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Where is the delete key on a Chromebook? (Answered)

Where is the delete key on a Chromebook

Have you been trying to find the delete key/button on your Chromebook keyboard? Here is the guide you need.

No doubt, Chromebooks are minimal and built for speed at the same time, especially when it comes to surfing the web and other activities.

Chromebook keyboards are also basic unlike the ones on desktop computers.  This is one of the reasons you may not find some keys on it. 

However, they make up for everything they lack when it comes to accessibility, minimalism, and functionality.

Still, if you’ve been trying to find the Delete button on your Chromebook but have so far found no luck, WikoHub is here to help you out. Ensure you stick to this step-by-step guide.


Using a Shortcut- Alt + Backspace

Many Chromebook users depend on shortcuts to enhance their productivity levels. The unique essence of Shortcuts is to enable people to get things done quickly on their devices. 

An example of a shortcut is pressing CTRL + W when you want to close a Chrome tab immediately on Chromebooks.

Initially, the Backspace key that comes with your Chromebook’s keyboard deletes the character after the cursor, the Delete key also has the function of deleting the character after the cursor. 

While Backspace may be more well-known to people than the Delete key. Still, the Delete key has its useful function too.

Fortunately, there’s a shortcut on Chromebook for the Delete key which many Chromebook users don’t know about. This shortcut is easy to get used to. 

To use this shortcut, simply press Alt + Backspace, and there you have it. Some other functions of the delete key include removing a block of texts and deleting files as well.

Creating Customized Keys

You must know that you can’t create a custom Delete key on your Chromebook keyboard, but you can still map your keys to other functions. To do this, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Navigate to “Settings” and click on the “Device “section in the left column.

Step 2: After that, click on “Keyboard” to proceed.

Step 3: Then you’ll then see a screen where different custom mapping options will be shown to you. 

There’s Search, Ctrl, Alt, Backspace, and Escape that you can modify and map to other functions. 

For instance, when you click on the Search key, it will give you options such as mapping to Caps Lock, Assistant, or simply disabling it completely. 

With this, it’s understandable that there’s no “Delete” key anywhere on the Chromebook.

Therefore, you’ll have to stick to Alt + Backspace for now or create a custom key by mapping its function to your preferred one.



Why is there no Delete key on a Chromebook?

Considering the three basic essences of  Chromebooks which includes, accessibility, functionality, and minimalism, Chromebooks could be missing some keys, unlike Windows computers. However,  there’s a shortcut for the Delete key, which is simply to press Alt + Backspace.