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Why my phone is glitching (4 Simple Ways to fix it)

Why my phone is glitching

Many Internet users are having problems with their phones glitching, and they are asking queries like, “Why is my phone glitching,” or “Why is my phone glitching Android,” on various sites. Users experience this problem when their phone screen flickers, which is very annoying.

There might be many underlying causes for this problem. This post will be useful if you are one of those users who is experiencing this problem. To learn more about how to fix your glitching phone, continue reading.


Why is my Phone Glitching? 

The reasons why your phone has this problem are listed below before learning how to solve them.

Eliminate problematic applications

Most of the time, some programs need a high resolution to function, which may be the root of this problem.

Defective connections or an LCD panel

It may be a defective LCD panel or a loose connection in the panel if your phone is glitchy or flickers.

Incorrect brightness sensor setting

Users can encounter this problem sometimes only by fiddling with the smartphone’s brightness settings. This may be the issue since all of the most recent Android devices flicker when the brightness is turned down.

Android Update

Also, many are saying that after upgrading to the most recent OS version, their phone began flickering.

How to fix your glitching phone

Check if a software issue is the cause. 

The methods listed below will help you learn how to stop your phone from glitching now that you understand the cause of the problem—why does my phone keep glitching?

1. Restart your phone

You might try restarting your Android device to perhaps put an end to the flickering. Your phone is really simple to restart. To find out how simply follow the procedures below:

Your phone’s power button should be long-pressed.

A variety of alternatives will be shown, depending on the business and phone type.

The restart option must be chosen.

By choosing this, you’ll reset your phone, which should hopefully stop flashing.


2. Enter Safe Mode to see if an app is the cause of the problem

If restarting your phone doesn’t work, you may learn how to stop your phone from glitching by starting it in safe mode.

Safe mode helps restore your data, as opposed to a factory reset, and you can return to the default setting whenever you desire. Safe mode, however, is only a diagnostic tool with few prospects of resolving your problem. The actions that you must do are listed below.

  • Your smartphone’s power key should be long-pressed.
  • Press and hold the lettering that reads “Power Off” now.
  • A warning will be shown for users to click.
  • The smartphone will restart in safe mode, perhaps resolving the flickering problem.

To leave safe mode, repeat the previous instructions, but this time choose Restart.

3. Adjust your screen brightness

Another important factor in this flickering problem is the screen brightness. Your screen will undoubtedly react to the ambient light if you have auto brightness turned on.

Simply disabling the auto-brightness features will do. Go to Settings >> Display >> Adaptive brightness to access this option. Make careful you unplug it.

4. Repairing Android may help solve the problem

See if a hardware issue is the cause of your phone’s stuttering.

Also, check to see if any hardware issues are to blame for the glitchy issue. Carefully inspect your screen for physical flaws like cracks or chips. If that’s the case, the problem can be fixed by replacing the screen.

See if the screen protector is the cause of the problem. If so, it would be best to remove the protection. Finally, if there is a significant hardware issue, take it to a licensed service facility to resolve it.

Having said that, you just looked at a variety of techniques to learn how to prevent glitches on your phone. Using the suggestions above will undoubtedly resolve your problem.



How do I stop my phone from glitching?

Here are a few solutions to try if your phone’s display is acting up.

  • Hard reset your phone. Reboot your device.
  • Start in Safe Mode (Only for Android)
  • Turn off “Adaptive Brightness” (auto-brightness)…
  • Turn off Hardware Overlays.
  • Verify any device updates.
  • Get a Professional to Check Your Phone.

Why is my phone glitching annoyingly?

The majority of the time, software faults on your phone’s screen can be easily and quickly fixed at home. Other times, a professional can be needed to resolve a hardware problem. The GPU on your phone is typically designed to produce the visual pictures an app needs to run smoothly.