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Why iPhone stop charging at 80% (Simple way to fix it) 

Why iPhone stop charging at 80%

Does your iPhone stop at 80% while charging? Don’t worry, we’ll clarify the cause of the problem and provide an easy solution you can implement.

The most frequent concerns iPhone owners have, besides cracked displays, involve charging. This is logical considering that one of the many components that unavoidably deteriorate with time is the battery in your iPhone—or any smartphone, for that matter.

Do not automatically assume that your iPhone has to be replaced if the charge level is below 80%. It might just be a software function that is set on by default causing the device to refuse to charge. Let’s examine what it is, why it’s necessary, and how to fully charge your iPhone.


Why Does My iPhone Stop Charging at 80%?

The Optimized Battery Charging function, which Apple introduced in iOS 13, is most likely to blame if your iPhone stops charging at 80%. By restricting the charge to 80%, it tries to avoid overstressing the battery and so increase the battery life of your iPhone.

How Optimal Battery Charging Extends the Life of Your iPhone

The majority of us attempt to keep our phones as fully charged as possible, however, doing so shortens the lifetime of your phone since lithium-ion batteries deteriorate more quickly the more imbalance they contain.

In other words, your battery’s overall charge capacity will decrease the longer it is completely charged or empty. If you charge your iPhone overnight, it will stay fully charged for several hours. This is detrimental and will hasten battery ageing.

Your iPhone’s Optimized Battery Charging function prohibits it from charging over 80% to alleviate some of this stress. As a result of learning your use habits, your iPhone holds off on charging to 100% until just before you wake up in the morning.

The smartphone can thus be completely charged as necessary rather than being fully charged all night. As a consequence, it increases the lifespan and maintains the health of your phone’s battery.

How to Stop iPhone’s Optimized Charging

Optimized Battery Charging will be turned on by default on your iPhone if you are using iOS 13 or later. However, you can quickly deactivate this option in the battery settings if you’d want to charge your iPhone to 100% every time.

To disable Optimized Battery Charging on your iPhone, follow these instructions:

Click Battery Health under Settings.

Turn off the optimized battery charging setting.

Choose from the two options: Turn Off (Permanently) or Turn Off Until Tomorrow.

Larger iPhones, such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Plus, already offer excellent battery life even when not completely charged, hence we advise against disabling Optimized Battery Charging.


Improving your iPhone Battery Life

After around three years, the battery in your iPhone will eventually start to worry you. However, if you take care of the battery, which is likely the component that degrades the quickest, your phone will age more slowly, and last longer, and you won’t need to upgrade as often as you’d want.