserve for longer. Is your Google Drive storage becoming low? The same goes for old, blurry pictures; they should be thrown away.

In-depth instructions on how to use Google Photos to free up space on your Android, iOS, or even PC are provided in the following article. As of June 1, 2021, Google will no longer provide a free storage capacity, so clearing up space and deleting blurry photos that take up extra storage or devices is a possible choice.


The advantages of Google Photos

Here are some examples of how Google Photos makes life easier for its users:

There are several solutions available for handling and playing back multimedia files. It works without a problem on all mobile devices. A basic photo-editing tool that doesn’t need any specialized knowledge or abilities is Google Photos. 

Using it efficiently is possible with very little instruction. Your relatives and friends can still see the photographs you share with them even if they don’t have Google Photos.

You can store images of screenshots or receipts that you want to save but don’t want to look at often. Finding the specific picture you want is simple. A snapshot’s creation date is not essential. You can search using names, dates, places, items, persons, and the language found in images and maps.

Users can download, post, and share their videos, animations, collages, and albums. In addition, to picture identification, text copying and pasting, text translation from printed materials and digital signs, and QR code scanning, Google Lens offer a wide range of possible uses. With the help of this application, you may relive all of your great experiences.

Why is it important to get rid of blurry photos?

You can make use of the camera on your smartphone for both business and leisure. Without the owner’s knowledge, such photographs may rapidly fill up storage space on a smartphone, and if they’re blurry, that space isn’t being effectively used. 

A device’s performance declines if its internal memory is full. So, how do you respond in such circumstances? The first step in enhancing the speed of your smartphone is to free up space by eliminating pointless images.

Also, it’s essential to back up your media files since you never know when a device failure can cause all of your data and memories to be lost. You can do this fast and simple using Google Photographs, but you may not be able to back up as often as you’d want if hazy photos and unwanted films are using up most of your cloud storage. 

During the process, it is easy to inadvertently lose necessary files. It would be beneficial if you start by getting rid of all the blurry pictures before moving on to the remainder of the trash.


Policy change regarding Google Cloud storage

According to a new Google Photographs Storage Policy, users will only be allowed to save 15 GB of photos in Google Photos starting on June 1, 2021, regardless of when they were first uploaded. 

Your Google account’s backup collection may run out of space if you keep adding new files to it. For instance, you’ll need to use up a lot of your free, limitless storage space if you want to back up your videos and photos.

Although the quality of your photographs and videos will still be backed up regardless of this, it does have an impact on how much storage space they will use. The Storage Saver quality tier now includes high-quality photographs that were previously in the Standard quality category.

Are you tired of scrolling through your photos?

Going through the whole archive and manually choosing blurry and unused photographs has drawn criticism from a lot of individuals. Some excellent news is here! You can save a ton of time and effort by not having to manually search through your whole library. 

Google Photos saves you the pain of having to manually search through them to find blurry pictures. An automatic function in Google Photos handles everything for you. It also shows how much space can be saved by deleting blurry pictures that you don’t need anymore.


How to remove blurry pictures from Google Photos on your phone

Use Google Photographs on your smartphone and the steps in this article to delete any blurry photos without having to go through the hassle of looking through each photo and choosing one.

Step 1. On your iPhone or Android smartphone, open the Google Photos app. Then, after touching your profile image, choose “Account storage.”

Now you can see how much Google Drive space you still have left and when it will expire. But once again, it depends on your intake and prior behaviour.

Step 2. Here, you can see how much space blurry photos have used up and decide whether to remove them.

Google Photos will display every image it has assessed to be blurry when you choose photos that are out of focus.

Step 3. Select the blurry pictures you wish to delete.

The trash can icon is located in the top right corner. Select the photographs you want to remove, and then select them. Tap “Move to trash” one more time to confirm your choice once the confirmation dialogue box displays.


How to remove blurry photos from Google Photos on a computer

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for utilizing Google Photos on your PC to remove blurry pictures without having to go through every picture in the library.

Step 1. Visit the Google Photos website on any computer. Use the gear icon to the right of your profile image to access the account options. When you click Settings, a page will appear where you can choose Manage storage.

Step 2. Your Google storage history and available space are now visible. You can see how much space any blurry images or screenshots in your Google account are taking up under the Review and Remove section. Click either Blurry photos or Screenshots to select the one that best fits you. Select the screenshots and blurry photos you want to remove next.

Step 3. To remove all of the blurry pictures or screenshots, choose one. The “Select all” button ought to then show up in the upper right corner. Click on any of the hazy pictures to select them all.

The option in the top right corner should say “Move to trash.” To complete your selection, click Move to the trash in the confirmation box.


While it’s convenient that Google Photos can be accessed on the go, it’s becoming harder and harder to maximize the available storage. The significance of keeping a backup of your picture book rises every day. 

To successfully fulfil this need, cleansing should be carried out once each month, or at the latest, once every three months. This guide will help you better manage your storage, enhance device speed, and maximize your cloud storage if you’re only able to use Google’s free storage.